[5 Explanations] Apple Translate vs. Google Translate Which is Better

With the new iOS 14, Apple has launched a new Apple Translate app. It is competing with the Google Translate app available in Android/iOS. The app containing a clean UI provides excellent features like translation mode, offline translation, phrases saving abilities, etc.

In today’s article, we, Techvaio, will evaluate head-to-head about these two apps and conclude with a better-translating app for your translation purpose. Here, we discuss Apple Translate vs. Google Translate, in which we will end a better translation app.

Apple Translate vs. Google Translate: One to Choose

We are comparing both Apple Translate and Google Translate depending on some topics. We have found out sections for comparison, and all the points that are going to be covered by us stated as follows:

  • User Interface
  • Language Support
  • Accuracy
  • Offline Support
  • Other Features

Without taking much time, let’s start our comparison.

User Interface of Apple Translate vs. Google Translate

As User Interface is concerned, Apple’s approach is better than Google. With a cleaner UI, its use is also easy. Users can find two buttons at the top from where they can select languages. In the middle section, the translation will be shown to the user. And a bottom field to type or speak the lines by the user that want to be translated.

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The use of Google Translate is also easy, but the design of Apple’s language is more pleasant to use. One thing about Google Translate is that users can copy the translated text easily with the copy button. At the same time, users have to hold and select the text in Apple Translate like iOS UI. This is not hard, but Google offers an easier way.

Overall, both Apple Translate and Google Translate have contained the same features with the easy user interface. According to personal preference, users can choose anyone Apple Translate vs. Google Translate. We prefer the execution of Apple, but you (user) might lean towards Google’s design language. The plus point is that both Apple Translate and Google Translate are easy to use.

Language Support

In this section, Google Translate wins. As Apple has just launched the translation app, it supports only 11 languages. Arabic, English, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish are the 11 languages.

Google Translate supports most of the major languages. In recent, Google can translate into 103 different languages. Apple will need a few years to come close to this digit.

Out of 103 different supported languages, only 43 languages support bilingual conversations. It is also more than 11 languages of Apple. The 103 language support is only for text conversion, not real-time translate conversation.

All the launched 11 languages of Apple Translate supports both bilingual and text conversations. And Apple must add more languages in the upcoming days. As we are making the comparison now, so Google wins.


This was a hard feature to test. Because any Indian languages are unsupported by Apple Translate right now, so it’s impossible to say how accurate the translations that were given. Also, the translation accuracy can change depending on the used languages. It will work quite hard to determine the overall accuracy of the translation app.

According to the information, both Apple Translate and Google Translate were equally good. Though both the apps made mistakes, it will allow users to make a good enough and simple conversation in other languages.

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From our point of view, Apple, with its first iteration, has done a commendable job. And Google has always been in the top when it comes on the fly translation. As we don’t have a big data sheet to justify and select the winner among Apple Translate vs. Google Translate. All that we can say is Apple Translate vs. Google Translate both work reasonably well.

Offline Support

Apple Translate vs. Google Translate both support offline translation. It is a convenient feature that allows the user to continue the translation without any network connection.

Apple supports offline translation for its all supported languages. Users need to download the language pack during network connection. After the download, the user can access this feature offline.

Google Translate also supports offline translation of 59 languages among its 103 supported languages. Like Apple Translate, here also user have to download the language packs to use it offline.

Other Features

As Apple Translate is new, so it is adding more feature sets. Users can either type or speak text to both translates. Google Translate offers more input options around so many years.

Besides text and speech, users can also translate the text inside any image by capturing or importing any photos (with 50 languages). It also supports the recognition of handwriting by allowing users to draw text characters. It works with 95 languages out of 103 supported languages.

Google syncs the phrasebook between apps and desktop with the copy button to copy the translated phrase easily that gives a plus point. But, recently, Apple Translate doesn’t have a desktop app.

As Google Translate is cross-platform, users can use it on both Android and iOS smartphones. But Apple Translate is only available on iOS. If you are finding a breadth of features, then Google Translate is definitely on top.

Apple Translate vs. Google Translate: Which Needs to Choose

Though Apple Translate is an excellent app for translation, Google is still the king. Besides supporting more languages, it also offers more input options. Google also works as a cross-platform that is a huge benefit.

If you only use Apple devices, then 11 supported languages will fulfill your needs. There is no need to switch to Google Translate. The minus point of Google Translate is privacy; it is attached to any Google Product. If you don’t want to share your data with Google, then Apple Translate is good with limited offers and sticks. For the world, Google Translate remains a better travel companion.

Final Thoughts

So, this is all and, we, Techvaio, make sure that you have gained some knowledge about two translators i.e., Apple Translate vs. Google Translate: which one is better, by this comprehensive information.

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