Best 9 Alternatives to Adobe Products for Linux Users

Can’t seem to get Adobe products to work on Linux? Try these nine open-source alternatives to Adobe products for Linux. We prepared a list of the best alternatives to Adobe products for Linus that you can use easily. Let’s check them out.

Finding the perfect platform to unleash one’s creativity is a key concern for Linux users. Adobe Creative Cloud is the most popular choice for artists and digital professionals for everything from web design to PDF document editing. We will discuss some of the top alternatives to Adobe products for Linux in this article. So, continue reading.

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List of the Alternatives to Adobe Products for Linux

Sl. No.Name of the Alternative SoftwareAlternative to Which Adobe ProductDownload Now
01.Master PDFAdobe AcrobatCLICK HERE
02.ScribusAdobe InDesignCLICK HERE
03.ArdourAdobe AuditionCLICK HERE
04.OpenShotAdobe PremiereCLICK HERE
05.GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)Adobe PhotoshopCLICK HERE
06.DarktableAdobe LightroomCLICK HERE
07.SynfigAdobe AnimateCLICK HERE
08.Natron / ButtleOFXAdobe AftereffectsCLICK HERE
09.InkscapeAdobe IllustratorCLICK HERE

Best 9 Alternatives to Adobe Products for Linux

Due to the limitations of Adobe Products, Linux users need to find alternatives to Adobe products operating through the GNU open license system. Here’s a list of the best alternatives to Adobe products for Linux. Check it out.

Master PDF: Alternative to Adobe Acrobat

PDF Reader

Adobe Acrobat is an Adobe Creative Suite product that is primarily used to view, produce, and change PDF files. Adobe Reader allows you to view, print, and annotate PDF files, whereas Acrobat allows you to generate, edit, convert, digitally sign, encrypt, and export PDF files. It’s tough to find fully functioning alternatives to Adobe products for Linus.

Master PDF, a near substitute for Adobe Acrobat, has provided relief to Linux users. This software allows you to edit PDF text and pages while adding and modifying the file’s pre-defined bookmarks. Master PDF can also convert your XPS files to PDF in a matter of seconds.

It allows you to easily create, modify, encrypt, and sign PDF documents. You may simply add stamps, comments, and text highlighting to documents and fill out PDF forms. For Linux, both commercial and free versions are available.

Scribus: Alternative to Adobe InDesign

Best Alternatives to Adobe Products for Linux

Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing tool that is generally used to create posters, magazines, newspapers, flyers, brochures, and books. It permits exporting a file to epub format for the development of e-books. Scribus is one of the strong and simple alternatives to Adobe products for Linux.

It’s a free and open-source program that runs on all major operating systems and is built on the open-source Qt framework. Scribus is used to create newspapers, brochures, newsletters, posters, and books, from layouts through type settings and animated and interactive PDF presentations and forms.

This software is ideal for making interactive and animated PDFs. This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License, and it is compatible with Unix, macOS, OS/2, BSD, and Linux.

Ardour: Alternative to Adobe Audition


Adobe Audition is an Adobe Systems digital audio workstation for editing and mixing audio files. Ardour is a great open-source alternative to Audition.

Ardour is free audio recording software that is available for Windows, macOS, FreeBSD, and Linux. Paul Davis created the greatest alternatives to Adobe products for Linux, Ardour, which has performed brilliantly for audio developers using Linux distros.

Ardour is one of the finest choices for soundtrack editors, audio engineers, musicians, and composers who need an audio workstation but do not have a Windows setup. It is distributed under the GPL 2 license.

OpenShot: Alternative to Adobe Premiere

Best Alternatives to Adobe Products for Linux

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing product from Adobe System that is used for audio sample-level editing, high-resolution video editing, 5.1 surround sound mixing, and other tasks.

Making films is one of the most difficult chores for Linux users. OpenShot is one of the excellent alternatives to Adobe products for Linux that deal with video filming and editing issues. It is a free and open-source platform that enables audio waveforms, video effects, slow motion & time effects, animation & keyframes, all on one platform.

The JUCE library supports the platform’s fundamental audio, while the video editing functions are implemented by libopenshot, a C++ library. With a simple user interface, it’s easy to use and supports over 70 languages.

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GIMP: Alternative to Adobe Photoshop

Best Alternatives to Adobe Products for Linux

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular and commonly used graphics editing program for both novice and expert users. It’s a fantastic software for picture editing, website design, and graphic design. GIMP is the greatest Adobe Photoshop alternative.

