Know About The Top 10 Best Micro-USB cables

Do you know which best buy micro-USB cables? If not, this article is for you. Here, I have listed some of the best micro-USB cables.

There are many micro-USB cables available in the market. So, it’s quite difficult to choose a good micro-USB cable. But, today’s article will reduce your difficulty. That’s why – stick till the end.

What are Micro-USB Cables and their use?

Micro-USB is a mini version of the Universal Serial Bus (USB). It is developed for connecting compact and devices like smartphones, GPS devices, Mp3 players, digital cameras and photo printers.

It is used to charge the devices such as smartphones, Bluetooth headphones. It is also used to transfer files, documents, pictures, anything from your mobile to Laptop/Desktop and vice-versa.

List of Micro-USB Cables

All set, as you know about Micro-USB cable and its uses. Now, let’s move straight to the topic and see the top picked Micro-USB cables.

Name of the Micro-USB CablesCheck the Price
Amazon Basics Micro-USB cord View on Amazon
Syncwire Micro-USB cable View on Amazon
Belkin Micro-USB cord View on Amazon
MI Micro-USB cables View on Amazon
Anker Power Line Micro-USB View on Amazon
MIVI Micro-USB cables View on Amazon
Ambrane Unbreakable Micro-USB cord View on Amazon
Fuse Chicken Titan Cable View on Amazon
Anker Power Line II – 3 in 1 Micro-USB cables View on Amazon
WeCool Micro-USB cord View on Amazon

Amazon Basics Micro-USB cord

Amazon Basics USB Type-A to Micro-USB 2.0 cable is one of the best Micro-USB cables if you want to connect a USB Type-A Power source or MacBook Pro.

The metal connectors fit snugly in the ports of the cable. The housings around the neck were also found flimsier on the plugs. The relatively inexpensive Amazon Basics has a slim, rubber-encased body.

Amazon Basics Micro-USB cables
Amazon Basics Micro-USB cord

It is available at a wide range of lengths i.e. 6-inches to 6-feet. According to the length, the price differs and the price starts from 230 INR. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Syncwire Micro-USB cable

Syncwire braided nylon Micro-USB cables are tough, built with aluminium connectors for long-lasting. These cables can restrain up to 2.4A current and support USB 2.0 that transfers the data at 480 Mbps. The 3.3-foot cables are ideal, even there is an option for 6.5-foot cables. The cost difference between the two different sizes of the cord is USD $3.

Syncwire Micro-USB cable
Syncwire Micro-USB cable

This Micro USB cable from Syncwire has an exterior made of triple-braided nylon which is named “toughened military-fibre wire”. It can withstand up to 7,000 cycles of 90-degree bend test. It’s a tough wire when it comes close to breaking. This cable remains unbreakable.

You can buy a Syncwire Micro-USB cable in Amazon at USD $9.90 in the UK, at USD $11.99 in the USA. And in India, it costs too high near about 1600 INR on Amazon.

Belkin Micro-USB cord

Since 1983, Belkin has been working in the electronics industry. The Mixit Micro USB ChargeSync Cable is a minimalist designed textbook Micro USB cable.

Belkin Micro-USB cable
Belkin Micro-USB cord

The Mixit brand is compatible with most devices like smartphones, laptops, video game controllers, and car outlets. It is a safe Micro-USB cable without any hassle. Even it offers a two-year warranty along with customer service.

MI Micro-USB cables

The Mi Micro USB cable is very popular and has earned thousands of positive reviews. The cable length is 120cms that’s enough for many users. It offers data transfer speed up to 480Mbps.

MI Micro-USB cable
MI Micro-USB cables

Besides being an excellent choice for Xiaomi mobile users, it will also work perfectly with other mobile brands. The cable supports 2A fast charging that can charge compatible devices quickly.

Anker Power Line Micro-USB

The Anker Power Line Micro-USB cable (3ft) has a slim, flexible body, and is covered with sturdy plastic. It resists breaking while plugging and unplugging. With the water-resistant rubber encasing, it’s perfect in size and shape to grip. This cable is available in 4-different lengths i.e. 4-inch, 1-foot, 6-foot, and 10-foot.

Anker Power Line Micro-USB cable
Anker Power Line Micro-USB

The Anker Power Line offers an 18-month warranty with responsive and helpful customer service. Even it’s one of the least expensive Micro-USB cables. Anker is trustable when it comes to smartphone accessories like chargers. Integrated with Kevlar fibres and heavy reinforcement at the stress points makes it is long and strong. It supports fast charging and delivers good syncing speed.

MIVI Micro-USB cables

MIVI is an Indian brand and less popular to use. But it delivers a really good user experience. USB IF certified chip makes it compatible with all the Micro-USB ported devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC peripherals and more. Made of bulletproof material and braided with Nylon make MIVI Micro-USB cables durable and super strong. You can plug it into any phone case with its 10.5mm aluminium super sleek case.

