Apple MacBook Pro Laptops For 2023 Could Be Disappointing

Hey guys, do you know Apple MacBook Pro laptops for 2023 could be disappointing? If you want to know why we are talking like that, read this article till the end.

Apple has a solid track record when it comes to product announcements, but there’s no October event in 2022. So, we’re now expecting the Cupertino-based tech giant’s next-generation MacBook models to arrive in 2023. What’s the new update given in the Apple MacBook Pro laptops for 2023 models this year? According to the rumours, you could be disappointed with the Apple MacBook Pro Laptops for 2023. Let’s know why?

Apple MacBook Pro Laptops For 2023 Could Be Disappointing

In the most recent Bloomberg newsletter, Gurman discusses the future of the MacBook Pro, the Mac Pro, and the iMac. According to Gurman, new Apple MacBook Pro laptops will be released in the first half of 2023, but they will have the same design and features as the current 14-inch and 16-inch models. There is only a real difference between M2 Pro and M2 Max – potato chips. So, the improvements M2 offers over M1 boost the performance to be absolute powerhouses.

Chipset for apple macbook pro laptops for 2023

The new Apple MacBook Pro laptops for 2023 will disappoint in some ways. Gurman believes that a high-end Mac Pro variant with a 48-core CPU (and 152 graphics cores) has been cancelled and that Apple is instead releasing a model with the M2 Ultra chip. Another disappointment is that the system RAM will not be upgradeable by the user because it will be soldered directly onto the motherboard.

In any case, if the above rumours are true, it’s not surprising that the new MacBook Pros won’t be much different from the current models. Now, Gurman is talking about the first half of the year, which suggests that a first-quarter release may not happen – yet another minor disappointment. We didn’t see the Apple silicon-powered Mac Pro at CES 2023, and we may now know why – perhaps the machine is still in the works.

Disappointing Facts about Apple

Costs for replacing batteries on Apple’s products have increased. Whether it’s because of rising component costs, general inflationary pressure, or simply a desire to increase revenue, Apple is preparing a rare price increase for battery replacements across all of its devices through AppleCare. The price increases are $20 for iPhone batteries for iPhones 13 and older, $20 for older iPad models, $30 for MacBook Air batteries, and $50 for all other Mac laptop batteries.

Apple is developing AR experiences for its stores and those of other retailers. The Apple Store app for the iPhone is being updated by Apple to include augmented reality features that turn on when a user enters one of its retail locations.

Apple’s savings account and “buy now, pay later” service is still experiencing delays. When Apple Pay Later was first announced in June of last year, it never went live. I reported that iOS 16 would be delayed until at least spring 2023, but the company offered no explanation beyond a cryptic comment at the website’s bottom.

Wrapping Up

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