Top 7 Alternative Apps for Google Photos you must try

All of you know about Google Photos App. Although Google says that Google Photos cares about user’s privacy, it still gathers data by scanning user’s photos. This article will guide you for finding out best alternative apps for google photos on android

  • As for example, if you upload a picture wearing shoes of Nike in Google photos, then Google identifies the brand and shows the related ads on to user’s profile.
  • Also, Google’s AI is programmed in such a way that can recognize objects in the pictures of the user. Just enter ‘the name of the objects’ in the search bar of the Google Photos and it will show all the photos of the user with that object in it. The feature of face recognition will not only identify user’s face but also their family members and friend’s faces too. It creates an entire album of user’s family and friends circle without notifying the user.
  • It analyses the metadata of your last holiday location when pictures are shown to friends and family members. It’s another way of Google to track user’s every step.

Do you really want to secure the data of your personal details then take a look of some alternatives app by reducing the use of Google Photos? Some of these alternative apps might encrypt your storage. The user will get extra features like online photo editing, simple photo management, sharing, and a neat-looking gallery. To help you out, we, Techvaio, has gathered and reviewed seven Photos apps that care about privacy.

List of Alternative Apps for Google Photos on Android

1. Prime Photos from Amazon

Amazon has provided its Prime Photos app which is one the best alternative of Google Photos. The app is also delivering a lot of useful features like Google Photos. For an Amazon Prime member, the app allows storing unlimited photos. The user can share their storage space with up to 5 people. Also, Prime Photos doesn’t need any tagging just opposite to Google Photos. So the user has to find photos by searching for a location, people, and other things. It allows the user to upload photos from any social media platforms and sites. Similar to Google Photos, this app can recognise the faces of the group photos. Prime Photos is very similar to Google Photos in terms of the interface and many others. In case of a Non-Amazon Prime user, this app offers a 3-months free trial providing unlimited storage space. After that, the user has to pay 59.99 dollars per year for continuing the service.

Amazon Photos alternative of Google PhotosReasons to Recommended: Prime Photos from Amazon is pretty much similar to Google Photos. So, you can switch to Prime Photos instead of using Google Photos if you are willing to try the Prime Photos. There are also some privacy issues with Prime Photos, but you will get unlimited storage. You can share your picture collection with five people. Amazon Prime read user’s metadata that helps to find pictures by searching the name of the location, people, and things. Face recognition feature is also present.

Install: You can install it on your Android and iOS devices for free.

2. Piktures

If you facing difficulty while using the Google Photos app, then you should try the Piktures app – the easy one. The Android app is undoubtedly the best third party gallery app present in the Play Store. Piktures delivers various cool gestures and different views such as calendar view, location view, and more. The only drawback of the app is the intelligent search features and unlimited free backup. Piktures brings some really cool features like Dropbox integration that allows you to backup photos on the cloud. Also, the user can able to hide albums and photos, view EXIF data, save photos in a PIN-protected Secure Drive, and support for GIFs in a beautiful interface.

Piktures alternative of Google Photos

This Piktures app is available only for Android. It is a great alternative of photo gallery app for those who want to leave the use of Google Photos app i.e. installed by default on the devices. It has a nice and easy to use interface. This app will help you to organize user’s photos by date and location automatically. Also, you will get a calendar view to check out images taken on a specific day or a month.

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Piktures is free to use. It supports all type of media like photos, videos, and GIFs. You can subscribe the premium service to take advantage of extra features of Piktures like automatic syncing to Dropbox, creating a secure PIN-protected drive, and more.

Install: It’s totally free to download in Android with in-app purchases facility. Not available in Apple iOS

3. Flickr

Flickr can be used as Google Photos alternative in terms of unlimited cloud storage. Although it isn’t a gallery app like Google Photos you use it as a storage drive to store unlimited photos in the cloud. Flickr offers users 1000 GB of free cloud storage so that you can easily store your photos and videos. Including this, the app also organizes users photos to tweak. If you’re a photography enthusiast, then the great Flickr community brings a great bonus for you. It has a massive photographer community, so a user can get some inspiration and follow other photographers on Instagram and share your photos too.

Flickr alternative of Google Photos

Recently, Flickr has offered a free editing platform without any limitations on the size and resolution of files. It also offers a generous 1TB of cloud storage. Flickr supports auto arrangement of user’s photos and videos. Including that, it provides many editing tools for improving the photos without leaving the app.

Install: You can install the Flickr app on both the Android and iOS devices for free.

