Best Camscanner Alternatives : 10 Best Alternatives of Cam scanner

10 Best CamScanner Alternatives

Do you search for alternative apps for popular Chinese app Cam Scanner? If yes, then this article is in your favour.

Cam scanner is a popular Chinese app for scanning documents. This App is mostly used in official as well as study purpose. It is available for both Android and iOS. This app provides good experience but due to the ban of 59 Chinese apps along with Cam Scanner forced the user to stop the use of this app. Also, this app is removed from Google Play Store and App Store after the ban. And, Indian Government strictly asked to block access to app servers so that active users can’t use these apps anymore.


  • As the tension in India-China border is escalating, the Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps along with the popular document scanning app Cam Scanner.
  • Also, under the Information Technology Act, the emergent nature of threats has forced 59 apps to be blocked as they are engaged in information transfer activities. It is prejudicial to India’s sovereignty and integrity, defence of India, the security of the state, and public order according to section 69A.
  • In this scenario, we have to know about the alternative apps of Cam Scanner for scanning our important documents at a free of cost.

So, in today’s topic we, Techvaio, will talk about the best alternative apps for popular Chinese app Cam Scanner. So that, you can download camscanner alternatives and continue your work. Here is the list of the best camscanner alternatives in which you can scan your documents.

List of Camscanner Alternatives:

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scanner

As the best Camscanner alternatives, you can use Adobe Scan App. It is developed by Adobe and, provides the same features as Cam Scanner. So the user doesn’t have to worry about the functions and use. It is the best alternative app for popular Chinese app Cam Scanner. It takes the place of Cam Scanner and helps to scan documents in official as well as study purpose.

Document Scanner

Document Scanner is one of the best alternative apps of Camscanner. It helps to scan multiple photos and create a detailed scan PDF. It includes features like auto smart cropping, filters, sharing as PDF as well as the JPEG format, Create QR code, scan QR code and Share scanned QR code, creating PDF in different size from A1 to A6, Postcard, letter etc. and many more. This app offers high-quality scanning and turns old documents into a clear one.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lense

Microsoft Office Lens is another Camscanner alternatives. As the name suggests, this app is developed by Microsoft. It helps to scan all types of documents and also export the scan file to Word or PowerPoint. Those who are already into Microsoft system, this app is easy to work for them. Microsoft apps have improved over the last few years for Android user. User can scan documents, business card along with whiteboards using this application. Microsoft Office also integrates Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and OneDrive.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is the most popular platform for android users. Besides offering 15GB free cloud storage, this app also provides the feature of document scanning. It is not offering a lot of features, but if you want a simple scanner, then it is quite a good choice. User can scan their documents and save as digital copies to the cloud. They can access their documents from anywhere connecting with internet service.

Photo Scan


Photo Scan, though the name is quite new, it is developed by Google. This app not only helps the user to scan documents but also help to scan printed photos and save as digital copies. It works really well for creating a digital copy and it automatically crops as per requirements. It is capable of auto edge detection, taking high-quality pictures, and removing blemishes and glare automatically.

Tap Scanner

Scanner App to PDF

Tap Scanner is also a camscanner alternatives. It helps to scan multiple photos and create a detailed scanned PDF. It has the same features like Cam Scanner where you can also scan multiple photos and create a detailed scanned PDF. So, it is one of the best camscanner alternatives.

Scan Pro

Scanner Pro

Scan Pro, previously named as Scan-bot, is a good camscanner alternative. Besides scanning, you can get features like text recognition, annotation and search option in this app. Also, you can apply a filter to make your document clearer just like Cam Scanner.

Turbo Scan


Turbo Scan is another camscanner alternatives that capable of doing almost all the works Cam Scanner can do. This app can provide auto edge detection, multiple scanning, and many more features along with sharpening mode. Overall it is quite well-performing app.


The versatile app, Evernote does not only organise your notes and documents but also it comes with an inbuilt scanner that helps to scan. So, you can save your documents. Also, you can save photos and articles from the web by using this app. It also supports OCR which recognises handwritten notes.


vFlat Camscanner

vFlat app is a scanning app that aimed to scan online books including the regular document scanning feature. If you are conscious about privacy and don’t want to see any ads then vFlat app is a quite good option. This app does not collect your data and absolutely free to use.

The Final Words of Camscanner Alternatives

So, this is all for today. We, Techvaio, now make sure that you have no longer to worry about to choose the best alternative app for popular Chinese app Cam Scanner by providing this comprehensive information. There are many other scanning apps presents in the Google Play Store as well as App Store, but these apps provide the best working experience.

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