Top 10 Best Free Video Editing software with no watermark for PC [2021]

Do you know why you are looking for the best free video editing software with no watermark? Let us explain:

In this digitalization age, video sharing platforms are increasing immensely. Everyone wants to create videos and share their knowledge, opinions with the world.

Social media platforms are booming, and social media influencers are taking care of everyday human life. To become a social media influencer, video editing skills are as important as your influencing skills.  

According to the Globennewswire report, The size of the video editing software market is expected to reach $1.1B by 2025 globally. It is rising at a market growth of 4.4% CAGR during this forecast period.

So you have understood the potential of video creators and video editing software. And you are looking for the best free video editing software for starting your digital journey.

There is various software available on the market. Some of them are used for video editing, some of them are used for animations and some of them are used for VFX. If you are a beginner, it is better to start with a free or trial version of any software. 

To clear your doubt, we are here to describe the best free video editing software with no watermark. 

List of Top 10 Best Free Video Editing software with no watermark

VSDC Free Video editing software

VSDC Free Video Editing Software

VSDC video editing software is one of the most used free video editing software with no watermark. This VSDC video editing software comes with a feature-packed non-linear suit for video editors. And it can easily compete with the other paid video editing software.

This VSDC free editing software can allow you to create any video projects which contain video clips, audio files, and image clips. VSDC video editing software allows export videos at maximum 1080P resolution with a maximum 30fps frame rate. 

VSDC free video editing software comes with a lot of video effects, audio effects, and a modern interface along with that DSDC allows to export videos without any watermark. This feature is really helpful for the beginner video editor.

This VSDC video editing tool supports a multi-track video editing facility. In terms of quality, VSDC came in the first list of best free video editing software without a watermark.

Features of VSDC free video editing software:

  • Edit professional videos.
  • Add/edit music clips
  • It combines with essential tools like zoom, charts, 360-degree video editing, and color correction.
  • Supports the chroma key to remove a green-colored background.
  • Supports maximum codex video formats. 

Compatible Platform: Windows only.

Pros of VSDC free video editing software:

  • VSDC is a free video editing software with no watermark.
  • VSDC exports videos without any watermark.
  • It supports a 1080P resolution with a 30fps frame rate.
  • Light-weight software. 
  • It does not consume too much computer resources.
  • Suitable for beginner video editors.

Cons of VSDC free video editing software:

  • Old style design.
  • Need to disable hardware acceleration before exporting any video.
  • Not suitable for professional video editors.
  • Software crashes frequently while editing lengthy project files.

Additional Information: DSCS has a pro version software that helps to edit more professional videos. Chroma key, masking, voice, and other professional editing add-ons come with the upgraded version of VSDC. The one-time cost of this software is $19.99 (Rs1712.00).


Openshot video editing software

Openshot is an award-winning open-source or free video editing software with no watermark. Openshot is a cross-platform free video editing software. It supports multi-layered track insertion. 

Openshot has a simple and easy-to-use layout so every beginner can easily operate this video editing tool. It supports 70+ languages, and those all can be translated online with LaunchPad.

Though Openshot is a free video editing software with no watermark, it allows adding several video effects, 3D animation, and different types of slow motion & time effects.

Features of Openshot:

  • Openshot is a cross-platform software

Openshot video editing software is a cross-platform software that means it works on Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms.

  • Unlimited tracks : Openshot free video editing software allows adding multiple layers for background videos, music, watermark, and many more.
  • Trim and slice: Trimming and slicing on the Openshot video editor is super easy.
  • Animations & keyframes: Openshot video editing tool allows you to add basic animation like fade, slide, bounce, etc on your video project.
  • Video effects: Removing background, inverting colors, adjusting brightness is pretty simple using this Openshot free video editor
  • Title editor: Adding a beautiful title from Openshot’s predefined library gives your project more professional.
  • 3D animation: Though Openshot is a free video editing software with no watermark, it can easily render beautiful 3D animated effects and titles. 
  • Slow-motion and time effects: It’s amazing that a free video tool allows you to control the power of time, slowing down, reversing, speeding up, and speeding down videos easily.
  • The simple video editing interface: Openshot has a simple video editing interface that is done by simply dragging and dropping a video, audio, or image from your file manager.

Compatible platform: Linux, Windows, macOS

Pros of using Openshot free video editing software:

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It is open-source and free to use.
  • This Openshot is an award-winning free video editing software, and you can easily trust that software.
  • It is recommended for the beginner.
  • Openshot is a free video editing software and No watermark will be shown after exporting the video clips.

