How to download Google Input Tools for Windows 10

Google Input Tools for Windows 10

Google Input Tools used for text management and real-time translation in the Chrome browser. This Google input tool extension allows users to switch one Input Language to another effortlessly with a single mouse click. This extension enables virtual access to the keyboard with 90 different languages, and the user can switch with an instant to different input languages, all for free.

But it’s not the end of the usefulness of Google Input Tools. Besides providing one-click access to virtual keyboards, it offers all the special characters from over 90 languages. This extension provides seamless service, including full IMEs, direct translation for over 30 scripts, and detecting handwriting in over 40 languages.

Features and Highlights

  • You can switch up to 90 virtual keyboards in your Chrome Browser.
  • Users get an advantage of IMEs and Direct Translation of over 30 types of scripts.
  • Handwriting facility support for over 40 languages.
  • It is available both online and offline mode.
  • A personalized dictionary will adapt custom or uncommon words.
  • Moreover, it is 100% Free to use.

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Installation of Google Input Tools for Windows 10

Google Input Tools allows users to use input tools on every web page in Chrome. To install the Google Input Tools for Windows 10, follow the below-given steps:

  • At first, you have to install Google Input Tools.
  • Click the extension icon and select “Extension options.”
  • In the “Extension options” page, you have to select the input tool as per your choice from left to right.
  • You have to click double-time on the left to add an input tool. To remove the selected google input tool, you have to double click on the right.
  • Google input tools can be selected and sorted by clicking on the google input tool on the right, and clicking on arrow up and arrow down icons.

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Use of Google Input Tools

To use google input tool, click on the extension icon. Select the desired google input tool from the appeared drop-down menu. With turned on google input tools, the extension button looks like a fully colored icon. When the google input tool is turned off, the extension button is greyed in color. You can click on the selected google input tools to toggle it on/off.

Input Tools for Windows 10

You have to use one of the three available methods to use virtual keyboards:

  • You have to type the text using your keyboard, with or without the presence of the virtual keyboard.
  • You can also type the text and lean on the automatic word recommendation. Software extension offered this. You will get either one or several recommendations depending on the cursor’s position. Pressing the TAB button, you can accept the top-ranked recommendation. Since you don’t have to type entire words, this approach can save you a lot of time.
  • Finally, you can use a pencil tool to draw letters on the screen inside a resizable writing window, and the app will try to recognize and type it as fast as possible.

