Top 10 Crashplan Alternatives You Can Try 2023

Looking for Crashplan alternatives? This article is for you. Crashplan is a cloud backup software to protect your data. If any important information has been lost due to un-backed up, it creates a lot of trouble. So, cloud backup software is necessary. In such a case, Crashplan helps to take back up your information.

Finding a safe place to store your information, I will describe Crashplan Alternatives in today’s topic. The good thing is that today’s generation knows to back up their important information. But, saving all the information on an external hard drive isn’t enough. So, the time has come to just on cloud storage backup. It’s better safe than sorry.

The advantages of using cloud storage outweigh the risks. You are working as an individual or group or small business or enterprise; the important documents need to be safe at any cost. So, the backup of these documents is the best way to keep them safe. In today’s topic, I will tell you about the top 10 Crashplan alternatives. It will help you to select the right cloud storage for taking a backup of your important documents. Let’s move straight to the topic.

1) Cloudberry Backup

Crashplan alternatives

CloudBerry Backup is the first in the list of CrashPlan alternatives. I found a huge cloud selection provider for the starters to choose from. At the same time, the default client is simple and easy to use.

The software delivers 256-bit AES encryption. It provides a backup system based on the image. It is also able to create local, cloud, and hybrid backups. Besides that, it can restore data to any virtual machine with its super easy restoration process. The software requires a one-time payment. So that you don’t have to pay for the monthly subscription.


  • The software is simple and easy to use.
  • A large number of cloud providers are offered.
  • Runs on a majority of operating systems.
  • You have to buy a subscription with a one-time payment.


  • There is no centralized management in the software.
  • There is no included storage. You have to purchase it separately.


It supports operating systems like Windows and Mac OS.


  • The subscription starts from $119.99 USD as a one-time payment.

2) Uranium Backup – Crashplan alternatives

Crashplan alternatives

By the name of Uranium Backup, you may not understand the software. Uranium Backup is making waves. The best part of this software is that you can learn how to use it. Once you learn it, you can easily use it.

Uranium Backup supports every service ranging from Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and more. You have to spend some time with this software, and once it is up and running, the backup process starts well. After running sometimes, it came out shining.

You will get the free version of it. Also, you can purchase a subscription to the different versions. Uranium Backup is definitely worth the price.


  • Supports data transfer, file replication, NTFS permissions, automatic backup, and major cloud backup services.
  • Easy to use and set up in a few minutes.
  • Unlimited sources and destinations with fast speeds.
  • People can try out something good with the free version also.
  • Good security with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Provides a robust e-mail notification system.


  • Only for Windows.


It supports only Windows.


  • Free.
  • Paid to start from $89.7 USD

3) iDrive

iDrive Cloud Backup

The next CrashPlan alternatives in this list are IDrive. Listening to the name, you might think of Apple but, there is nothing like that. iDrive, with its attractive pricing option, has not been disappointed.

Users will get unlimited device backup with inexpensive storage plans. Using iDrive, you can back up files from Android and iOS devices.


  • It can back up your data from multiple sources, including social media.
  • There is unlimited device backup.
  • You can back up Android and iOS devices.
  • A variety of pricing options makes it easier to choose.
  • It offers private encryption.


  • The software is a bit difficult to use.
  • There is no Two-factor authentication.


It is available on Android, and iOS devices, and desktop devices like Windows, and Mac OS.


  • The basic plan is free.
  • For personal plan requires $69.50 USD.
  • And for business plan requires $99.50 USD.

4) Backblaze Backup – Crashplan Alternatives

Blackblaze Backup

Another Crashplan alternative on my list is Backblaze. It is one of the most famous cloud storage. Backblaze offers unlimited storage and backups at just $5 USD/month. For security, it offers 128-bit AES encryption and two-factor authentication. You can access the files from your mobile. Without any bandwidth throttling, it delivers a refined user experience.

Backblaze is a great cloud solution with all the needed features. People who are power users can take advantage of this software.


  • The software provides plenty of features like unlimited backup, multi-threaded backup for easy and fast backup, the cheapest cloud solution, and more.
  • The software can be used on multiple platforms.
  • You don’t require deep knowledge of cloud solutions work.


  • The software is limited to a single device only.
  • There is no end-to-end encryption.


Backblaze can be used on various platforms like smartphone devices, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


  • Paid at $5 USD/month.

5) Carbonite Backup

Carbonite Backup

Carbonite is another Crashplan alternative for online data backup services. You can do an unlimited backup, even your external hard disk drive, and your photos. The company also provides a courier recovery service.

Users can take a backup through file types. If you don’t want to copy any file, then remove it from the extension list. So that you can back up only the important document files that you want.

Carbonite is a great data backup solution, but there are some drawbacks. The backing-up process is slow for new users and doesn’t rely on a faster internet connection. So that backup takes too much time.


  • It provides an unlimited backup plan.
  • Users can back up by file type.
  • The company offers a courier recovery service.
  • You can back up your external hard disk drive and photos also.


  • For new users, the backup process is slow.
  • There is no monthly subscription plan.


Carbonite is available on Windows, Mac OS, iPad, and Linux.


After a 15-day free trial, you need to purchase the subscription. The premium plan starts at $59.99 USD/year.

6) Acronis True Image – Crashplan Alternatives


Acronis True Image is a nice cloud backup solution as well as Crashplan alternatives. After setting it up, you will admire the simplicity of its interface. Everything is self-explanatory. An amateur could find a way around the software.

