How to Book Jio Phone Next – Book Your Jio Phone Next

Do you want to know How to book Jio Phone Next?

If yes! then this article is for you. Jio has officially launched its budget-friendly 4G smartphone Jio Phone Next on Diwali, Nov. 4, 2021, in India. Mukesh Ambani promoted the cheapest 4G smartphone from telco. It will be available at a price of Rs 1,999 under some policies. Whereas the actual price of the Jio Phone Next is Rs 6,499. Google and Jio together develop this smartphone.

The specifications and features of Jio Phone Next were revealed. If you don’t know till now, then go and read my article “Do You Know About the Specifications and Features of Jio Phone Next – 4G Smartphone from Jio”. After that, if you are interested to purchase Jio Phone Next, then this article is for you. As I will tell you how to book Jio Phone Next in today’s topic. Also, I will cover its price, EMI plans, recharge benefits, and more.

How to Book Jio Phone Next – Register on the official site of Jio

Jio didn’t disclose the date from when Jio Phone Next will be available. As, Jio Phone Next has launched on November 4, 2021, in India, it will be available in the nearest Jio retailer shops soon. For now, you can visit the official site of Jio to show your interest in Jio Phone Next and register for it.

To show your interest and register for Jio Phone Next, go to either the ‘My Jio’ App or open ‘’ on your browser. There, you have to enter your details such as ‘Name’ and ‘Mobile Number’. Then, click on ‘Generate OTP’. You will get an OTP at your given number, put it in the place and confirm your registration for Jio Phone Next.

How to book jio phone next

When Jio Phone Next will be available, you will get a confirmation message from Jio. Then, you should visit your nearest Jio-Mart retailer for collecting the Jio Phone Next.

How to Book Jio Phone Next on WhatsApp

Apart from doing the registration for Jio Phone Next from the official site of Jio, there is another option for pre-booking this smartphone. A mobile number has been given on which WhatsApp is available. You simply need to send ‘Hi’ and a chat-bot will register your details for pre-booking. Follow the given steps to book Jio Phone Next o WhatsApp.

✅ Firstly, you have to save the mobile number ‘7018270182

✅ After that, open your WhatsApp and search for that saved number to start a chat.

✅ Next, simply send a ‘Hi’ message

✅ The Reliance Jio chat-bot will reply to you.

✅ It will ask for some details. Complete that for pre-booking Jio Phone Next.

✅ After completion, the chat-bot will register your interest in pre-booking the Jio Phone Next.

✅ Then, you will get a confirmation of registration. When the smartphone will available at the nearest Jio Mart retailer, you will get a notification from Jio.

✅ Also, you can go to your nearest Jio Mart Digital Store and pre-book Jio Phone Next.

Price for Pre-Booking of Jo Phone Next

The actual price of Jio Phone Next is Rs. 6,499 in India. For pre-booking, you don’t have to pay any charges. SO that, you can simply do pre-booking and get the Jio Phone Next. Apart from that, you can get Jio Phone Next at a price of Rs. 1,999 but you have to buy a recharge package of a minimum of 18-months or 24-months. You have to pay as EMI which starts from Rs. 300 to Rs. 600. If you want to purchase with these terms, then the plans will be as follows.

Jio Phone Next Price

Always-on plan

The price of the Always-on plan starts at Rs. 300 or Rs. 350. If you choose 24 months period, then you have to pay Rs. 300/month as EMI. And, Rs. 350/month for a period of 18 months. You will get 100-minutes of calling and 5GB of data in this Always-on plan.

EMI Cost: Rs. 300 for 24 months period and Rs. 350 for a period of 18 months.

Large plan

According to the large plan, you need to pay Rs. 450/month for 24 months period and for 18 months period the price will be Rs. 500/month. This plan offers unlimited voice calling and 1.5GB of data per day.

EMI Cost: Rs. 450/month for 24 months period and Rs. 500/month for a period of 18 months.

XL Plan

The XL plan offers unlimited voice calling with 2GB of data per day at a price of Rs. 500/month for 24 months period and Rs. 550/month for 18 months period.

EMI Cost: Rs. 500 for 24 months period and Rs. 550 for a period of 18 months.

XXL Plan

The XXL plan is the most expensive plan. The users will get unlimited voice calling with 2.5GB of data per day by paying either Rs. 550/month for 24 months or Rs. 600/month for 18 months.

EMI Cost: Rs. 550/month for 24 months period and Rs. 600/month for a period of 18 months.

Apart from all the four plans, the users have to pay a processing fee of Rs. 501. So, these all will be the plans among which you need to purchase anyone while purchasing Jio Phone Next at Rs. 1,999. Otherwise, you can purchase Jio Phone Next at its regular price.

Concluding words on booking Jio Phone Next

That’s all for now. As of you can show your interest in Jio Phone and make registration to book Jio Phone Next for now. As soon as the Phone will available, all the registered people will get a notification from Jio. I hope you can understand how to book Jio Phone Next by reading this article.

If you are confused to buy Jio Phone Next or not, then I would suggest you read my article “Is it worth buying Jio Phone Next or not”. It will give you a clear idea of whether you should invest money behind Jio Phone Next or not. Comment and let me know have you booked Jio Phone Next or not.

FAQs on How to book Jio Phone Next

1) Does any other SIM supports Jio Phone Next except Jio?

Yes, you can use another SIM except for Jio SIM. But, only Jio SIM can be used for data connection.

2) Can I play BGMI, FreeFire games on Jio Phone Next?

Yes, you can play but in low settings. Even you can face frame drops and lag.

3) Is the Jio phone next available in the market?

Although Jio Phone Next has been launched, it is not available in the market till now. You can book Jio Phone Next on the official website of Jio.