Top 5 USB Type-C Earphones in India

Nowadays, many Android phones don’t provide a 3.5mm headphone jack. In that case, you need to use either a Bluetooth headset or USB Type-C earphones. So, I have listed down the top USB Type-C earphones in today’s topic. Stick to the end to know the best USB Type-C earphones available in India.

List of Top 5 USB Type-C Earphones

There are several USB Type-C earphones available in the market. It’s quite hard to choose the best among them. But, don’t worry.

Here’s the list of top USB Type-C earphones. You can find them at quite a high price but that would be delivered by their performance and quality.

Name of the USB Type-C EarphonesCheck the Price Online
Samsung EO-IC100BBEGUS Corded Type-C Earphones View on Amazon
Google Pixel Type-C Earphones View on Amazon
OnePlus Bullets Type-C Earphones View on Amazon
WeCool Mr. Bass W010 metallic Type-C Earphones View on Amazon
Xiaomi Active Noise Canceling Headphones – Mi USB Type-C Earphones View on Amazon

Samsung EO-IC100BBEGUS Corded Type-C Earphones

Samsung Type-C earphones are designed with excellent built quality and offer great comfort and good performance. The Samsung Type-C earphones have 2-way speakers to offer clear, rich, and balanced audio with the help of AKG technology. AKG, having 70 years of experience, is a legacy studio brand that offers pro-grade sound quality.


Samsung Type-C earphones are built with lite weight materials. And, each earbud is designed to comfortably fit in the ear to tune out the world with music. Samsung USB Type-C earphones have a fabric cable that prevents them from getting tangled.


This earphone is compatible with all types of USB Type-C supported Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops.

Why choose Samsung EO-IC100BBEGUS


  • It provides 2-way speakers to offer rich and clear sound.
  • Fabric cable to prevent the tangle.
  • Lightweight and comfortable earbuds to fit in the ear.
  • A noise cancellation microphone is available.


  • Expensive.
  • Bass problems.

Google Pixel Type-C Earphones

Google has launched USB Type-C earphones after removing the headphone jack. Google Pixel has made a unique and attractive design to give you an unmatched experience than other brands. Google Pixel Type-C earphones offer 24-bit audio.

You can operate Google Assistant by pressing and holding the inline button, but only on Android 9 Pie running devices. By taking the help of Google Translator, you can communicate in 40 different languages in-ear with the earphones for real-time translation. To do so, just press and hold the ‘back button’ of the earphone and say ” Hey Google”.

Google Pixel Type-C-earphone
Google Pixel Type-C-earphone

The Google Pixel Type-C earphones feature read-out notifications in your ear directly. By pressing and holding the volume button, you can reply to them by speaking out. It also delivers USB-C drivers that give you a clear sound with enhanced bass. It offers an in-built noise isolation Mic that doesn’t ruin your important calls. Google Pixel Type-C earphones are available in India via online Flipkart, Amazon, Reliance digital, and Google authorized stores.


This earphone is compatible with OnePlus 6T, Galaxy Note 9, POCO F1, Huawei P20 Pro, and other USB Type-C ported smartphones out there.

Why choose Google Pixel Type-C Earphones


  • It delivers an excellent sound quality with 24-bit audio.
  • Mind-blowing features like read-out notifications and answer them, in-ear translation communication, in-built noise isolation mic, and more.
  • You can adjust the ear hooks that’s pretty cool.


  • Less available in India.
  • No active noise cancellation.
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OnePlus Bullets Type-C Earphones

End your search for USB Type-C earphones with One plus Bullets Type-C earphones. It offers great comfort and good looks with its innovative housing design. It is designed to fit your budget with all requirements. At a mid-range price, you will feel luxurious. It is compatible with all Android phones with a USB Type-C port.

One plus Bullets Type-C earphones have metallic ear-tips with a tangled free flat cable holding three buttons on them. One is for play and pause, and the others are for volume increase and decrease.

oneplus bullets
OnePlus Bullets Type-C Earphones

It offers incredible sonic clarity, super extra bass, and a noise-canceling microphone. Even this earphone will give you a perfect gaming experience with a clear and thumping sound. An in-built noise-canceling mic helps to take important calls.


