25 Best Technology Hacks Wonder to Know

There are many technology hacks and tricks that can simplify your daily routine and make it easier. You will be wondered by knowing these technology hacks. I will tell you about the 25 best technology hacks on today’s topic. So, stick to the end.

The list of Top 25 Technology Hacks

Among so many Technology hacks out there, here are some of the best-collected technology hacks to make you wonder.

1. No internet..!! Play a game

While browsing, suppose your internet connection goes out suddenly. The Google Chrome browser will show an error page. Now, press the spacebar to start a T-Rex game. So that, you won’t be bored at least for returning online.

Offline Chrome Game

2. Improve your Wi-Fi signal

If you’re facing slow internet from your home Wi-Fi, it might be because of some interference, overlapping with another Wi-Fi. Download the Wi-Fi Analyser App that may answer your woes. It scans frequencies and is recommended to use the optimal channels to avoid overlap on your network. As a result, you may get faster Wi-Fi with less hassle.

3. Use Spotlight search as a calculator

If you have a Mac, then this tech hack will help you do calculations quickly. To use Spotlight search as a calculator click ‘command (⌘) + spacebar’ to perform quick calculations.

4. Quickly dial back your last caller

Want to quickly call back the last number? Yes, you can do it easily and quickly as well. Go to ‘Phone App’ and hit the call button. It will call the last number on your dial list. This is the quickest and simplest way and you don’t need to open a call list.

5. Never hit the full stop key again

If you will hit the spacebar twice, a full stop will appear. You don’t need to click the full stop key separately. Also, the next letter will be capitalized automatically. In the case of using a custom keyboard, you can change its setting to do things like this and more.

6. DIY cord/cable holder

LEGO mini-figs are perfectly shaped cable holders. It is used to hold your phone’s charging cable and the lightning cords of Apple. You need to stick a LEGO brick on your desk and attach a mini-fig. Then, run your cables through its hands.

7. Google can help you study

Do you know Google can help with studies? Yes, Google can help. Suppose you need to prepare for an important exam in High School or college, go to google and type ‘site:edu [subject] exam’. It will give you several sites for studying the subject, samples of question papers and answers, literally everything.

8. Easily close any online account

Sometimes closing an online account becomes super annoying, as services put the option very deep inside the settings and help option. Well, check out the ‘AccountKiller.com’ website. It helps to delete any online accounts easily with step-by-step guides.

Auto killer technology hacks

9. Toilet Paper rolls for cable organiser

Every tech enthusiast has a box or bag full of cables in their house. But, these cables get tangled up with one another and make an unbearable mess. To avoid it, you can use empty toilet paper rolls to hold cables separately.

10. Keyboard cleaning with Post-it

A few Post-it notes can be used to clean a tad filthy, full of dusty and fluffy keyboards. Rub with the sticky end on the gaps of the keyboard to clean quickly and easily.

11. Microwaving more than one thing

Want to cook for two in the microwave but a shortage of space resists you? You can cook two meals at once by using this trick. Although it is instructed to cook one meal at a time, you can cook two meals leaving them inside for a longer time. The meals will be ready at the same time but they wouldn’t be cooked properly.

12. Turn your old phone into a security camera

If you have found an old phone gathering dust, you can use it as an alternative to a smart home camera. With the help of the ‘Manything app’, you can use the old device in a new way.

13. Go to bed at the ideal time

There is a website named ‘sleepyti.me’ which will calculate the optimal sleeping time for you. If you’re an insomniac, you can use this site to calculate the best time to go to bed and wake up. Waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle may cause tiredness and groggy. Whereas waking up in between sleep cycles keeps you refreshed and alert.

sleep time technology hacks

14. Use Google to set a timer

If you want to go somewhere or do something, you will set an alarm that reminds you about that. Google can also help here. Just go to the google search engine and type ‘start a timer’ and google will set that automatically. You have to tell the timing while setting an alarm. You can also crosscheck the timer.

15. Boost your tunes

If you need a little more volume to the morning alarm but the speakers have reached their maximum volume in your smartphone, then you can try it. Go to settings and turn the music into ‘Pop’. Then, put it into a cup and it will enhance the sound that gives you more volume.  

16. Convert YouTube videos to GIFs

Want to make any YouTube video into a GIF? Then, try the site ‘gifs.com’ and convert any YouTube video into GIF. You need to copy the URL of the YouTube video that you want to convert, then go to the site and paste the copied URL in the given bar. Next, click to continue and see the magic.

gifs technology hacks

17. Use Preview to create a digital signature

On Mac devices, you can sign digital documents using the Preview app instead of printing off the documents and signing. Open the ‘Tools’ in Preview, then select ‘Annotate > Signature > Manage Signatures’. Next, a Signature Capture dialogue box will appear, draw your signature using a mouse and save or insert it into the document.

18. Easily look up word definitions on your Mac

With a handy shortcut, Mac offers to look up word definitions in seconds. Press ‘command + control + D’, and a dialogue box will appear where you can look up a definition and highlight any word.

19. Find the perfect username

When you open a new account, it requires a username. But, so many times you will get the entered username already exists. Go to ‘Namechk.com’ and check whether a username is already taken or not. Even it can check domain names.

20. Remote Temperature watching

To keep smoking food in a wonderful way you need to take ages and measure the temperature regularly. But, it’s difficult for a human to go outside to check the temperature in such a way. So, clever bod has set up a video baby monitor that will keep an eye on the temperature gauge.

21. Pizza stand for Smartphones

Irritated by holding your phone, then you should try this tech hack. Cut one leg off a pizza box topper. But, you should care that it doesn’t get grease while cutting off. Thus, a neat little stool is ready to prop your smartphone upon.

22. Cheap headphone stand

When you are not using your headphones or gaming headset, you would find a place to keep it; right? A banana hanger will be the solution for this. It is a cheap and nice tech hack to use. Although it doesn’t have RGB, it can help you to store your gear.

23. Find ‘nearby’ Wikipedia pages

Suppose, you are going somewhere to travel and lived in an unknown place. Want to know more about nearby? Then, take the help of Wikipedia. It has a ‘Nearby tool’ that contains a lot of information about your nearby places and things. Go to the place, grant permission for accessing your location and see. Wikipedia will provide a list of articles based on your location.

24. Save money on Amazon with CamelCamelCamel.com

If you are an Amazon user, you must take the advantage of a ‘camelcamelcamel.com’ website. It can track your products and notifies you during price drop. It also allows checking whether something that’s on sale is really a good price or it’s been cheaper before.

25. Watch age-restricted YouTube videos without logging in

To watch YouTube on Google, you search ‘YouTube.com’ and access all the videos. YouTube also contains some age-restricted videos. If you want to watch those videos on YouTube without signing in to your account, then, add ‘NSFW’ before ‘YouTube’ in the address bar and continue.


These are all the small technology hacks. I hope you enjoy and learn about some of the best technology hacks. It will help you to work smartly. Share these technology hacks with your friends and let them help to know.

Comment if you like any of these technology hacks and think about trying them in near future. Also, comment and let me know if you are using any of these technology hacks. You can share more useful technology hacks if you have them in the comment section below. That’s all for now. Techvaio will be back with another topic soon. Till then stay safe.