Android TV vs Google TV – Difference between Google TV and Android TV

If you read my article on “Best Media Streaming Devices”, then you were friendly with both Android TV and Google TV. Both are good media streaming devices and have a difference between Google TV and Android TV.

In today’s article, I will tell you about the difference between Google TV and Android TV. So, stick till the end to know the difference between Google TV and Android TV.

What is Google TV?

Last year, Google has launched their new smart TV platform, i.e. Google TV. Google TV is a media streaming device having a user interface to run on Android devices like TVs, smartphones, and the latest Google Chromecast.

Google TV can access the favourite content of the users including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus Hotstar, YouTube, HBO Max and more. Although it seems to be similar to other media streaming devices on the market, Google wants to offer their users to have easier and faster access to their favourite and recommended content with Google TV.

It took all the contents from different streaming services and mix them to bring them all into one interface. So, you can get any content from any streaming service in one easy click. However, looking for Netflix content on the Netflix app, go to the home screen of the Google TV to access any content you want to watch quickly and easily without taking much time.

Features of Google TV

✅ Google TV offers a few features to its users as stated below.

✅ Google TV is a lot user-friendly. You don’t need to put it in front of your screen to operate. With your phone, you can add movies, TV shows, and others to your watch list.

✅ Google TV has an intelligent smart engine that suggests content as per your previously watched content. It can be useful if you are always looking for a new program to watch.

✅ Also, Google TV offers to create channels for children. It will contain age-appropriate shows. Parents can control the channels, viewing times, bedtime by Family link Apps.

✅ Having a Google Nest, you will love the new Google TV system. You can connect your Google Nest camera to it and view the video on your TV.

✅ Other features of Google TV are including a slideshow of Google photos, able to control other smart home devices like lighting.

✅ It also allows having multiple user accounts. So that, you and your household can enjoy different content.

Where you will get Google TV?

You will get Google TV on several TVs. The best way is to purchase the Chromecast with Google TV. Because you can watch Google TV on Chromecast. It will cost a little bit cheaper than the original one. The new Chromecast, packed with the latest technology, offers 4K video streaming. It provides a voice remote also.

It will costs USD 49.99 $ / £ 59.99 / AU$ 99. It’s a perfect choice if you avoid the streaming of games. And, it’s been a cheaper product than the Chromecast Ultra.

In case you want to buy a TV with an in-built Google TV, then Sony is the best option. Sony offers in-build Google TV on its high-end TVs. Sony A90J with OLED display and Sony X95J with LCD are two options for 4K streaming via Google TV.

What is Android TV?

Designed by Google, Android TV is a media streaming device operating on an Android system. You can use it on TVs, digital media players, streaming sticks, and soundbars. Brands like Sony, Philips, and Sharp has built an Android TV into their many TVs. It offers to stream from a huge range of online streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus Hotstar, HBO Now, Spotify, and YouTube. Several live channels such as NFL, Bloomberg TV, ABC, and a host of gaming apps are available on Android TV.

By cutting out the clutter, Android TV delivers a more direct, more streamlined experience as much as your television can handle. It means that the Google Play Store on Android TV will show only supported apps for your TV.

Since 2017, manufactured TVs with Android TV also support Google Assistant by default. Just say ‘OK Google’ to access it and take control over your smart home products. Besides this, you can carry out life admin tasks like calendar checking, adding something to your to-do list.


✅ You can search using your voice by remote function. It will save your time in finding out whatever you’re looking for in the Android TV.

✅ Following the latest trends, Android TV even offers TikTok.

✅ A nifty feature is that it offers you to get to know where you saw the Actor previous without watching the movie or TV show.

✅ Search the name of the actor, and you’ll get everything including their bios from IMDB.

✅ With the new upgrade on Android TV, the users can see three new tabs such as Home, Discover, and Apps.

✅ It helps to find content easily and emulate the new Chromecast with Google TV. Also, you don’t need to shift onto the new platform.

Where you will get Android TV?

You will get Android TV on a huge number of smart TVs. Some of the manufacturers are Sony, Philips, Sharp, and Toshiba who offers in-built Android TV. Similar to NVIDIA Shield Tav Pro, Android TV can also be found in streaming video players.

Sony A8H OLED that launched last year, is still one of the best TVs including the Android TV platform. A combination of stunning picture quality and a powerful sound system makes it an ideal choice for anyone. When it comes to price, the 55-inch model costs $1,899 / £1,799, and the larger 65-inch size costs $2,799 / £2,799.

How to find the difference between Google TV and Android TV?

On the face of it, it’s tough to find out the difference between Google TV and Android TV as Google TV is just an updated version of Android TV. Then, it comes into the market with the new name, new interface and some new features. Because of Google TV, Android TV doesn’t obsolete.

The main difference between Google TV and Android TV is that Google TV focuses on perfecting content curation and user interaction. So, watching your relevant content becomes easy and smooth. You can bookmark your favourite content from different apps and watch them later from the watchlist offered by Google TV. You just need to log in to your Goole account on your mobile or laptop.

