Top 12 Best Android Simulator for PC – You must try

Do you know about Android Simulator for pc and why it is used? Android Simulator is a virtual machine that helps to run Android Apps in the PC. There are numerous reasons such as Android developers can debug apps to enjoy Android Apps and games and on a larger screen and so on why Android simulators are used in Windows PC. Many Android simulators aren’t working as they advertised. Therefore, we, Techvaio, bring a dozen of simulators for you to work in Windows comfortably.

How do simulators work?

Similar to Windows running on a virtual machine in Linux and Linux running on Chrome OS, Android Simulator is also a virtual machine running on top of Windows. Technically, it’s called a container used to keep away sandboxed from the underlying OS.

Based on ARM architecture, Android is hard to be mimic on an Intel or AMD (x86-64 machine). So developers use QEMU, an open-source project for hardware virtualization by translating ARM binaries that helps the Intel or AMD CPU to understand. If the processor supports Intel’s Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) or AMD’s VT-x, then the user will get near-native performance.

How to install Android Simulators on your PC?

Installing an Android Simulator is quite easy – downloading an EXE file. After downloading the EXE setup file, click on it twice to start the installation wizard. Click on “Next” and follow the instructions step-by-step. Some simulators such as MEmu and Nox download additional libraries during installation. After the completion, open it and sign in with your Google account. Now, you can install games and other Android Apps from the Play Store.

Tips before Using an Android Simulator

  • Before using an Android Simulator on PC, make sure virtualization is enabled under the BIOS settings to deliver faster performance.
  • Next, enable hardware-based acceleration from the simulator’s Settings page. It will help the simulator to take the full advantage of the virtualization technology.
  • If you are using Android Simulators for gaming then remap the setting of your keyboard and mouse according to your preference.
  • Don’t forget to uninstall the bloatware that is preinstalled with the simulator. It will enhance performance.
  • Lastly, use a secondary Google account to log in on the simulator, if possible. As Simulators are containing older OS version that are generally outdated version. So, they can cause serious security issues. Not to mention,
  • Stay away from the instances of simulators that are mining bitcoin in the background.

List of best Android Emulators for PC

We, Techvaio, try to make a list of best 12 Android Simulators which may bring the best user experience for you. Let’s have a look into the Android Simulators for PC.


bluestack android simulator

BlueStacks is one of the best Android Simulators for Windows. Besides gaming, BlueStacks also help user to enjoy Android apps on Windows PC. Passing through many refinements over the year, the current BlueStacks is based on Nougat – Android 7.1.2. Very soon the company is going to bring BlueStacks 5 based on Oreo with a new gaming engine. Apart from all, BlueStacks is best for running on Intel or AMD – any kind of Windows hardware.

Now, BlueStacks has partnered with Samsung to provide a seamless Android Simulation on Windows by bringing the Galaxy Store on its platform. It gives them access to the user a number of quality Android games such as Fortnite, RAID, FreeFire, Sonic Forces and more on Windows. BlueStacks is 6 times more powerful than any standard Android phones including the features like key-mapping, multi-instance, and an AI-based gaming engine for superior performance.

Gameloop (Tencent Gaming Buddy)

Gameloop android simulator

Gameloop is a dedicated Android game Simulator where you can experience a high-quality Android gaming on Desktops, Laptops (Windows) PCs. This simulator is developed for gamers who want to enjoy Android mobile games on their PCs. Earlier, Gameloop was called Tencent Gaming Buddy which was developed by Tencent. Although, you can play PUBG only on this platform at the beginning, now Tencent has brought support for a list of most played and popular Android games including Call of Duty and Free Fire.

You have to install a separate module for getting the Google Play Store which is available inside the setup. With the Gameloop, you are getting Play Store support with the mouse and key mapping to all the popular Android games. If you want an Android simulator for PUBG and other popular Android games on Windows 10 then put it straight to Gameloop.


LDplayer android simulator

If you are looking for an Android simulator for Windows 10, then you can take a look towards the new simulator, LDPlayer – optimized for gaming. Though it has launched just a few months ago, on the performance and compatibility basis, LDPlayer has quickly risen to popularity. This simulator will comfortably run on AMD-based Windows PCs as well as Intel-based Windows PCs. LDPlayer runs on Android Nougat (7.1.2).

With a dedicated app store for games, you can run any game on LDPlayer quite well. You can also take the advantage of Virtualization Technology to improve the performance from the Settings page. Lastly, we can say that LDPlayer is an up-to-date Android simulator, offering a simple and powerful Android experience on Windows computers.

MEmu Play

Memuplay android simulator

MEmu Play is another awesome Android simulator for PC that loaded with a ton of useful features. MEmu play supports both Intel and AMD CPUs to provide great compatibility which is one of the most prominent features of the simulator. But surprisingly, it is not available on many Android simulators that is also a feature. Apart from that, the simulator is able to run multiple apps and Android versions at the same time. Although MEmu play is based on Android Nougat (7.1.2) by default, it can also run the older Android version such as Kit Kat (4.4), and Lollipop (5.0). It allows the user to open three different windows at the same time for running all three Android versions.

MEmu play simulator can be run on any Windows version from Windows 7 to 10. It is compatible with Intel and AMD both the processors. Ii will be one of the best Android Simulator if this simulator has some great optimizations for users to play games.