MIVI Micro-USB cable
MIVI Micro-USB cables

MIVI cables come in the twice length of normal Micro-USB cables. The MIVI Micro-USB cables are 6ft long to charge your device conveniently. Made of extra-thick solid copper conductors offers fast charging and data transferring. Moreover, this cable offers maximum signalling rate and anti-interference with the AWG twist.

Ambrane Unbreakable Micro-USB cord

Ambrane Micro-USB cables are the most used and trustable cables for charging the devices. It can be used in all Micro-USB enabled devices like android smartphones, tablets, PC peripherals and others.

Ambrane Unbreakable Micro-USB cable
Ambrane Unbreakable Micro-USB cables

Special braided outer binding with rugged interior makes it ultra-durable cable. It can easily withstand daily rough usage. Normally, it comes with a 1.5meter length that is neither too short like a typical 1meter cable nor too long like a 2meters cable. Even it supports maximum 3A fast charging and data transfer at a speed of 480 Mbps.

Fuse Chicken Titan Cable

Fuse Chicken Titan Cable is the most versatile Micro-USB cable. It is an industrial-grade cable casing with two layers of flexible and high-strength steel that make it as heavy as inconvenient to carry. You can bend this cable to make it stand but be careful while bending and bending it at the right places. Bending the cord carelessly will make stress at connectors that are the weak spot. These cables come in different sizes, according to your purpose you can choose anyone.

 Fuse Chicken Titan Cable
Fuse Chicken Titan Micro-USB Cable

The Titan calls it “the toughest cable on Earth”, as it can be yanked, dropped, stretched, trodden on, and even bitten by pets. So, it’s hard to disagree. The USB connectors are permanently sealed directly over the cable with a one-piece housing fuse and claim to be “virtually indestructible.”

The Loop version for Micro-USB cables costs USD $17.12. The loop version for Lightning cable costs USD $32.98 and a normal length Lightning costs USD $34.95 on Amazon.

Anker Power Line II – 3 in 1 Micro-USB cables

The Anker Power Line II 3-in-1 Cable has Micro-USB, Lightning and USB-C adapters together by short, flexible tethers in the main cable. For regular use, I don’t recommend 3-in-1 cables. As the adapter will be bulky and fussy to use.

Anker Power Line II – 3 in 1 Micro-USB cable
Anker Power Line II – 3 in 1 Micro-USB cables

If you are travelling somewhere, then it will be handy as you don’t need to carry three different cables. It will also be used as a backup. Anker Power Line 3-in-1 cable is easy to use, nicely built, and highly portable. However, the Lightning plug is MFi-certified to work with iOS devices. It has a lifetime warranty which is the highlighted point.

WeCool Micro-USB cord

The WeCool Micro-USB cables offer rugged build quality with a multi-layered shield cored with thick copper. This will keep the charging devices safe and prevents excessive current from flowing through them. WeCool Micro-USB cables speed 3A power while charging and works with all the USB supported smartphones and tablets.

WeCool Micro-USB cord
WeCool Micro-USB cord

The extra layer of nylon braiding works as stress-resistant and helps to withstand rough and tough usage easily. The cable can be used to charge the devices and transfer data at 480Mbps speed. You can use it anywhere due to the extra length of cable.

Last Words on best Micro-USB Cord

I am using an Ambrane cable that delivers a really good experience. All the listed Micro-USB cables are good enough. However, some are highly-priced and many of you don’t even hear some of the names. The Micro-USB cables that come out of the box are truly suitable for your device. Don’t use another Micro-USB cable unless that is destroyed.

That’s all for now. I hope you like today’s topic of Techvaio. Don’t forget to comment on your experience if you are using any one of the given Micro-USB cables. If you are using any other Micro-USB cable then also comment and share your experience.

FAQs on Micro-USB cables

1) What is the strongest Micro-USB cable?

Anker Power Line Micro-USB cables are the strongest and most durable cable with fast charging.

2) Which USB cable is fastest?

There are 3 types of USB. All have different speeds and are as follows.
a) Theoretically, USB 1 has a maximum speed of 12Megabits per second.
b) Whereas USB 2 is a way bit faster. It offers a maximum theoretical speed of 480Mbps.
c) And, the USB 3 offers an astonishing speed of 5 Gigabits per second theoretically.

3) Can Micro-USB cables do fast charge?

Some Micro-USB cables can do fast charging compared to normal micro-USB cables. But, they are not as fast as USB Type-C or Apple devices. However, your device should support fast charging to be charged fast.

4) How can I make my Micro-USB last longer?

Keep it in an organised way while not using it. Try to keep it separate from a bunch of keys and others. Always avoid sharp bending. And, most important don’t put it under extreme environment. Thus, you can make it long-lasting. However, it’s an electronic device, no one can say how long it will go.

5) Does USB cable length affect speed?

USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 both the connection have the same rating. Theoretically, there should no actual “maximum.” But, beyond 3meter length signal will start to degrade. So, the longer cable will deliver less power to charge at a low speed.