Since 2021, many TV manufacturers that run Android TV are started to switch to Google TV for its primary interface. Also, Google TV can be accessed by media streaming devices like Google Chromecast. In case your Android TV is working a little bit slow, you can upgrade to Google TV. Here, Chromecast with Google TV will be the cheapest option to pick for a new TV.

difference between google TV and android TV

Biggest changes while doing a difference between Google TV and Android TV

Google has modified the experience of Android TV with the addition of tailored recommendations, personalized content, and functionalities. These will extend it beyond the TV and make your living room a hub of connected devices.

New interface

The difference between Google TV and Android TV are apparent the moment you turn on your smart TV (either Sony or TCL) running the newer software.

You will get the biggest change in the interface. It opens with the home screen instead of focusing on any App – such as what happened in older Android TV. The previous one shows app and content suggestions in row after row whereas the newer one brings the contents first.

On the home screen, you can see a large image that showcases highlighted recommendations, photos of movies and shows. These recommendations are based on your watching history. The interface of Google TV offers a cleaner and easier path to browse apps and content.

Some of these differences between Google TV and Android TV may not be lived long. With the updates, Android TVs are changing their look and function a little bit similar to Google TV. The evolution of Android TV continues.

Live TV

The biggest functional change that has come with Google TV is the Live TV. It offers an entire tab dedicated to Live TV Programs. You will get live content along with the guide on a big screen to watch on-demand streaming shows at any time.

YouTube TV and Sling TV are the best replacement for cable TV that offers dozens of live channels such as live news, live sports, live shows, and broadcasting movies. It highlights YouTube TV’s cable service along with the improvement in browsing and engaging live content.

Mobile remote

You can also use your Android phone as a remote control for Google TV as Google offers a large ecosystem of devices and apps. The touchscreen and on-screen remote makes it easier to navigate the TV. Entering passwords becomes smoother. With the voice assistant, you can search for movies easily.

App-based remotes have already been seen in Roku, Vizio and others media streaming devices, but Google TV has included content browsing and personalized watchlists within it. Along with the combination of all capabilities, you can carry it in your pocket to break down the barriers between the smart TV and smartphone.

Google Accounts

All the stated features include personalization such as subscribed services, recommendations, and a personal device to control your TV. Google has introduced the user profile individually to go one step ahead on Google TV.

It will recommend your family members get their viewing shows and interests separately. To deliver one person periodic drama recommendations and another person separate recommendation is a great improvement. It helps to enjoy a series or the streaming subscription without sharing it with the whole family.

Watch list from mobile

You can add content to your watchlist even you’re away from your TV. Personalization of watchlists can be done from any device like a smartphone, laptop, and smart speaker linked with your Google profile. By using Google connected devices you can highlight movies, shows, and events in your watchlist.

You can add Twitter mentioned shows, unfamiliar movies on Slack, and even the name is forgotten movie to your watchlist from your phone, laptop or smart Google Home speaker.

Smart home integration

The integration of smart TV with other Google home devices makes it easier than link-up profiles and watchlists. With the advantage of Google smart home devices, the user can operate the “smart” aspects offered by smart TVs.

It allows you to view camera feeds from the video doorbells and the home security camera on the TV. Also, you can control the smart lights of your living room to set the mood for watching movies. By connecting a webcam on your smart TV and making a video call with Google Duo will offer a bigger, better screen for a virtual meet up.

And, the addition of Google Assistant tied all smart home devices together. It makes your TV completely hands-free and accessible over your voice by just saying “OK Google.”

Parental controls and kid profiles

Apart from using your profiles for getting personalized content, you can also set up profiles for your kids. The contents are filtered and parents can control them.

Concluding Words on the difference between Google TV and Android TV

Google TV is a successor of Android TV and offered in the new TCL Google TV model and the latest Google Chromecast with Google TV. It’s a slicker, more capable, and more intuitive operating system for your smart TV. It makes your TV more capable to be placed at the centre of the Google ecosystem.

It’s worth asking the difference between Google TV and Android TV when both are available on the market. Hope you will like this article and share it to let others know about the difference between Google TV and Android TV. Comment whether you like it or not. If not, then also comment and let me know what you dislike, so I can improve it.

FAQs on the Difference between Google TV and Android TV

1) Which is the best Google or Android TV?

Both have their own facilities and features, whereas Google TV is the updated version of Android TV. It depends on the requirements that suit you.

2) Is Android the same as Google?

Android was developed by Google. So, you can say both are the same.

3) Is there a monthly fee for Google TV?

Yes. the current price is USD 15.94 $ as a monthly fee for Google TV.

4) Is Google replacing Android?

Google is developing a unified operating system to replace and unify Android and Chrome called Fuchsia.

5) Which media format is not supported by Android?

The AVI format is not supported on android.

6) Can I use Android TV without Internet?

Yes, it’s possible to use the basic TV functions without having an Internet connection.

7) What can Google TV do?

Google TV groups and lists various television shows and films into one menu, personalized for the user.