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Electric Bikes are eco-friendly with nature and become popular day by day. As fuel is a non-renewable source, once upon a time it will be exhausted. Moreover, fuel-driven bikes polluted your environment. So, time to bring a change – the electric bikes are the change. They run on batteries and don’t even pollute the environment.

Many of you may hear about electric bikes and sometimes you have seen electric scooters on the road. Today, I will tell you about the top 10 electric bikes and electric scooters. So, hold on to your sitting place to know about popular electric bikes in India.

List of the Top 10 Electric Bikes

There are so many electric bikes available all over India but in limited cities. You may not experience such bikes till now, but they will be available in your city very soon. Let’s check out the list of the top electric bikes one by one.

Sl. No.Name of the Electric BikesCheck the Latest Price
01.Ather 450XRs. 1,40,289
02.Revolt RV 400Rs. 98,960
03.Okinawa I-Praise+Rs. 1,05,990
04.TVS iQubeRs. 92,503
05.Ola S1 ProRs. 1,10,149
06.Revolt RV 300Rs. 1,04,019
07.Hero Electric NYX HX (Dual Battery)Rs. 67,540
08.Bajaj ChetakRs. 1,42,297
09.Odysse EvoqisRs. 1,66,250
10.PURE EV EPluto 7GRs. 89,999
Price List of the Electric Bikes

Ather 450X

Ather 450X, an electric scooter, is available in 2 variants and 3 colors. The motor of the 450X generates 3300W power, 6KW (8.04bhp), and 26Nm. It has a combined braking system on both wheels. It accelerates from 0km/hr to 40km/hr in 3.3 seconds and promises a range of up to 85km.

electric scooter

The Ather 450X features an apron-mounted headlight, full-LED lighting, a Bluetooth-enabled (4.2) touchscreen, instrument cluster, music control, call control over the 4G LTE SIM connectivity, digital document storage, and onboard navigation.

The 450X includes an all-new Warp mode to the upgraded battery pack and BMS (Battery Management System). It supports fast charging which can recharge the battery pack by up to 80% at one km/min. Currently, the Ather 450X is available for pre-order in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Kochi, Kolkata, and Kozhikode.


The starting price is Rs. 1,40,289 in India. According to the variant price changes and the price of the top variant started from Rs. 1,59,359. (Subject to change)

Revolt RV 400

The Revolt RV400 becomes a part of the Indian biking. The RV400 electric bike generates 3000W power and provides both rear and front disc brakes. It also comes with a 3.24kWh battery pack that claims to extract up to 150km. This electric bike has three modes – Eco, Normal, and Sport. The range depends on the mode of the bike. You will get a speed of 45km/hr during Eco mode, 65km/hr in normal mode, and 85km/hr to 90km/hr in Sport mode.

electric bikes

It features a full-digital instrument cluster, full-LED lighting for the headlight, taillight, and indicators. Moreover, it gets an app that helps to start the motorcycle, set up a geofence, and notified when the battery charge is low. The “Delivery on Demand” feature from the company offers you to get a fully charged battery at your location. You need to visit the showroom to book the bike as online booking isn’t started yet.


The starting price is Rs 98,960 whereas the standard one costs Rs 1,24,999 in India. (Subject to change)

Okinawa I-Praise+

The Okinawa I-Praise+, the electric scooter looks similar to most petrol scooters and comes in 1 variant with 3 colors. It generates 1000W power and features disk brakes at both front and rear tires with the electronically assisted braking system, and a large front fascia dominated by the apron-mounted headlight.

electric scooter

It comes with a 3.3kWh lithium-ion battery pack that claims a 139km range. It’s also capable of achieving up to 58km/hr speed. The scooter offers geofencing, GPS, virtual speed limit, battery health tracker, SOS notifications, maintenance and insurance reminder, and vehicle status. Moreover, the “Okinawa Eco” app, available for Android phones, helps to access these features.


The starting price is Rs 1,05,990 in India. (Subject to change)

TVS iQube

TVS iQube is an electric scooter available in only 1 variant and 1 color. It generates 3000W power and comes with a front disc and rear drum brakes. TVS also became a part of the green revolution with the launch of its iQube electric scooter. It gets a conventional design like a scooter with a slew of modern features and promises a decent performance and battery range.

TVS iQube - electric scooter

The iQube features a sleek headlight and taillight along with a U-shaped LED DRL on the handlebar cowl, a roomy seat, a large under-seat storage compartment, luggage hooks, and, a spacious footboard. You will also get an under-seat USB charging socket to charge mobiles, power banks, and other electronic devices.

Powered by 3 lithium-ion batteries helps to generate a power rating of 2.25kWh. It takes 5hours to be fully charged and claims to have a range of 75km/hr. Having a 4.4kW hub-mounted BLDC motor, the scooter produces 140Nm of torque at the wheel to achieve 40km/hr speed in Eco mode and 78km/hr in Sport mode.


The starting price is Rs. 92,503 in India. (Subject to change)

Ola S1 Pro

The Ola S1 Pro is one the most talked-about electric scooters for some good reasons. The S1 Pro is available in 1 variant and 10 different colors. It generates 5500W power, having both front and rear disc brakes with a combined braking system. However, it can produce up to 8.5kW of peak power to reach the 99.8km/hr range. It has a 3.97kWh battery and 181km of ARAI-certified range.