Nox Player

nox play android simulator

If you’re looking for an Android simulator with tons of features for Windows, then Nox Player is perfect for you. This simulator is preloaded with a plethora of features such as optimization in gameplay, ability to change the Android device’s build. prop, controller compatibility, and a completely user-friendly interface.

Though it is based on Android Lollipop (5.1.1), but using Multi-Drive feature Nox Player can be used to run multiple Android versions up to Nougat. Nox Player is able to get root access which is truly scores over BlueStacks. If you’ve tried of rooting in BlueStacks, then Nox Player will provide you with the simple way to enable a toggle in the settings.


genymotion android virtual device

As an Android developer if you want to test out Android apps virtually in a Windows, then you can choose Genymotion. You will get great flexibility with it due to running on the cloud through a web browser and offline through a Windows app. It offers you to choose different Android platform from Android 4.1 (Kit Kat) to the latest Android version (Oreo). By selecting the GApps package, you can also install the Google Play Store.

But, games like PUBG or Call of Duty cannot be installed using Genymotion. Apart from that, it is integrated with Android Studio of your Windows computer. To develop apps smoothly and test on multiple Android versions then you go with Genymotion.

Android Studio

android stuio

As a default development console of Android, Android Studio comes with a bunch of tools. These tools help developers to make apps and games for Android and test them by using the built-in simulator. The setup is complicated and takes a long time for installation. So, it’s not for consumer-level use. Developers can only use this tool simply and wonderfully as their simulator for testing their apps. For non-developer, it is hard to use as it takes a long time to set up.

With a good graphical user interface and features, Android Studio is a multi-functional simulator. Besides allowing to set the theme for window, this simulator also allows users to use multiple applications simultaneously including taking screenshots during using applications. This simulator provides higher performance on working functions which is based on Java language.


archon simulator for google chrome

ARChon is not a traditional simulator. But, you can install ARChon as an extension in Google Chrome. Then Chrome will access the ability to run Android apps and games in the limited base. As the installation process is very difficult, it’s not an easy simulator to run. At first, you have to install ARChon to Chrome. Then, obtain the APKs and use a tool to make this simulator compatible and load them. It works with all type of operating system which runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, AMD etc. an instance of Chrome. You can find detailed instruction from the linked official GitHub.

With Google’s reliability, ARChon is highly secured and different from other simulators. ARChon supports multiple Android applications in a single browser.

Bliss OS

bliss os

Bliss OS, with a little bit difference, works as an Android simulator for PC through a virtual machine. Through a USB stick and boot-from-USB is a power user option that recommending more intense use cases. Though the installation process of Virtual Machine is easy, it’s tiring to make their own virtual machine. Bliss is a super unique simulator as it can run Android natively from the boot through the complicated USB installation method. The system runs newer Android versions like Oreo.

Bliss Android Simulator focuses on the design with customized options and themes. It has some power saving options to increase battery life by reducing battery consumption. It also included with high-security features along with regular updates.

Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is the new Android Simulator for PC by Jide. Although it runs on Android Marshmallow, still it’s new than the others on the list. Remix OS Player is quite simple to install and use. With a customizable toolbar, it offers a few gamer specific features. User can run multiple games at once using this Android Simulator. As a usable productive tool, it is a fairly clean simulator.

Remix OS Player is a powerful Android Simulator built for integrating Android to PC system. It also provides a better experience of Android apps in PC. With the Android marshmallow version, it supports high definition gameplay. It allows Android developers to optimize apps for supporting multi-window in Android-PC or chrome environment. Users can select any number of keyboard buttons for their ease to access the control in gaming.

Prime OS

prime os simulator

Prime OS is a type of standout space in the Android Simulator. But, it’s not an actual simulator. As a partition, you can install it on your computer to boost the running Android games. Prime OS includes a gaming centre to focus on the gaming experience and access to most Android games and apps. It almost runs like Chrome OS. With multitasking support, user can watch videos, playing games and many more.

With the installer, Prime OS simulator offers dual boot in a single click. Compared to other budget windows system, Prime OS provides higher performance. Prime OS is also called a Standalone OS as it combines an Android ecosystem with the system interface to perform better than other simulators and deliver a unique gaming experience.

Phoenix OS

phoenix os

Phoenix OS is also the new Android simulator for PC to boost the gaming experience. It also boasts a desktop to enhance the working experience for productivity. By delivering Google Play Services, it offers you to get every games and app of Android from the Google Play Store. Phoenix OS runs Android 7.1 – modern Android simulator.

Phoenix OS is recently released with Android 7 that is best known for accelerating the gaming performance by making it quite faster. You can download this simulator from the official website of Phoenix. Also, its forums are housed on XDA-Developers. With regular updates, it provides good support service. Worldwide it attracts the user for a good visual interface.


So, this was our – Techvaio’s list of some of the best Android Simulators which you can use to run Android apps on your Windows PC. Whether you’re a developer or you are a casual user, both can use it for testing apps and playing some games. We, Techvaio, make sure that you will definitely find the best Android Simulator as per your need.

Last but not least, if you find any interest then share it with your friends who want to use Android Simulator but don’t know which Android Simulator is best to use. If you think something we miss, then drop a comment. Thank you, for now, we’ll be back with another topic soon.