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8 Step to Deactivate and delete Facebook Account


Facebook is the most used social app nowadays. Peoples are more interested to show off in Facebook posts rather than their normal going life. There are very few people left who are not on Facebook or they have no Facebook Account.

If you are in that number, then read our previous article about creating a Facebook Account and customize your account. Nowadays many users have got more interest in other social platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on than Facebook. If they want to deactivate their Facebook Account for shot time or want to delete Facebook Account, then many of them are not know how to do that. So today we, Techvaio, are going to tell you about how you can deactivate your Facebook Account for short time or delete your Facebook account.

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Following steps to deactivate and delete Facebook Account

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At first, you have to open your Facebook. It is very basic. Because without opening it you can only uninstall Facebook, not the deactivation or deletion. Next, you follow the given steps to move further.

Step – 1

Click the triple line showing at the last of the row. As you click it, Menu will open. There you have to scroll down and you will find an option “Settings & Privacy”.

Delete and Deactivate Facebook account

Step – 2

Click the “Settings & Privacy” and a small option tray rolling down. There you have to click the “Settings” option. A new window will come in front of you. You have to scroll down and you will get an option “Account ownership and control”.

Settingand Privacy: Delete and Deactivate Facebook account setting:Delete and Deactivate Facebook account

Step – 3

Click the option “Account ownership and control” and you will find three options. Among them, the second one is “Deactivation and deletion”. From here you can deactivate or delete your Facebook account.

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Account Ownership controlDeactivation and Deletion

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Step – 4

Click “Deactivation and deletion” and you can see two options are there. One is for deactivation and another is for deletion of Facebook Account. If you want to deactivate your Facebook account then you select the first option otherwise to delete Facebook account permanently you can choose the second option.

Deactivate account Deativate Account

Step – 5

To deactivate choose the first option and click to “Continue to Account Deactivation”. As you click it, Facebook will ask you to enter your password to continue further. It’s a verification process that the deactivation process is really done by the original user or not. If you continue this your Facebook Account will be deactivated for part-time. As soon as you re-login to Facebook your Facebook account will automatically be activated.

Delete Facebook Account

Step – 6

If you want to delete your Facebook Account then choose the “Delete facebook account” and click “Continue to account deletion”. As soon as you continue this a page will open in front of your eyes where deactivation of your messenger account and downloading information is also added. If you want to deactivate your messenger also then you can do this from here. It require your Facebook password for verification. After that you have to click “Delete Account” for continuing.

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Delete and Deactivation of Facebook

Step – 7

As you click that option for further continuation, a new page will open asking you the reason behind the deletion of your Facebook Account. You have to choose any one option among them or you can choose other and give your true explanation. Then click to “Continue” for further.

Step – 8

As soon as you continue, it shows you “Account Deactivation Successful”. It also displays session expire and ask you to re-login. It goes back to login page where your account will be shown. As soon as you click your Account, it ask to confirm your identity. Then a page will open where it is asking “Do you want to continue using Facebook?” As you delete your account, that’s why this is shown to you.

If you click “Yes, continue to Facebook” then your account will be re-login. And to delete or deactivate you Facebook Account you have to follow the above steps again. But this time you have not to click this option “Yes, continue to Facebook”.

To delete an account permanently, Facebook will take one month. In between this you cannot open this Account. If you open the Account, the request of deletion will cancel automatically. You have to follow the above steps again to deactivate or delete the Facebook Account.


This is it, following the few steps you can deactivate and delete Facebook Account for short time. When you login the activation will automatically conduct. And, if you delete you Facebook Account, then you have to keep the patience of one month for deletion. In between this long time period you cannot login the account. Otherwise, the deletion process will stop. And you have to follow the previously stated steps again.

During exam times many students used to deactivate their Facebook account, so that they can concentrate on their studies. This time they can deactivate their Facebook Account by following this method.

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