Dynamic Island Supported Apps on iPhone 14 Pro

Do you know Dynamic Island-supported apps on iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max? Here’s a complete guide to all the supported apps on Dynamic Island. The new pill cut-out, Dynamic Island on the iPhone allows you to watch and perform a variety of amazing things. So, if you’re wondering which applications and functionalities are compatible with the new “island,” here’s a comprehensive list of Dynamic Island-compatible apps.

Dynamic Island Supported Apps on iPhone 14 Pro (Continuously Updated)

Even though Dynamic Island is still in its early stages, many of its apps and features are functional straight out of the box. This list will be updated as additional apps utilize Dynamic Island to display current activities and multitasking features.

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Dynamic Island Supported Apps: Notifications and Other Alerts

Let’s start by looking at all of the notification styles and other alerts that appear on Dynamic Island.

Incoming Calls

Your iPhone will now display an incoming call along with buttons for accepting or rejecting it in the dynamic island.

Face ID

Every time your iPhone uses Face ID to identify you, whether it’s for purchasing a new app from the App Store, making a payment with Apple Pay, G Pay, or something similar, the animation will now appear in the pill cutout.

Connecting Accessories (AirPods)

When using AirPods (AirPods Pro, etc.) with an iPhone 14 Pro, the island itself will display the connection status as well as the battery. In this way, the pop-up that now appears on other iPhones won’t block your view.

Dynamic Island Notifications on iPhone 14 Pro


Connecting your iPhone to charge now displays the charging status as well as the current battery level in the dynamically enlarged cutout on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.


The new AirDrop animation, made possible by Dynamic Island, is one of my favorite features. You can watch the process of receiving a file over AirDrop happening immediately above you. Additionally, you can view the transfer process by just long pressing on the island! Finally!

Ringer/Silent Mode

When you use the alert slider to switch between ringer and quiet mode on other iPhones, the notice appears at the top of the screen. These animations appear within the island on the new iPhone 14 Pro series.

Focus Mode

The Dynamic Island animation will now appear when your iPhone switches focus modes. The focal sign, nevertheless, leaves the area. Instead, after a few seconds, it retreats to the left, making the island open for additional uses.

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This will be beneficial if you frequently use AirPlay on your iPhone. The AirPlay status may now be viewed from within the pill cutout on your iPhone 14 Pro. Long-pressing the pill allows you to rapidly examine the device to which your iPhone is linked and, if necessary, to cease mirroring.

Personal Hotspot

When any devices are linked to your iPhone’s mobile hotspot for sharing the internet, the island also displays the personal hotspot icon. The hotspot settings screen, where you can modify the password or disable the function, will be immediately accessible after tapping on this.

Dynamic Island Supported Apps: Activities

Now, let’s take a look at all the activities you can do on Dynamic Island.

Ongoing Calls

When you’re on a call, the progress counter on the island now appears. Waveforms for audio can also be found here (both incoming and outgoing). The entering audio waveform is green, while your speech waveform is yellow/orange.

Dynamic Island Supported Apps on iPhone 14 Pro


Your iPhone 14 Pro’s countdown will show up in the pill area if you set a timer. By doing so, you can monitor the timer without having to open the timer app again. To access fast functions like play/pause, long-press the pill. To activate the clock app, touch the pill.


Navigation directions from Apple Maps are now available in Dynamic Island as well. You will see the direction (including turns, etc.) and the distance required to move both around the cutout area.

Google Maps

The pill also functions with Google Maps. On Dynamic Island, Google Maps is currently unable to provide distance or navigational instructions. Rather, it only displays a navigation symbol. Google should address this in a subsequent release.

Voice Memo (Voice Recordings)

On the iPhone 14 Pro, recording a voice memo now displays a waveform and the elapsed time surrounding the cutout. You may access the voice memos app by tapping here, or long-press to expand the widget and stop the recording, examine the time, and so forth.

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Screen Recordings

Similar to voice recordings, iPhone screen recordings now appear on Dynamic Island. A countdown will appear on the island, followed by the recording icon (a red dot), which stays there. When you’re through recording, hit this to close the widget and enlarge it.

Camera and Mic Indicators

The camera and microphone indications that appear on iPhones near the right side of the notch now appear in the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island. The green dot for the camera and the orange dot for the microphone appears on the display between the pill and the punch-hole cutout.

Dynamic Island Supported Apps: Music and Audiobook Apps

Dynamic Island Supported Apps: Music

Dynamic Island hosts the majority of the widely used audiobook and music applications. In addition to a waveform, you may view the album cover for the music that is now playing. Additionally, if you connect your iPhone to a HomePod or comparable device, the waveform will be replaced with the HomePod icon or Apple TV symbol. On the iPhone 14 Pro, the ensuing applications are compatible with this feature.

  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • YouTube Music
  • Audible (Audiobooks)
  • Overcast (Podcasts)
  • Amazon Music
  • NPR One
  • Soundcloud
  • Pandora

Calling Apps

Calls from third-party applications are also displayed in Dynamic Island. Other apps can use the capability as well as the built-in Phone app. Because many popular applications already use Apple’s CallKit to allow calling functionality, they are easily compatible with the island.

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Google Voice
  • Skype
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Dynamic Island Supported Apps: Other Apps and Games

There aren’t many applications that make inventive use of the functionality as the iPhone 14 Pro is only now becoming available to users. You should nevertheless check out some pretty awesome Dynamic Island applications.

Hit the Island

Hit the island

Hit the Island is a fun game that takes the tried and true ‘Pong’ and transforms it into a fun little battle against your iPhone’s pill cutout. You have a paddle here that you can move around to whack the ball. Every time the ball hits the pill, you gain a point, and after every 10 points, the ball’s speed increases.

The paddle eventually gets smaller, and the ball occasionally even splits in half. If you’re scoring anything above 45 points, as shown in the leaderboard, you’ll likely be in the top 1% of players because the game becomes quite challenging after you pass the 30–40 point threshold. The game is free, and its fantastic haptics and entertaining gameplay make it a must-try for iPhone 14 Pro owners.

Apollo for Reddit

Apollo for reddit

Most Reddit users are familiar with Apollo. It’s one of the greatest third-party Reddit applications, with a plethora of features. The creator has now included a fun little Dynamic Island Zoo in the game. You may use this to “adopt” a pixel-pal animal that lives on top of your iPhone’s pill cutout. The default is a cat, but you may change it to a dog.

Additionally, the premium edition of the application must be unlocked to utilize other creatures, such as a fox and an axolotl. By the way, the island’s creatures don’t just sit around. They will move about when you use the app, sit, and even sleep—with a floating ‘Zzz’ to indicate sleep. It’s a fun way to use the island that doesn’t even interfere with the fantastic app experience.

Wrapping Up

Well, those are all the Dynamic Island-supported apps and features that currently work on iPhone 14 Pro. As you can see, the iPhone 14 Pro series can already accomplish a lot with the new island. So, which Dynamic Island feature is your favorite? Is there anything else we should have included on this list? Let us know in the comments.