How to download Microsoft Office 365 for Free on Windows 10/MacOs

Microsoft Office 365 is an all-in-one solution from Microsoft for all kinds of business and educational works. Microsoft Office is not free for all. Microsoft Office 365 starts from $70 for the Home subscription single device only. So, in this article, you will get an idea of how to download Microsoft Office 365 for free.

Microsoft Office 365 is available for Mac and Windows both. So, you can use these same techniques to download free Microsoft office in 2021.  

5 legit tips to download microsoft office 365 for free 

Use Microsoft 365 Web Version – It’s free

Download Microsoft Office 365 for free

Microsoft 365 web version is completely free for all. Simply, you have to create an account to getting access. You can create an outlook account in a basic simple step. Here is a guide for creating an outlook account.

If you have an outlook account, click on the Sign-in option. And you will be redirected to the official Microsoft office 365 version.

Office 365 Web Version

Now you can select the apps that you want to work with. Everything of your work will be stored in your one drive account which is associated with your outlook account. 

As it is a web version of Microsoft 365, it can easily handle all your basic work. But if you want to do a little bit about documentation, proper presentation, you should definitely go with the Microsoft Office desktop version. 

Later, we have discussed the way to download Microsoft office 365 for free.

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Start one-month free trial – sign up now

Microsoft Office 365 comes with a one-month free trial offer. You can sign-up using your outlook account and get a one-month free trial. After that, it will bill yearly using your credit card. If you have a credit card, you can definitely go with this plan and after one month you have to cancel your subscription from your account section.

After joining with the Microsoft Office 365 trial, you can easily download the entire suit into your PC or MAC. Hence, you can use your Microsoft Office 365 for one-month. 

Microsoft Office 365 subscription comes with one drive cloud storage. In Microsoft Office 365 home plans, you will get 1 TB One Drive storage. And for a family plan, you can easily get 6 TB Ondedrive cloud storage for up to 6 people.

Sign up as a School or Teacher

Download Microsoft 365 Free

Microsoft Office 365 has separated plans or pricing for schools or universities. Many schools are an organization that subscribes Microsoft Office 365 for their member. If you are one of the members, you can simply download and use Microsoft Office 365 for Free. 

You can check out whether your organization is associated with Microsoft office 365 or not. Head to Microsoft 365 Education to check your eligibility. 

If you don’t have an organizational account, you can ask your organization for getting a Microsoft Office 365 account for the organization.

Now, Laptops are coming with Microsoft Office Package

It is good news that Microsoft Office and Windows 10 are coming as prebuilt software. If you are planning to purchase a new laptop, you can opt for those laptops which are coming with pre-installed Microsoft office and windows 10. 

If you are planning for a new budget laptop, We have already covered an article on a buying guide for a laptop. Once you have bought a laptop, Microsoft office 365 comes with a lifetime membership. 

But you have to remember that, you can get Microsoft 365 Home version only. In that version, you can access Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Microsoft Access. In this Microsoft office version, you can’t able to download Outlook and Microsoft teams. 

Outlook and Microsoft teams come with a Microsoft office 365 Business plan. If you need the outlook desktop version, you have to upgrade your office account to a business plan.

Subscribe to a family plan with your friends

If you want to buy a Microsoft 365, I’d recommend purchasing a family plan along with your friend’s contribution. As per the plans and pricing, one user Microsoft 365 costs around $60/ year but the family plan comes with $70/ year. Paying $10/year extra will be beneficial if your 5 friends can contribute. 

Microsoft 365 comes allows you to invite 5 members to use Microsoft 365 along with 1 TB cloud storage per user. In terms of cost, family plans will be a cheaper plan than others. 

Once you have purchased a Microsoft 365 family plan, you can invite other members followed by the accounts > Sharing and start sharing using each other’s outlook account.

Download Microsoft office 2016 free

Even, you can control the shared accounts by stop the sharing option.

You can try these ways to download Microsoft 365 on your mac or windows 10 for free. But any of these steps didn’t work out for you, then you should go with Alternative of Microsoft 365.

Free Alternatives of Microsoft 365 

There are plenty of options that are available on the internet where you can start your work on documentation or presentation.

  1. LibreOffice: LibreOffice is an open-source and free solution for documentation or presentation work. LibreOffice has similar options like Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint. Even, Libreoffice has a desktop version software that can easily run on offline mode. This can be the best software as a Microsoft 365 alternatives.
  2. Apple iWork: If you’re a Mac user, it will be another best alternative to Microsoft 365. Before apple iwork was paid but now Apple iwork is free for all Mac users. Using this Apple iwork, you can create and manage all kinds of documentation, presentation, and spreadsheets easily.
  3. Google docs: Google docs will be another alternative to Microsoft office. It is free and easy to use. Google docs are linked with your google drive account. Google docs are a web version application and you can’t work on offline mode.

Is it safe to download Microsoft Office 365 torrent websites?

Many of the viewers are thinking that downloading Microsoft office 365 or Microsoft office 2016 from torrent is very easy. And it actually works. But in the reality, if you are getting anything free, you are using a wrong or vulnerable product.

In the software industry, there are terms like cracking or nulled version software that is very dangerous for your system. If you use an activated Microsoft office on your desktop, your device might be at risk. It prompts several kinds of ads, popups. And importantly even your device might be hacked or crashed. So, be aware of download Microsoft office from torrent websites. Try to use free alternatives to stay secure.


In this article, you have got a fair idea about how to download Microsoft 365 easily on your device. Microsoft is the best tool for productivity and business purpose. If you can’t afford this software, use our suggested method for getting a Microsoft 365 in Free. But we suggest that never go with any crack or tricky method to activate Microsoft office 365. 

If you have any other idea to get Microsoft office 365 free, do comment and let the other people informed.