Google Play System Update for May 2022

Google Play System Update for May 2022 has been released and it includes the nearby share feature. As always, Google shares the latest updates with system updates called “Google System”, Google Play Store updates, and Google Play Services for Android. also redesign the Google Help App

However, it seems pretty much similar to the updates every month, but this time it redesign the Google Help App and made some changes to improve the Android Operating System. Let’s check out the main changes that happened in the Google Play System Update for May 2022.

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Google Play System Update for May 2022 Features

According to 9to5Google’s report, Google bring a self-sharing feature via Nearby Share. It’s almost similar to AirDrop on Apple devices. With the latest Google Play System Update for May 2022, Windows PCs and Chromebook can also do Nearby Share. The users can share text, files, and links, from one device of their to another. Even they don’t need to give approval everytime, says the report.

However, the self-share option in Nearby Share was first spotted in January and spotted in development last month. You just need to update Play Store version 30.3 and Google Play Services version 22.15 to access the latest features and improvements on Android devices. Both the versions have begun to roll out since from 2nd May.

Google Play System Update for May 2022
Google Play System Update

Although Google Play update its system, services, and store automatically, but you can also do it manually. At first go to ‘Settings‘, scroll down to the end and you will found ‘About Phone.’ Tap on it and click on ‘Android version‘, then check ‘Google Play System Update.’ If there is any updates available, do it. Moreover, the new Google Play system update for May 2022 also brings a redesign to the Google Help app, possibly “Material You” design theme.

Critical Fixes

Bug fixes for system management & diagnostics of Phone, Tablet, TV, Wear OS and account management related services. Migrates the working account from phone and tablet to a web based experience. Whereas updating the system management services will improve the stability and enhance the performance.

Device Connections

Nearby Share allows the users to share content from one device to another logged in same account seamlessly on Phone, and TV.

Google Play Store

  • Improvement to play-as-you-download feature reduces the time to download mobile games and let the gamers start playing games.
  • New Features to discover the Apps & Games, and enhance the Google Play Billing.
  • Optimizes to download and install apps faster and more reliable.
  • New features to the Play Pass and Play Points programs.
  • Continuous updates to Play Protect keeps your device safe.


Design improvements on Phone, Tablet, TV, and Wear OS to Google Help App. New developer features to support ads, location, and utilities developer services for Google and third-party app developers.

Wrapping Up

If you doesn’t update your Google Play Services till now, what are you waiting for? Go and update, then enjoy the latest features of it. I hope you have cleared idea about the Google Play System Update for may 2022. Thanks for reading…