Google Input Tools – Supported Languages

Language Input Method Transliteration Virtual Keyboard Handwriting
Afrikaans Handwriting
Albanian Keyboard Albanian Handwriting
Amharic Transliteration Keyboard Ethiopic
Arabic Transliteration Keyboard Arabic
Armenian Keyboard Armenian Eastern
Keyboard Armenian Western
Basque Keyboard Basque Handwriting
Belarusian Transliteration Keyboard Belarusian Handwriting
Bengali Transliteration Keyboard Bengali Inscript
Keyboard Bengali Phonetic
Bosnian Keyboard Bosnian
Bulgarian Transliteration Keyboard Bulgarian
Keyboard Bulgarian Phonetic
Burmese Keyboard Myanmar
Catalan Keyboard Catalan Handwriting
Cherokee Keyboard Cherokee
Keyboard Cherokee Phonetic
Chinese (Simplified) Pinyin IME
Wubi IME
Chinese (Traditional) Pinyin IME
Zhuyin IME
Cangjie IME
Cantonese IME
Croatian Keyboard Croatian Handwriting
Czech Keyboard Czech
Keyboard Czech Qwertz
Danish Keyboard Danish Handwriting
Dari Persian Keyboard Persian
Keyboard Dari
Dutch Latin IME Keyboard Dutch Handwriting
Dzongkha Keyboard Dzongkha
English Keyboard English
Keyboard English Dvorak
Estonian Keyboard Estonian Handwriting
Filipino Handwriting
Finnish Keyboard Finnish Handwriting
French Latin IME Keyboard French Handwriting
Galician Keyboard Galician Handwriting
Georgian Keyboard Georgian Qwerty
Keyboard Georgian Typewriter
German Latin IME Keyboard German Handwriting
Greek Transliteration Keyboard Greek Handwriting
Gujarati Transliteration Keyboard Gujarati Inscript
Keyboard Gujarati Phonetic
Haitian Handwriting
Hebrew Transliteration Keyboard Hebrew
Hindi Transliteration Keyboard Hindi
Keyboard Devanagari Phonetic
Hungarian Keyboard Hungarian 101 Handwriting
Icelandic Keyboard Icelandic Handwriting
Indonesian Handwriting
Irish Handwriting
Italian Latin IME Keyboard Italian Handwriting
Japanese IME Handwriting
Kannada Transliteration Keyboard Kannada Inscript
Keyboard Kannada Phonetic
Kazakh Keyboard Kazakh
Khmer Keyboard Khmer
Kirghiz Keyboard Kirghiz
Korean Keyboard Korean Handwriting
Lao Keyboard Lao
Latin Handwriting
Latvian Keyboard Latvian Handwriting
Lithuanian Keyboard Lithuanian Handwriting
Macedonian Keyboard Macedonian Handwriting
Malay Handwriting
Malayalam Transliteration Keyboard Malayalam Inscript
Keyboard Malayalam Phonetic
Maltese Keyboard Maltese
Marathi Transliteration Keyboard Devanagari Phonetic
Mongolian Keyboard Mongolian Cyrillic
Nepali Transliteration Keyboard Devanagari Phonetic
Norwegian Keyboard Norwegian Handwriting
Oriya Transliteration Keyboard Oriya Inscript
Keyboard Oriya Phonetic
Pashto Keyboard Pashto
Persian Transliteration Keyboard Persian
Keyboard Dari
Polish Keyboard Polish Handwriting
Portuguese (Brazil) Latin IME Keyboard Brazilian Portuguese Handwriting
Portuguese (Portugal) Latin IME Keyboard portuguese Handwriting
Punjabi Transliteration Keyboard Gurmukhi Inscript
Keyboard Gurmukhi Phonetic
Romanian Keyboard Romanian
Keyboard Romanian Sr13392 Primary
Keyboard Romanian Sr13392 Secondary
Romany Keyboard Romany
Russian Transliteration Keyboard Russian Handwriting
Sanskrit Transliteration Keyboard Sanskrit Phonetic
Serbian Transliteration Keyboard Serbian Cyrillic
Keyboard Serbian Latin
Sinhala Transliteration Keyboard Sinhala
Slovak Keyboard Slovak
Keyboard Slovak Qwerty
Slovenian Keyboard Slovenian Handwriting
Spanish Latin IME Keyboard Spanish Handwriting
Swahili Keyboard Swahili Handwriting
Swedish Keyboard Swedish Handwriting
Tamil Transliteration Keyboard Tamil Inscript
Keyboard Tamil Phonetic
Tatar Keyboard Tatar
Telugu Transliteration Keyboard Telugu Inscript
Keyboard Telugu Phonetic
Thai Keyboard Thai Handwriting
Tigrinya Transliteration Keyboard Ethiopic
Turkish Keyboard Turkish F
Keyboard Turkish Q
Uighur Keyboard Uighur
Ukranian Transliteration Keyboard Ukrainian 101 Handwriting
Urdu Transliteration Keyboard Urdu
Uzbek Keyboard Uzbek Latin
Keyboard Uzbek Cyrillic Phonetic
Keyboard Uzbek Cyrillic Typewritter
Vietnamese IME Keyboard Vietnamese Telex
Keyboard Vietnamese Tcvn
Keyboard Vietnamese Viqr
Welsh Handwriting
Yiddish Keyboard Yiddish


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