Ola S1 Pro - electric scooters

The S1 Pro features a twin-pod headlight at the front, apron-mounted sleek LED indicators and LED taillight, a 36-liter under-seat storage space, an external charging port at the back, and a split-style pillion grabrail. The Pro variant benefits cruise control, a hill-hold system, voice assist, and three ride modes like Normal, Sport, and Hyper.

The standard variant offers proximity lock/unlock, remote boot lock, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, call alert, message alert, side-stand alert, anti-theft alert, geo-fencing, HMI brightness adjuster, welcome screen, onboard navigation, limp home mode, reverse mode, get-home mode, HMI moods with sound, electronic steering lock, take-me-home lights, find my scooter, OTA updates, manual SOS, and predictive maintenance.


The starting price is Rs 1,10,149 in India. (Subject to change)

Revolt RV 300

The Revolt RV300 electric bike is the entry-level model which is available in 1 variant and 2 colors. The RV300 generates 1500W power and provides both rear and front disc brakes, having a combined braking system. It has three modes – Eco, Normal, and Sport, upon which the speed varies. The battery takes 4.2 hours to be fully charged.

rv300 - electric bikes

It features a full-digital instrument cluster, full-LED lighting for the headlight, taillight, and indicators. Moreover, it gets an app that helps to start the motorcycle, set up a geofence, and notified when the battery charge is low. It has a range of 180km on a single charge. You will get showrooms in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.


The starting price is Rs. 1,04,019 in India. (Subject to change)

Hero Electric NYX HX (Dual Battery)

An electric scooter, Hero Electric NYX HX is available in only 1 variant and 2 colors. It generates 600W power and offers both rear and front drum brakes with the combined braking system. Having a 1.54kWh dual battery set-up, the NYX HX has claimed a range of 165km and takes 5hours to be fully charged.

hero electric bikes

The split seat offers comfort for the rider and pillion. Venom-green suspension coil springs are another striking part. It comes with plenty of storage options such as a glove box, under-seat storage, and a big floorboard. Moreover, you can fold the rear seat upright to make space for additional luggage. Even the Hero Electric NYX HX is offered a free one-year roadside assistance plan.


The starting price is Rs 67,540 in India. (Subject to change)

Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak is an electric scooter named after the iconic Chetak and is available in 2 variants and 6 colors. With a contemporary and fresh look, it generates 3800W power and delivers front disc and rear drum brakes. Sheet metal body panels offer a premium touch with smooth flowing lines. It features LED lighting, turns signals with sequential blinking for modernity, Bluetooth-enable, a reverse assist mode, regenerative braking, and an onboard Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS) to control charge and discharge respectively.

Bajaj chetak

Powered by a 3kWh IP67 rated lithium-ion battery, Chetak produces up to 4kW peak power and 3.8kW power continuously with 16Nm of peak torque. It has two drive modes – Eco (capable of running at a range of 85km/hr) and Sport (capable of running at a range of 95km). Bajaj claims that the battery of the Chetak will last for about 70,000km before making a replacement.


The starting price is Rs. 1,42,297 in India. (Subject to change)

Odysse Evoqis

Odysse Evoqis is another e-bike, available in only 1 variant and 5 colors. It generates 3000W power and provides disc brakes on both the front and rear. It’s almost similar to the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and comes with a 4.32kWh lithium-ion battery.

electric bikes

The 3kW motor of this electric bike produces a speed of 80km/hr and is claimed to range up to 100km. Odysse Evoqis features full LED lightning for fairing integrated front turn indicators, twin-pod headlight, split-style seats, an anti-theft lock, keyless entry, and a music system.


The starting price is Rs 1,66,250 in India. (Subject to change)

PUR EV Epluto 7G

PURE EV EPluto 7G is an electric scooter available in 6 different colors. It generates 1500W power with a BLDC hub motor. EPluto 7G offers a front disc and rear drum brakes with the electronically assisted braking system. Equipped with a 2.5kWh battery pack, EPluto 7G claims to deliver a range of 120km.

electric scooter

The design is pretty similar to the Vespa models and features a round headlight, chrome-finished mirrors, and plush body panels with swooping lines like the new Bajaj Chetak. Moreover, it features an LCD display, an LED headlight, an anti-theft provision with a smart lock, and regenerative braking. Meanwhile, the EPluto 7G is a 12-degree typical electric scooter in terms of the rated grade ability.


The starting price is Rs 89,999 in India. (Subject to change)

 Wrapping Up

These all are top-rated electric bikes available in India. Many two-wheelers manufacturers show their interest in the green revolution and bring electric bikes. So, today’s topic will be helpful and offers to learn about these electric bikes one step further.

Being helpful with this article, share it to help others and make them aware of green evolution. With the time when non-renewable sources will be exhausted, this type of life hack will be helpful. Do comment and share your point of view and thoughts. That’s all for today, see you later. Till then stay tuned with Techvaio and thanks for reading…