8 Cool Windows Tricks Will Going To Amaze You

Nowadays, every one of you uses Windows. No need to be surprised if there are a lot of tips and tricks that you might not know as so many people use Microsoft Windows worldwide. Here’s a list of 8 cool windows tricks that will amaze you.

List of the Cool Windows Tricks

I will tell you about 8 amazing tricks of Windows that will be helpful to you. So, stick to the end to know more.

1) Screen Recording – If you want to start screen recording on your windows, just click “Windows + Alt + R” and you can show a timer on your screen. This is how you can start screen recording. Isn’t it cool? Try it and share your experience.

2) As File Explorer supports tabs, you can open multiple windows and search anything without closing your current tab.

3) You can see the battery icon in the taskbar, but don’t know the percentage of the battery. If you want to see the battery percentage beside the battery icon, install “Fluent Flyouts Battery (Preview)” from the Microsoft store. Hence, you can see the battery percentage also.

cool windows tricks

4) If you want to adjust the volume of your Windows, put the mouse pointer on the icon and just scroll the mouse wheel up and down to control the volume. Isn’t it help you to control the volume easily?

5) Voice Typing – You already know how to type over your voice on your smartphone. But you can do the same in your windows too. Do you want to know? Click “Windows + H” and start talking to write whatever you want. Thus, you can write anything on windows over your voice.

6) Live Caption – suppose you are watching an online video and want to see live captions on your screen, click “Windows + Ctrl + L” to start it. You can see the captions on the top of your screen.

7) You can also adjust the volume level by moving three fingers on the touchpad. Go to ‘advance touchpad settings’ and select the ‘3 finger volume control’ to activate this cool windows trick.

8) Suppose multiple numbers of Windows open on your screen and you want to minimize all, what should you do? Go to the multitasking option and enable it. Then, click on any one window you want to keep open and shake it. You will find other windows will be minimized except the one you hold.

These are all successfully tested cool windows tricks and all are working correctly. Try out on your own and share your hands-on experience with us in the comment section. Also, share these interesting tips and tricks with others and let them know about these cool windows tricks. Thanks for reading…