This earphone is compatible with OnePlus 6T, Galaxy Note 9, POCO F1, REALME X3, and most other USB Type-C Smartphones without having a 3.5mm audio jack.

Why choose OnePlus Bullets


  • It offers excellent sound quality.
  • It comes with excellent build quality.
  • Value for money as it costs Rs. 1,500/- that’s awesome.


  • No braided cable.
  • No active noise cancellation.

WeCool Mr. Bass W010 metallic Type-C Earphones

If you are searching for budget-friendly USB type-C earphones, then you should try “WeCool Mr. bass W010” metallic Type-C earphones. These earphones are widely loved and popular at mid-range prices. It features rich Bass, Noise Cancellation, and uniqueness.

Wecool mr bass Type-C Earphones

The earphones have a 45-degree ergonomic design, an anti-fall design suitable for sports and workouts. It can block most of the external sound to deliver noise isolation. It comes with magnetic earbuds that prevent it from falling or slipping out of the ears.


This earphone is compatible with Sony XZ2, ONE PLUS 6T,7,7 PRO, HUAWEIP20, NOKIA 8, LGV20G6 ETC, XIAOMI MIX2, and other USB Type-C ported smartphones.

Why choose WeCool Mr. Bass W010


  • It is extremely comfortable while wearing in the ear.
  • The earbuds fit very snugly.
  • It produces a good sound and bass.
  • It can block most of the external sound and offers a noise isolation feature.
  • It provides a pouch for storage.


  • The wires can tangle easily.
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Xiaomi Active Noise Canceling Headphones – Mi USB Type-C Earphones

Xiaomi with its Active noise-canceling headphones offers 50-20000Hz active noise reduction. It delivers perfect clear sound and bass that’s unmatched by any others. The in-built MEMS microphone also reduces noise interference. It gives accurate feedback to the noise control system about the environmental noises. It can also minimize transmission vibration.

The MI Type-C Earphones offer 2-way speakers for delivering rich audio with a clear and balanced sound. ANC Audio technology System also helps in it.

MI type-C headphone

The earphone has a next-generation Type-C connector to plug in without fail, instead of holding and inserting the cable. It also offers to stand-out music with long-lasting comfort to listen to on buses, trains, planes, and subways.


This earphone is compatible with OnePlus 6T, Galaxy Note 9, REALME X3, POCO F1, Huawei P20 Pro, and most other USB Type-C smartphones.

Why choose Xiaomi Active Noise Canceling Headphones


  • It feels premium with a ceramic build.
  • It delivers a great sound quality.
  • It provides a braided cable.
  • It offers Active noise cancellation.


  • Slightly expensive
  • In-line remote buttons don’t feel tactile.

Last Words on USB Type-C Earphones

The more smartphone brands are removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from their upcoming models, there would be more demand for Bluetooth and USB Type-C earphones. The people who preferred wired headphones, go for USB Type-C earphones. There are very few brands that offer Type-C earphones among which the best and most effective ones are given above.

Comment your experience if you are using any one of the listed USB Type-C earphones. If you are using any other USB Type-C earphones then also comment and share your experience.

FAQs on USB Type-C Earphones

1) Are Type-C headphones better?

USB Type-C Earphones provides several aspects compared to wireless headphones. Connecting to wireless Bluetooth headphones or speakers will compress its audio. But, corded ones will deliver proper audio.

2) Does JBL have USB Type-C Earphones?

The reflect Aware USB Type-C earphones from JBL offer active noise cancellation like the Xiaomi earphones. The in-line remote has a volume control button and a microphone for hands-free mobile use.

3) Do USB Type-C earphones sound better?

Theoretically, USB Type-C earphones should deliver higher-quality audio through circuitry bypass. But, it is rare in practice. USB Type-C earphones operate independently of the smartphone’s DAC and amplifier. It becomes more expensive than its 3.5mm counterparts.

4) Can we use USB Type-C earphones on the laptop?

If a Type-C port is available on the laptop then you may use USB Type-C earphones. Otherwise, update your BIOS.