Cons of using Openshot free video editing software:

  • As this tool is open-source software, there are no such tutorial videos available on the web.
  • You can’t wait for long video clips using this software.
  • Evey animation and every design of titles are depending upon the Openshot library. There is no such option where you can create on your own.

Additional Information:

As Openshot video editor is a free video editing software with no watermark present there, you can contribute something for their better development support.


VideoProc video editing software

VideoProc is the full GPU Accelerated Free Video Editing software with no watermark. If you want to export videos with 4K/8K resolution, this videoProc will be the next choice. It has Level 3 Hardware acceleration that can help to render quality videos smoothly.

VideoProc is not only used as a video editing software but also, acts as a screen recorder and webcam recorder software. This functionality will give the extra advantage for the gamer, educator, and streamer. 

Interestingly, VideoProc acts as a media downloader engine and it supports 1000+ video audio sites. 

Features of VideoProc :

  • Cutting, merging, cropping: Cutting, merging, cropping is a common thing for any video editing software. In cutting, you can cut the exact portion of any video. In merging, you can easily merge two video clips. In cropping, you can resize, remove distracting portions.
  • Video stabilization: VideoProc video editing tool provides stabilization of shaky video footage. If your footage is from go pro or other action cameras, this free tool helps you to stabilize footage.
  • Fixing Fisheye: This tool helps to correct fisheye lens distortion from different action cam videos.
  • Removing unwanted noises: VideoProc, a free video editing tool with no watermark, helps to remove unwanted background noises from the video background.
  • Create M3U8: It helps to create an M3U8 playlist for single or multiple .ts files for HTTP streaming. Creating an M3U8 file helps to embed video files in the website. 
  • Enhancing video file: Enhancing a video file is very important while exporting any file in good quality.
  • Utility tool: This is the free video editing tool that provides utility tools like cropping, drawing, highlighting any content, typing, adding layers, and adding images during recording.
  • Media Downloader engine: The media downloader engine allows users to download videos, music, playlists from different streaming websites. It supports downloading from a 1000+ UGC certificate.

Compatible platform: Windows, macOS

Pros of VideoPro free video editing software:

  • Easy to use the software.
  • It renders high-quality videos.
  • Suitable for a gamer, streamer, vlogger.
  • It has several effects that can easily enhance the quality of the video.
  • This software can be used from beginner to advanced.

Cons of VideoPro video editing software:

  • It supports a free version with a 5 min time limit.

Additional information:

VideoPro is suitable and recommended for the video recorder. This tool is easy to use. This software comes with a paid version of $37.95 for lifetime use which is comparatively cheaper than other video editing tools.


Shotcut Video editing software

Shotcut is a free video editing software with no watermark which supports hundreds of video and audio formats. Shotcut is a cross-platform free video editing software. 

A simple, clean UI makes this software easy to use and gives a hassle-free experience. This Shotcut video editing software is highly recommended for the beginner video editor.

Features of Shotcut:

  • Supported widely format: Shotcut is such a free video editing tool that supports the latest video and audio formats. It supports a multi-layered tracking system. There is no import required while editing on this tool.  It allows capturing webcams and microphones. This Shotcut video editing software supports 4K resolution video rendering.
  • Audio controlling feature: Audio controlling along with audio mixing is the main key point of this application. It has a tone generator to enhance the audio quality. This audio feature helps to do audio mixing, normalizing, and filtering the audio.
  • Several video effects: Shotcut has certain additional editing key features. It has an eyedropper tool to pick the neutral color. It has several video filters like alpha channel, audio dance visualization, audio light visualization, and many more. It supports a chroma key for removing background color easily.

Shotcut video editing has 360-degree video editing capabilities.

  • Clean editing experience: Shotcut free editing tool has a clean user interface. It supports a 3-point editing experience. It supports multi-track video editing along with locking track controls. Shotcut has different video scopes like histogram, RGB waveform, RGB parade, Vectorscope, and zoom.

Compatible device: Windows, macOS, Linux.

Pros of Shotcut video editing software:

  • Shotcut is easy to use.
  • It supports several codex and video formats.
  • It supports 360-degree video editing.
  • It supports a cross-platform.
  • Shotcut is a completely open-source and free video editing software with no watermark.
  • It exports files with high resolution up to 1080p 60fps.

Cons of Shotcut video editing software:

  • It requires a high-performing device for better performance.
  • It needs some guidance to operate this application.

DaVinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve 17 Editor

Davinci Resolve is one the best free video editing software with no watermark. DaVinci Resolve is such an editing tool that combines color correction, editing, motion graphics, visual editing, and several post-production activities.

