Best Photoshop Alternative for Free to Use in 2020

Are you looking for an alternative to Photoshop by adobe? Photoshop is a graphics editing software developed by adobe inc.. Every graphics designer uses Photoshop as their primary editing tool. But photoshop comes with a monthly subscription which is a little bit high for any individual.

But the not only price but photoshop also consume high RAM and graphics processing power for running that software in the PC although it is a master of all graphics editing tools.

So, here in the collection of editing tools, I am going to share some free adobe photoshop alternatives which can’t stop you from basic editing.

List of Adobe Photoshop Alternatives 

1. Photopea


Photopea is a web-based photo editing tool and it is one of the best photo editing platforms which is available at Free. This has become the most used alternative of adobe photoshop. Photopea supports RAW data as well as .psd format.

This Photopea has options for using different tools like brush, crop, resize, pen tool and it looks like adobe photoshop. If someone has used adobe photoshop before, they don’t face any problem during editing.


Photopea is compatible with all kinds of file formats like jpg, .jpeg, .png, .psd. It supports layer, layer editing, masking, brushing, typing anything. The files can easily be exported in .jpg, .png, .svg, .pdf, .xml and many more formats. 

Photopea is a web-based tool that’s why it can easily manage editing without draining your RAM of your laptop. As this is a cloud-based editing tool, it allows you to save editing data into your account easily. 


As said that, it is a web-based editing tool, it requires the internet for editing online and without internet Photopea doesn’t work.

There is only one advertisement on the right side of that software which allows generating revenue from running this software as freeware.

2. Gimp

GIMP photoshop alternative

Now GIMP is another photoshop alternatives and this is an image manipulation software like editing images, rasterizing images, colour correction and many more. GIMP comes with various features, noise reduction, retouching images like adobe photoshop. GIMP is completely free and an open-source tool for every graphics designer can easily use this tool for thor graphics designing work.


GIMP is an open-source and lightweight software which is easily run on any laptop or pc. GIMP supports wide range file formats which help to edit the photos professionally. This software is available on MAC and Windows on both platforms.


The user interface of GIMP tool is not similar to adobe photoshop and it is not easily navigated for any beginner but there are a lot of free tutorials available on the internet. Sometimes it doesn’t maintain any huge files and it takes longer to render depending upon the specs of that device.

3. Pixlr

PIXLR photoshop alternative

Pixlr is another web-based photo designing tool. It is rather to say a designing tool because it comes with photo retouching, colour correction, saturation, contrast and many more. Due to the web-based tool, it doesn’t require any high-end specs for rendering this software in the device. It helps to remove background easily and it allows to use stock photos directly on that software.

Pixlr supports overlays, layer and masking and much more functionality for better improvement of the image correction and retouching.


Pixlr interface is easy to use and it will not take any space on your device. As this is a cloud base platform, it allows you to save your working file on the internet and whenever you are preparing for your next work, the files will automatically be saved on your cloud folder.

Pixlr allows to upload any image from URL directly or select images from stock photos by Pixlr (this is an open-source stock photo library is free to use,)


It works only when your device is connected with the internet. Sometimes it can’t handle the large file size while editing.

4. Photo pos pro

Photo pos pro

Photo pos pro is a free tool for image editing, retouching and image correction. Photo pos pro is another best alternative to adobe photoshop. It supports RAW data for editing images and image correction. Photo pos pro helps with making collages and creating visiting business cards. 

Photo pos pro is the best tool for beginner and as well as an expert graphics designer. Photo pos pro is a completely free tool and it comes with premium features with some extra bucks.


Photo Pos Pro is an image editing tool for beginners to advance. It helps users to edit their images, making collages and many more features. Even it has layers functionality for pro image editing.


Though photo pos pro comes with free software, it is providing a paid version of that software for unlocking the entire version of the photo pos pro and it will cost around $30.

5. Photoscape X

alternative to photoshop - photoscape

Photoscape X is a powerful tool when it comes with editing images without any editing skills. Photoscape comes with a market as a photo editor but now it becomes a powerful tool in photo editing, animating GIF, RAW image processing, image stitching and many more.

This tool is completely free to use and light-weight software for image editing, adding layers, adding text in your image and Photoscape X becomes the most used alternative to adobe photoshop.


Photoscape X is a free tool and it consumes less RAM in your PC or laptop. Photoscape X comes with a huge bunch of filters for providing better image editing. An interesting thing about Photoscape X is that it helps to create animated GIFs for creating wonderful graphics or memes for your content.


For the newbie, it is quite difficult to understand the layout of the software and it has a quite cluttered interface. It can’t handle heavy image processing tasks and the selection tools are limited which might be disrupted during editing.

6. Inkscape

Inkspace - photoshop alternative

Inkscape is another tool for creating a vector editing tool. Firstly, it becomes the alternative of adobe photoshop in terms of creating vector images but after that, it becomes the alternative of illustrator. This Inkscape tool provides vector image editing, creating and adjusting the image layout like adobe photoshop. Even Inkscape helps to convert the images into a vector which makes this tool unique.


Inkscape is a great tool for designers who are willing to create vector images and it also supports the vector images. 


Inkscape is a great tool for graphic designers but not for photographers. Working on a large file, it lags or sometimes crashed this software. 


Adobe photoshop a commercial and professional suite for photo editing, graphics designing and a lot more things. But there are some alternatives available for creating some stuff without using paid tools. I hope this article will help you out for the alternatives of adobe photoshop and if you have other tools, let do comment. Here is the complete list of photoshop alternatives and what tool do you use in your photo editing, let do the comment also.