23 Amazing Facebook Tips and Tricks: You Probably Wondered.!

You must use Facebook, and today’s topic of amazing Facebook tips and tricks will make you amazed. Facebook has several hidden features buried within the social network which you may not know.

Rather than just log in, check notifications, send a few chats, post a status or a photo, and close it out, you should go to “Settings Panel” and try these amazing Facebook tips and tricks.

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Amazing Facebook Tips and Tricks

There’s so much more you can do apart from doing the basic stuff like managing post privacy and blocking. Here are a few Facebook tips and tricks worth knowing, and keep checking back.

Find all of your government representatives

Through a useful tool called Town Hall, Facebook gives you quick access to anybody who represents the neighbourhood where you reside. The president or prime minister and even your local MPs fall under this category.

Check how much time you spend on Facebook

This is a mobile-only suggestion, but you can check how much time you spend on Facebook as part of a recent drive to assist people to avoid becoming overly addicted to Facebook.

However, there is a significant caveat: it will only tell you how much time you’ve spent on Facebook on the precise device you’re using. If you use Facebook on a PC, this will not be taken into account.

The average daily time you spend using the app, as well as the daily time spent using it over the previous seven days, are displayed when you click that.

A daily time reminder that notifies you when you’ve spent a specific amount of time in the application each day can also be set. You can also manage your newsfeed.

Host a Fundraiser – Facebook Tips and Tricks

Facebook has its fundraising procedure. You may start fundraising for yourself or a friend, or you can start a fundraiser for a non-profit organisation like Hospice or the American Cancer Society.

Facebook Tips and Tricks

Save for later

Facebook has a Save function for mobile and desktop. It serves as a bookmark for things you find fascinating, including websites, locations, films, TV series, and music. Therefore, you may now utilise Facebook as a bookmarking service instead of storing content like those tasty videos for recipes to other read-it-later sites. Items that have been saved can be viewed at a later time, preserved, or even shared with Facebook friends.

Profile video

Instead of a profile image, you may record or submit a video of up to seven seconds to use as your profile video. They are publicly available for anyone to see.

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Disable auto-playing videos

If you don’t want Facebook videos to play automatically in your News Feed, just disable the function.

Name Pronunciation

Tired of folks mispronouncing your name? On Facebook, you can educate them on how to pronounce it correctly.

Add a short bio – Facebook Tips and Tricks

Facebook enables you to write a succinct bio. It is listed above your city, job, and relationship status on your profile. On the desktop website and mobile app, you may modify it at any moment from your profile page. Even your bio may be made entirely of emojis.

Facebook Tips and Tricks

Hide your activity from friends

Your activity log allows you to evaluate and modify what you post on Facebook. For example, if you make a new friend, you may go into your Activity Log and, among other things, hide the public tale about how you met that person. Your activity log is just visible to you, although stories in it may surface on your Timeline, in search, or your friends’ News feeds.

From here, you may use the Filters on the left to review a certain sort of tale. You can also search for articles and view tales from a certain year by clicking the year on the right.

See every photo you’ve ever liked

With these helpful Facebook tips and tricks, you can browse every picture you’ve ever liked on Facebook if you feel like going down memory lane. Simply enter “pictures liked by me” into Facebook’s search box at the top. All the photos you’ve liked on the app should be the first choice.

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Prioritise who you see first

If you want to have certain individuals or pages displayed first in your News feed, you may do so using the Facebook mobile app. Those whose posts you’ve marked to see first will have a blue star next to them in your feed.

See your active sessions

Facebook displays all currently running sessions, which includes the devices and locations from which users are accessing your account. If you’re concerned that a friend or ex could be accessing your Facebook account, or if you’ve accidentally left your account logged in on a device, this is nice.

Have a Watch Party – Facebook Tips and Tricks

Facebook features a View Party function that allows you and your friends to watch videos on the app together. It’s simple to use, and you may add videos to watch or choose from a variety of films and playlists recommended by Facebook.

Tips and Tricks of Facebook

Enable two-factor authentication

By requesting a security code when the app detects a login from a device you don’t often use, two-factor authentication helps ensure that only you can access your Facebook account. The security code can be texted to your phone or emailed to your account.

Unfollow or snooze friends

We’ve all got that one buddy that posts the most offensive or irritating things on Facebook. Block that noise without unfriending by just unfollowing him or her. Friends won’t know if you unfollow them, and their posts won’t display in your News stream. If you wish to ignore a friend’s postings for a short period, you may snooze them, which will conceal their posts for 30 days.

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See friendship

You may use this approach to view all of the shared posts and images between you and a buddy. However, a basic hack allows you to view Facebook content shared by two other users.

Get notifications from friends

If you want to keep track of a friend’s Facebook activity, you may receive notifications whenever they share something. Seriously, it happens every time.

Create individual News feeds – Facebook Tips and Tricks

Within your list of friends, you may establish groups that will allow you to filter what appears in your News stream. For instance, you might want to check out what everyone at work or simply your housemates are sharing. Facebook automatically generates buddy lists based on shared interests, but you can do it yourself. For you to peruse, it’s similar to individual News feeds on Facebook.

Tips and Tricks of Facebook

Unsubscribe from notifications

Commenting on a public post may result in a flood of alerts from other commenters. You may not be aware that you may unsubscribe from activity on any post, which will prevent you from receiving a slew of irrelevant alerts.

Add contributors to albums

A buddy can be added as a contributor after you make the album so that the album can be filled by the two of you. I mean, who knew? This is especially useful if you want to create a party album where all of your friends can contribute their wild party photos.

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Download Facebook data

You may download your data from your Settings page. However, because this download contains your profile information, you should keep it safe and exercise caution while storing, emailing, or uploading it to other services.

Find a movie

You may buy tickets for select movie theatres directly from the Facebook app, and the social media platform will also display all the movies and their showtimes that are now playing in local theatres.

Weather notifications – Facebook Tips and Tricks

You can get weather updates from Facebook, but you must first enable them. If you choose, Facebook can track your position and send you information based on where you are, which is ideal for keeping an eye out for storms while on the road.

Wrapping Up

These are all the Facebook tips and tricks you should try once, and share your user experience in the comments. I hope this article will help you to acquire knowledge of Facebook tips and tricks. Please share this content with others, and don’t forget to like it. If you know more Facebook tips and tricks, share them in the comments. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.

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