DaVinci Resolve is used for professionals who are keen on their videography career.

DaVinci has a dedicated workspace and tools for a specific task. Most media houses prefer DaVinci Resolve video editing software as their primary video editing software.

Features of DaVinci Resolve:

  • Professional non-linear editor: Davinci Resolve is a free video editing software that combines with an advanced non-linear editor. Easy to use layout, the dual-monitor gives an extra advantage during editing time. Davinci comes with an inbuilt library that contains hundreds of transitions, titles, and effects. Those effects and transitions are easily added and animated.
  • Advance color correction tool: DaVinci Resolve combines with Hollywood’s advanced color corrector tool. This advanced color correction tool is used on the television and movie production house. It has several color grading features like a qualifier, tracking, advanced HDR grading, and many more…
  • Fusion – visual graphics and motion graphics with cinematographic quality: The fusion page of the DaVinci Resolve helps to create cinematic visual effects and quality broadcasting. On this Fusion page, you can get hundreds of 3D and 2D tools for motion graphics and visual effects.

This single free video editing software is enough to compete with other paid video editing software. 

  • Fairlight- tool for audio post-production: Fairlight is a tool for audio post-production that comes with Davinci Resolve. This new Fairlight tool lets you add up to 2000 tracks at a time. Fairlight tools help to render the audio with the latest 3D audio format. Including this tool, you can get advanced ADR, Fairlight FX, hum remover, and more.

Compatible platform: Windows, macOS

Pros of Davinci Resolve: 

  • This software is recommended by professionals.
  • It has advanced editing features.
  • It comes with a rich editing interface.
  • It allows users to edit and render high-quality videos.
  • The basic Davinci Resolve is completely free to use.
  • It can be used as an alternative to adobe premiere pro.

Cons of Davinci Resolve:

  • It does not support multi-camera editing.
  • Need high-performance devices to run this application.
  • This application is depending upon your steep learning curve.

Additional information on using Davinci Resolve:

Davinci Resolve is completely free-to-use video editing software. But there is another version for the professionals that cost around $297 which includes DaVinci Neural engine, fx audio plugins plus advanced HDR grading.


Lightshot video editing software

Lightworks is a professional-level free video editing software with no watermark. You will be happy to know that this Lightworks editing software has been used for popular Hollywood movies like Pulp Function and The Wolf of Wall Street. 

After Davinci Resolve it is another professional free video editing software. 

Lightworks does not bound any kind of limitation on video length. You can edit your lengthy videos using this Lightworks free editing software.

Lightworks has a broad community of video editors where you can get any kind of assistance regarding video editing tips and techniques.

Compatible device: Windows, macOS, Linux

Features of Lightworks editing software:

  • Lightworks can manage universal projects.
  • Lightworks has social media templates for sequence output. 
  • It has a simple and easy-to-use editing interface.
  • You can use real-time ready-to-use audio and video fx templates.
  • It has several sequence output formats.
  • It allows exporting videos for YouTube, Vimeo, and up to 4K resolutions.

Pros of using Lightworks editing software:

  • It is easy to use.
  • Perfect for a professional videographer.
  • It is a free video editing software.
  • It allows videos to export watermark-free videos.

Cons of using Lightworks editing software:

  • This is not compatible with the lower-end device.

Additional Information:

Lightworks is used for beginners as well as professional editing. It has almost the same features as the paid one available on the free version with a limitation on output formats. However, the Lightworks pro costs around $24.99 monthly.

Blender – Best Free 3D video creation tools

Blender video editing

Blender is another free video editing software with no watermark. However, Blender is known as a 3D video creation tool. 

Blender has earned a name due to its 3D modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, and motion tracking. Along with that blender has been used as a comprehensive video editor.

Features of blender:

  • Powerful Cycles Render Engine: Cycles is a powerful path tracer engine that offers a realistic rendering process. It also supports VR rendering along with GPU & CPU rendering.
  • Extraordinary modeling, sculpt: Blender has advanced sculpting tools and brushes. It helps to use python scripting for custom tools and add-ons. It supports multi-resolution and dynamic subdivision on video editing.
  • Animation & rigging, story art boarding: Using Blender helps to do animation & rigging, story art boarding in 2D or 3D. It helps to combine 2D with 3D right in the viewport. 
  • VFX: VFX is the most trending term in the multimedia industry. The blender helps you to import raw footage, track the footage, camera movements, making 3D scenes and masking areas along with real-time previews.
  • Blender as a video editing tool: Blender is known for 2D,3D animation but you can use blender as a video editing tool. There are 32 slots used for adding clips, images, animation, and many more things. It has a powerful rendering engine for rendering high-quality video.