The software requires at least half a GB of storage space for proper installation in your drive. It copies all the necessary files at once to work properly. With the shades of positive lights, and all the necessary and important features, Acronis True Image offers easy to use experience for new users.


  • It offers a simple inbuilt user interface that is easy to use.
  • Besides offering backup plans, it also provides so many different services.
  • It takes care of security as well.
  • Supports various platforms, including Android and iOS.


  • The starting price is a little bit costlier.


It is available on Android, and iOS devices, and desktop devices like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


  • The price starts from $49.99 USD.

7) SpiderOak ONE

Crashplan Alternative

The name SpiderOakONE might be confusing for you. But, when it comes to providing cloud backup, the software is good for its customers. It features unlimited backup computers, a command-line option, a plethora of file-sharing options, and many more for all users, even the new ones.

It offers a good backup speed relying on the speed of your internet. Overall SpiderOakONE is a great cloud backup software and also good Crashplan alternatives. Although there are some drawbacks, like it doesn’t support NAS backup and mobile backup, it provides an excellent service with the necessary features.


  • It delivers an excellent user experience.
  • It offers unlimited backup computers.
  • The upload speed is good but depends on your internet speed.
  • The software also provides private encryption.


  • It doesn’t support mobile operating systems.
  • It doesn’t support NAS backup.


It supports only Windows operating systems.


  • After 21 days of the free trial, you have to purchase a subscription.

8) Dropbox – Crashplan Alternatives

Crashplan Alternatives Dropbox

Apart from providing a file hosting service, Dropbox is one of the oldest and most popular cloud storage solutions. There are many Crashplan alternatives such as Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Sync, and Google Drive.

You are taking some storage in an online server called cloud storage by subscribing to Dropbox. You have to install and login into Dropbox on your device, PC or mobile, or both. After that, any file you save on your device will automatically store it in the Dropbox server.

If you make any changes to these files on your device, the file in Dropbox will automatically be updated. You can easily access any files from anywhere if you synchronize your devices with Dropbox locally and online.

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  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface.
  • It offers cross-platform. So, used on PC and mobile.
  • You can share a single file by generating a link.


  • The free version offers too small storage space.
  • It doesn’t provide any security and less privacy.


It supports all the platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


  • Free for up to 2GB of space
  • Professional: $19.31 USD/month
  • Business – Standard: $11.65 USD/user/month
  • Business – Advanced: $17.47 USD/user/month

9) Elephant Drive

Elephant Drive - Crashplan Alternatives

ElephantDrive is another cloud storage service, and CrashPlan alternatives offer an inexpensive cloud storage solution. ElephantDrive offers free 2GB storage. So that you cannot back up a lot of files.

If you want more space, then you have to go for the Pro version. The paid version starts from $9.95 USD/month, which is less expensive than other cloud storage solutions.

This software offers 256-bit AES encryption. It stores the files at multiple locations. So that you cannot lose your data at any cost. The interface is too simple for new users as well as looks outdated. So, the biggest strength of ElephantDrive is also a big weakness.


  • It is one of the most affordable cloud storage solutions.
  • It offers the simplest interface to use and understand even for new users.
  • It provides a lot of security features, including 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Offers free 2 GB storage that you can upgrade at an affordable price.


  • As the interface is too simple, it looks outdated.


The platform supports Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, and NAS.


  • After 30 days of free trial need to pay $9.95 USD/month for 1000GB.

10) Duplicati – Crashplan Alternatives


Duplicati is the last but not least cloud storage service in the list of Crashplan alternatives. It is an open-source cloud solution, and the codes are available on GitHub. So, Duplicati is completely free. And the good thing is that it offers all the necessary features, including security options.

As an open-source, you will get loads in Duplicati with every update. But, nothing ever breaks in terms of features and functionality. It’s very hard to find any drawbacks in the software.


  • The software is completely free.
  • It offers multiple backup options.
  • The software supports various platforms.
  • It offers a lot of good options for new, common, and powerful users.


  • Many people aren’t aware of the Duplicati cloud storage service.


It is available on platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


  • It is free.

Conclusion on Crashplan Alternatives

Although cloud storage solutions are available in the market, many people don’t use them for one reason or another. Due to this, it’s become cheaper and takes more people’s attention to try out such cloud storage.

That’s all for now. In this topic, I tried to cover some of the top cloud solutions as CrashPlan alternatives. Hope you will benefit from it and share it to help others searching for such cloud storage services.

If you are using any cloud storage service, then comment and let me know about your experience. Also, you can suggest any other cloud storage service that offers a good working experience.

FAQs on Crashplan Alternatives

1) What is the 3 2 1 rule for backups?

The 3-2-1 backup strategy simply states that you should have 3 copies of your data (your production data and 2 backup copies) on two different media (disk and tape) with one copy off-site for disaster recovery.

2) What is the grandfather-Father-Son scheme in the backup system?

Grandfather-father-son backup is a common rotation scheme for backup media, in which there are three or more backup cycles, such as daily, weekly and monthly. The daily backups are rotated on a daily basis using a FIFO system as above.

3) What files should I backup?

As a rule of thumb, files created by you are the type of files you should backup. System files, Windows operating system folder, installed programs, and temporary files are files that are not required for backup.