8 Best Fitness Apps and Workout Apps

Fitness is a very concerning topic after the COVID. Rather than paying money, you can do free home exercise by using these workout apps. In today’s topic, I will tell you about the best fitness apps for Android and iOS. Stick till the end to know more.

Fitness needs no specific day to keep yourself fit while increasing complications in your lifestyle. People are looking for several ways to stay fit. Many gyms and fitness clubs offer varieties of physical activities under the guidance of a trainer, in return, they charged a massive amount. The best gym will provide a personal trainer for you. If you are a lady, they offer a female personal trainer as well.

Techvaio brings a list of the Best Fitness Apps for Android and iOS that will help you to stay fit inside your home without paying any money. These workout apps will guide you as a personal trainer to do free home exercises and take care of your fitness. Read till the end.

List of the Best Fitness Apps and Workout Apps

If you aim to stay fit without spending money, you should prefer home workout apps. With the technology, you can easily access the best fitness apps for Android and iOS. Several fitness apps in India are available for free as well as subscription-based to influence people or a group of people.

These best workout apps guide you as a gym coach inside the house to re-edit weight gain. Check out the list of the best fitness apps for Android and iOS given below.

1) Fitbit Coach

A very famous fitness company available on almost all platforms, Fitbit Coach is one of the best gym apps. Fitbit Coach aims to promote healthy habits in people. It has various videos and audio coaching that motivates a person to continue his so-said goals. Though most of its workout regimes are free, upgrading to premium gives the user access to more facilities like a healthy diet chart, weekly reports, etc. It works as a personal trainer at home.

fitbit coach - best fitness apps for android and iOS

Why choose Fitbit Coach App


  • It supports almost all wearable devices.
  • It guided good workouts, accessible through phone, tablet, or laptop.


  • Upgrading to premium services is a bit pricey.
  • Syncing issues are seen in some devices.
  • It is complaining about the accuracy of results.


India’s best fitness app for Android and iOS is found in 18 cities and two countries, Cult fit is quite a hit. It has all things in one place-workout, meditation, a healthy meal planner, and online doctor consultation. After 14 days of the free trial, you can upgrade to its premium services for a gym-like experience at home. It is like a fitness buddy.

best fitness apps for android and iOS - cult-fit

Why choose Cult-fit App


  • All in one app
  • Free consultation with doctors once upgraded.
  • It provides varieties of fitness regimes.


  • It is limited to specific cities.
  • Need a good network connection for online consultation.
  • Not a completely free app.

Nike Training App

This app is one of the best gym apps available for both iOS and Android users. With workout videos for all levels-beginners to advanced, it provides a wide range of activities, and it is the best track to stay fit at home gym. You can customize the workout program to your own specific needs. Upgrading to premium services enables users to access various services like a personal trainer, diet chart, workout plans, etc.

Nike workout apps

Why choose Nike Training Club App


  • Easy to use.
  • Wide range of exercises.
  • Videos range from 15mins-45mins, the user can adjust according to/or her level.
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced levels


  • Premium services are a bit expensive.
  • Motivational efforts are not enough for the lazy user.
  • Workouts video needs to be downloaded, no streaming.

Adidas Training App

Adidas training app is one of the best fitness apps for Android and iOS users. It provides a decent amount of content in its free subscription. Like its peers, premium services require a specific fee where you get guided meal plans, physician consultation, etc. like a fitness buddy it will help to stay fit using a home gym.

Adidas training app - best fitness apps for android and iOS

Why choose Adidas Training App


  • Easy to use
  • Very effective exercise routines.
  • A maximum number of free content than its peers.


  • Too many ads.
  • Audio narration lacks motivational efforts.


Filled with celebrity trainer’s videos, this app is one of the best for home workouts. It has everything in one app- workouts, Pilates, yoga, etc. it is easy to stream and has some good content even for newbies.

best fitness apps for android and iOS - FitOn App

Why choose FitOn App


  • Easy user interface.
  • Good content is free.
  • Easily streamable.
  • World-class trainers are guiding you to work out at home.
  • It supports wearables like Fitbit, Apple watches, etc.


  • It shows some login problems.
  • Need a good internet connection to stream the content.
  • Sometimes problems while syncing with devices.


Available for both android and iOS users, Freeletics is considered one of the best free workout apps. Many of its contents are free, which is good for low or medium-level workout users. For the hard-core enthusiast, it provides a premium subscription called- Coach.

best fitness apps for android and iOS

Why choose Freeletics App


  • Good content for beginners.
  • Various equipment-free workout videos are available.


  • The app focuses more on weight loss and calorie-burning routines.
  • Subscription renews automatically without warning.
  • Some of the workouts need expert supervision.

Yoga studio

For yoga maniacs, this app is a good choice. It contains numerous yoga postures with pictures and instructions. Though it offers a seven-day trial, once subscribed you get unlimited access.

Yoga studio fitness app

Why choose Yoga Studio App


  • Numerous yoga videos.
  • Good quality HD videos.
  • Good user interface.
  • It provides detailed information about every yoga posture.


  • The subscription is pricey.
  • Fewer trial days.

Fitness Coach

This is an iOS-based app, also considered one of the best gym apps. It allows for customizable workout plans with an area-specific focus. Limited trial available but once subscribed you get various options. It guides like a gym coach, not in reality but virtually.

fitness coach

Why choose Fitness Coach App


  • Good routines are available.
  • Easily customizable regimes.
  • Area-specific workouts are good for beginners.


  • It is limited to iOS platforms.
  • Limited access is free.
  • Subscription plans are not suitable for everyone.


This is all you need to know about the best fitness apps for Android and iOS. Go and download one of these workout apps to stay fit by working out. Let’s make your life healthy using the best gym apps as a fitness buddy to stay fit at home.

If you are using any of these fitness apps, comment and let us know your experience. Also, share this article with the people who care about their fitness and health. That’s all for today, see you soon. Till then stay safe and stay tuned with Techvaio. Thanks for reading…


1) Do home workout apps work?

The workout apps work when you take it seriously and do regular workouts.

2) Is the 7-minute workout effective?

7-minute daily workouts can improve your muscular strength, insulin sensitivity, and VO2 max.

3) Can you get fit in 15 minutes a day?

Just 15 minutes of exercise a day can boost life expectancy by three years and cut death risk by 14%.

4) What is the 7×4 Challenge?

The 7×4 challenge consists of performing a full-body workout every day for 28 days.

5) How many minutes should you exercise a day?

Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity or exercise every day.

6) Is working out every day OK?

Working out every day is fine unless you’re not pushing yourself too hard or getting obsessive about it.