Apple Confirms Delay Of iPadOS 16 Release – Check Out Why?

Apple officially confirms a delay of iPadOS 16 release. The stable version of iOS 16 for everyone will be released by Apple in roughly a month, but not the iPadOS 16. The business will postpone launching iPadOS 16 by one month, as had been previously rumoured, and this information has now been confirmed.

Delay of iPadOS 16 Release: Won’t Release Next Month

Apple has now issued the iPadOS 16.1 beta update to developers, revealing that iPadOS 16 will follow iOS 16. This effectively suggests that Apple will release iPadOS 16.1 instead of iPadOS 16.0 to the broader public.

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“This is an extremely momentous year for iPadOS,” Apple writes in a statement to TechCrunch. We can launch iPadOS on its timeline because it is a platform with features particularly developed for iPad. iPadOS will be available as a free software upgrade this fall, after iOS.

There is no information as to when this will occur, though. Rumours suggest a debut in October, potentially in conjunction with macOS Ventura. Additionally, new iPad models with the newest M2 processor are anticipated to debut in the same month, making the timing of the release of iPadOS 16 reasonable.

Delay of iPadOS 16 Release

The choice to release iPadOS 16 after iOS 16 is largely due to issues with Stage Manager, a feature that highlights the former. The feature needs some upgrades, which may postpone the release of the iPadOS 16 update, due to its numerous faults, unclear user interface, and limited compatibility with M1 iPads. This delay could also be an effort to set apart the two OSes, similar to how Apple handles iOS and macOS.

However, it may cause problems for the developers. Many developers are working on common apps for both iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, and their releases may be delayed to align with the release schedules of both operating systems.

Last Words

Before the release of the stable version, Apple also made iOS 16 beta 7 available to developers. Additionally, there are rumours that the last stages of development have been completed, and that the new iPhone 14 series will be unveiled next month, probably on September 7.

Soon, we will get all the official information about iOS 16 and iPad OS 16. So, stay tuned with us, and feel free to comment below with your opinions on the delay of iPadOS 16 release.