Compatible platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

Pros of using Blender:

  • It is free to use for commercial purposes.
  • It is a lightweight software.
  • It helps to do digital 3D animation.
  • Perfect for VFX, animation, and digital sculpting.

Cons of using Blender:

  • To use this software, you have to be a professional. However, there are several tutorials available on the web for starting with Blender.

Additional information:

Blender is used as professional animation software rather than video editing software. So if you are an animator or want to be an animator, this software is the best for you.  

Hitfilm Express

Hitflim Express video editing software

Hitfilm Express is one of the best free video editing software with no watermark. Hitfilm Express is also used as a visual effects software.

Many YouTubers, professionals use this Hitfilm Express to edit their gaming /professional videos.

Hitfilm expresses bundled with VFX tools that allow making more visually creative content. 

Features of Hitfilm Express:

  • Enhance video editing tool: Hitfilm Express provides a powerful non-linear video editing tool. There are animation tools, compositing, and layering tool, vertical video tool, 360-degree video editing tool, and many more…
  • Advanced color correction and color grading tool: Hitfilm Express provides an advanced color correction and color grading tool. It comes with several tools like a Grading toolkit, Vectorscope, Cinematic look, Color wheels, and many more. So, those tools are very helpful during video editing.
  • 3D modeling and animation: Hitfilm Express supports 3D modeling and animation. If you are an anime lover or wanted to do animation, this software can be your savior. 

It has unified 3D space, depth maps, 3D animation cache, and many more add that will help to create some interesting design

Compatible device: Windows, macOS

Pros of using Hitfilm Express:

  • It is a professional video editor.
  • It comes with 410+ effects and presets.
  • It has unlimited tracks and transitions.
  • It helps to create 2D and 3D animation easily.

Cons of using Hitfilm Express:

  • It needs a high-performance device to operate this application.
  • For every add-on, filter, and preset, you have to buy with an additional charge.
  • It needs some expertise to work with this Hitfilm Express video editing software 

Additional Information:

Hitfilm Express is not a full free editing software with no watermark. It charges for their add-ons and plugins. And without plugins, you can’t use that application as a pro-level. The cost of the Pro creator bundle is $493.20. It is suitable for the agency owner for professional editing.


iMovie video editing software

iMovie is a free video editing tool with no watermark. iMac is only available for the Mac user. It is a clean and powerful video editing tool for the mac user. 

In iMac, you can edit, crop, trim, and mix your audio with the video easily. It has extra-special effects that will turn your video into a pro. 

Specification of iMovie applications:

  • Simple and easy to use: Apple is famous for user simplicity. iMovie has also a simple and clean user interface so that users can start editing videos without even prior knowledge.
  • Extra special effects: There are several special effects on the iMovie video editor. You can use your videos with picture-in-picture and split-screen effects.
  • Simplified soundtracks: iMovie comes with additional 80+ soundtracks that help the user to interact with the exact matching audio.
  • Easy sharing option: iMovie allows you to share your videos to your social media profiles using a single click.

Compatible device: macOS

Pros of using iMovie:

  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • It supports high-quality video rendering.
  • It supports fast rendering on mac devices.
  • It is free software that comes with every mac device.

Cons of using iMovie:

  • It is available only for mac users.
  • There are a lot of premium designing effects you have to buy from the apple store.

Windows movie maker

Windows Moviemaker is a free video editing software with no watermark. Windows movie maker is available on the Windows Store, and Microsoft owns this software.

Windows movie maker is simple and easy-to-use software. It helps to create a video using a bundle of images imported from the file manager.

Not only image to video creation, but it also helps to create different titles and presentations on the video. However, it allows you to do video editing, trimming, and many more.

This video editing software is completely free and comes with only the Windows platform.

Compatible platform: Windows.


Finally, the best video editing tools are depending upon the requirements and usability of the user. Here we have covered the list of the top 10 best free video editing software with no watermark. 

On the above list, all the video editing software comes with free and it does not leave watermarks in the final rendering. 

The VSDC, Openshot, and Video proc are very easy to use and have a very simple user interface. Everyone can start their video editing journey using those video editing software.

Shotcut, Davinci Resolve, Lightworks, Hitfilm express, and blender are used for professional video editing along with 2D, 3D animation. This software needs some kind of expertise to work with this software.

For those who want to create videos quickly, use iMovie for Mac users and Windows movie maker for windows movie maker.

All these software are available on their respective official websites.