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free, open-source, cross-platform image editor. It can be extensively used in GNU/Linux, Windows, and other operating systems for editing and modifying pictures. Users of Linux may execute particular activities such as picture file format conversion, free-form sketching, file formatting, and much more. The GPL 3 license applies to this graphic editor.

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Darktable: Alternative to Adobe Lightroom


Adobe Lightroom is a photo processor and picture organizer that allows you to examine, organize, and edit a huge number of digital photographs. Lightroom allows you to improve and enhance your images by boosting colours, removing distracting items, and straightening skewed shots. Darktable is the greatest free and open-source software alternative to Adobe Lightroom.

Darktable is an open-source photographic workflow program that stores digital negatives in a database. The program stores your digital negatives in a database, which helps to improve the quality of your raw photographs. Darktable offers a subset of operations that focus on enhancing a photographer’s workflow by handling and facilitating a large number of raw photos.

Synfig: Alternative to Adobe Animate

Best Alternatives to Adobe Products for Linux

Adobe Animate is great for generating interactive animations that operate on everything from mobile devices to ultra-high-definition monitors. Synfig is an excellent open-source alternative to Adobe Animate.

Because with Synfig, 2D animation has never been easier for Linux users. Another strong candidate licenced under the GNU GPL 3 is Synfig. This platform’s popular features attract Linux users, especially because it offers a plethora of capabilities ranging from vector tweening and bones to complex controls, layers, and filters.

These capabilities make it an excellent substitute for Adobe Animate on Linux. The gradients provide soft-shading capabilities for your photographs, which will save you a lot of time and work.

Natron / ButtleOFX: Alternative to Adobe Aftereffects


Adobe Aftereffects is a filmmaking and television production tool for visual effects and motion graphics.

With motion editing and multi-view workflow, Natron is a great alternative to Adobe After Effects. You may work with keyframes and a very precise curve editor with an intuitive user interface and speedy rendering.

It may be used as a command line tool, and the command line version can be executed over ssh on any machine with any display. It contains a full-featured dope sheet to swiftly edit clips and keyframes in time-space, as well as seamless zooming and panning for huge pictures.

ButtleOFX is another alternative that includes an easy Graph Editor for connecting nodes, a Parameters Editor for customising effects, and three distinct Workspace layouts to choose from depending on your needs.

Inkscape: Alternative to Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator is a well-known vector graphics editing and design program. It is commonly used for vector editing, poster design, and so on, because of its outstanding variety of drawing tools and effects.

Inkscape is one of the greatest Adobe Illustrator alternatives. It is a free and open-source vector graphics editor that is not just GPL-licensed but can also be used to create vector pictures in scalable vector graphics formats. You can import or export photos in multiple formats with Inkscape even if your vector image is in a different format.

Inkscape also lets you trace raster visuals and embed them, allowing you to easily generate vector graphics from pictures and other sources. Further image editing tools for Linux users include rotation, scaling, skewing, and much more.

Final Words on Alternatives to Adobe Products for Linux

Adobe Products offers commercial software that is constantly evolving and being released. While looking forward to the open-source alternatives to Adobe products for Linux, our aforementioned software list comprises some of the industry’s top rivals.

That’s the list of all the alternatives to Adobe products for Linux, you can try without any hassle. Please share it with others to let them know about the Adobe alternatives for Linux. You can share your thoughts in the comments. And, feel free to ask your queries if any. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are Adobe products available for Linux?

Adobe Creative Cloud is not compatible with Ubuntu/Linux. Since Adobe has been making goods for the Mac for decades and supports this Linux’s sibling system of the Unix family, it appears they have something, but they are waiting for it.    

2) Why there is no Adobe for Linux?

Adobe’s objective in discontinuing AIR for Linux was not to hinder development, but rather to provide support for a productive platform. AIR for Linux is still available through partners or the Open-Source Community.

3) What is the best adobe alternative?

The best open-source Adobe alternatives are Master PDF, Scribus, Ardour, OpenShot, GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), Darktable, Synfig, Natron / ButtleOFX, and Inkscape. Read our article to know more.

4) Is GIMP good as Photoshop?

The answer is no. Photoshop is far superior to GIMP. It includes more powerful features, greater support, and a large community of users that can assist you if you run into problems. Photoshop is the ideal image editor for professionals.

5) Do professionals use GIMP?

Yes, professionals use GIMP. As a web developer and professional, you can use GIMP for raster image manipulation.