How to Fix Corrupted SD Card on Android Mobile without Computer

Do you know most of the time SD cards are getting corrupted and you can easily fix corrupted SD card at your home?

The number of SD card user has decreased as upcoming smartphones are ditching the SD card slot in it. SD card is the most crucial external storage drive for mobiles.

A few years ago, in keypad phones and smartphones have small internal storage, so that SD card helps a lot to increase the storage space. However, you might have faced errors in SD card during operation after changing it from other device or it only not shown in the file manager or unavailable to use.

In today’s topic we, Techvaio, are going to tell you about how to fix corrupted SD card or malfunctioning SD card errors on Android, without a computer.

The reasons why SD Card getting corrupted

Category of Errors in SD card

At first, it is essential to know that the corrupted SD card stands in which category of error. Then only the right method can be applied to fix it. There are two categories.

Primary category

  • Bad sectors
  • Corrupted file system

Secondary category

  • Adware/malware/virus attack
  • In-appropriate inserting or ejecting SD card

Many problems make your SD card corrupted. Hardware and software both can be responsible for corruption. Let’s see some of the common errors that can corrupt the SD card.

The Pseudo Corruption

This type of error happens when a user tries to store more than the storage capacity of the SD card. SD cards are FAT32 formatted which has bounded at maximum size. So inserting more than that maximum size may cause an error in SD card. So try to insert the file below than the maximum storage size. exFAT is another format of the SD card, but every smartphone doesn’t support this format.

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No Access to Files

Files which are stored in the SD card might not be accessed by the user anymore, which also has one type of error can be occurred in SD card. This error is a type of software glitch that can be resolved.

Card not Detected

The device is not detecting the most common issue of the SD card. It is a fundamental error of an SD card corruption.

Unable to Read and Write

Sometimes SD card shows restriction while reading or writing data on it. It is another most common symptom of a corrupted SD card. In this case, the SD card will not be used as a storage drive.

Making Sure Your SD Card is Corrupted or Not

There are tons of SD card errors which can be occurred due to various technical reasons. So, it is good to ensure whether you’re reading the right article or not for the exact solution. If the SD card is “corrupted”, then only the mentioned ways can be useful and might not work for different conditions. Some signs of a corrupted SD card is stated as follows.

  • Files on the SD card are unable to read.
  • SD card doesn’t recognise by the device.
  • Some of the photos, videos and other files or all are missing.
  • Your device shows an error while “reading” or “writing” the SD card and throw you outside.
  • Showing error messages like “check your SD card before inserting it”.
  • The read or write speed of the SD card have become unusable or extremely slow.

All these signs are indicating a corrupted SD card. If you’ve faced any of these issues, then you should continue the article. Here we, Techvaio, are providing some of the methods to fix the Corrupted SD card.

How to Fix a Corrupted SD Card

Now, you can classify the error of your corrupted SD and follow the exact way to resolve that issue. Formatting is the only option to fix up the corrupt SD card. But without involving PC, you will get the option in your smartphones.

Method 1: Insert the Corrupted SD Card to another Device

In this method, the user has to insert his SD card into another device to fix a corrupted SD card. Because sometimes device malfunctioning or file system errors can be the issue of corruption, so, it’s a part of hit and trial methodology to fix corrupted SD card. All you have to do, take out the SD card from your device and put it into another device, whether it’s a mobile phone, laptop, camera, or anything else. If it does work there also, then the SD card is probably incompatible.

The only option left is the format. Before that, you should back up the files. After backing up, format the SD card. Then insert the SD card into the smartphone again. It may fix the corrupted SD card in most of the cases.

Method 2: Format the Corrupted SD Card

If the corrupted SD card cannot be fixed, then the only option is formatting the SD card. Format your SD card to make the phone able to read it, and fix the issues. All the data of the SD card will be erased permanently by formatting. Hence, please take a backup of the SD card files before formatting it. By following the given steps, you can format the SD card.

  • Go to Settings on your Android mobile.
  • Find the “Storage” option and find the SD card.
  • There you will see a “Format SD Card” option.
  • If not, then click on the three dots at the top right. There you will find “Format SD Card” option.
  • Click on the “Format SD card” option. Then, you’ll be asked for confirmation.
  • Now, click on the “Okay” or “Erase and Format” option to start the formatting.

Once the SD card is formatted, you have to check File Manager or Gallery to see whether the SD card is working correctly or not.

Method 3: Use an SD Card Repair solution

As there are plenty of apps in Google Play Store for repairing SD card, you have to find a trusted app to try and repair the corrupted SD card. At last, you can use PC as it is the most popular way to fix corrupted SD cards.

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That’s it for now. Walking through the given ways, you can fix the corrupt SD card. We, Techvaio, now sure that you have gained knowledge on how to fix corrupted SD card without using a computer by reading this comprehensive information.

At last, if you like our article, forward it among your friends and family persons. Let help them to fix their corrupted SD card. You can also suggest other methods to fix the corrupted SD card in the comments section as we, Techvaio, are always looking forward.