4. Piwigo

Piwigo is a great photo organizer comes gallery app. It is loved by most of the professional photographers and businessmen. Users can upload their clicked photos from Lightroom, digiKam, Shotwell, and mobile applications. Then, the images can be sorted in terms of location, date, or certain tags. It allows user to assign photos into different albums. Also, user can create album trees and it’s a great platform to showcase your photos in a unique way.

Pigio alternative_of_Google_Photos

Piwigo platform helps you to personalize your photo presentation by offering many templates, plugins, and configurations. If Piwigo is used as a small team or a company then, the account administrator can create new groups and add users by managing permissions, and sending notifications to them.

Photographers as well as other users can create their galleries and allow their clients to watch it. Then the clients can download individual photos, whole albums, write comments, mark photos as favourites, give ratings, and get notified of news by their email.

Cloud-based Piwigo offers end-to-end encryption. Therefore, you can host Piwigo in case you have the technical knowledge on how to host Piwigo by yourself. It runs on open-source software. So, it’s a good feature for them who want to have a peek at its code, looking for different vulnerabilities.

Install: You can install Piwigo in Android as well as in Apple from Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.

5. Cluster

A private photo-sharing app Cluster allows you to control over the persons who can see your album and add to it. Here, you have to either send invitations to or accept invitations from to share your photos. Each event has its own album so that looking for pictures from one space to another is quite difficult for peoples. In your feed, you can see pictures from the private albums which you’ve select. It looks like Instagram where you can choose who can see your photos and comment or like on it.

Cluster alternative_of_Google_Photos

Being a free photo storage app, Cluster also serves as a private social media site. User can not only upload their photos but also arrange the photos in different folders. Then, they can send invitations to the peoples to view their albums and photos just like Instagram. The followers can like and comment on the photos. The profile owner is able to see who viewed their pictures and reply to the comments. Other users can also invite you to see their albums. During signing up, the company will collect all the personal information you gave. They share the aggregated data with their partners and third parties only to improve their service.

Install: Cluster is available for Android and iOS devices for free of cost. You can download it from the Play Store and App Store.

6. Zyl

Zyl has some good features of Google Photos such as, it automatically makes albums of users pictures on the basis of metadata in the files, it can track duplicates images to free up your device storage. Including that Zyl has an in-built photo editor where you can do all the basic tweaks like cropping, rotating, filtering, adding frames, and so on.

The best thing about Zyl is keeping secure user’s privacy. It does everything on a user’s device and never saves any data to its servers. Even Google doesn’t provide such security. Zyl is a great gallery app for those who want to secure their privacy. This easy-to-use app represents the metadata of the user’s photos in an easy and understandable way. It will show all the details like the time when it was taken, the exact location in the map where the photo was taken, what device and even what aperture was used to take the photo.

For accessing the app you don’t need to create an account. It also doesn’t sync your photos to the cloud. And the app providers assured not to back up user’s photos on their servers and it will remain yours. You can share the photos on social media straight from the app. The app also collects some non-personal data for improving their service. They work with all third parties via GDPR rules and regulations. It states that none of the user’s data will be collected or used without their consent.

Install: Zyl can be downloaded in Android and iOS devices for free from Play Store and App Store.

7. Slide Box

Slidebox uses the mechanism like Tinder to help the user sort their photos into different folders and albums quickly. Open the gallery and create the albums. Swipe left or right to scroll the photos, swipe up to delete it, and tap one of the folders to put the picture in it. User can even compare two pictures side by side to decide quickly which one to keep and which one to delete. Including that, there is an Undo button for correction of any made mistakes.

Slidebox image manager alternative_of_Google_Photos

With the funny and easy mechanism, user can go through their pictures one more time by organising the pictures. Most of the people make common mistakes like not to organize their images, so don’t be one of them.

Install: You can download Slidebox from Play Store and App Store in both the Android and iOS devices.


That’s all for now. We, Techvaio, has provided a list of Google Photos alternative. And you might have noticed, our Techviao’s list only contains some of the alternative apps of Google Photos for iOS, because the Apple App Store doesn’t have so much gallery app. Even, like an iPhone or iPad user, a user doesn’t need any other gallery apps. The in-built Photos app in the iPhone or iPad is a decent app and includes almost similar features like Google Photos. However, Android users will get some decent Google Photos alternatives. So, try out the mentioned apps and comment on your thoughts about them. You can share this article to help others in finding Google Photos alternatives. Also, you can tell about any other alternative apps for Google Photos in the comment box.