How to download Windows 11 ISO file Easily- Follow the steps

Want to download Windows 11 ISO file, before that make sure your PC meets the minimum requirement for Windows 11. If you don’t know about the minimum required specifications in a PC or Laptop to have Windows 11 then check out our previously published article “Your PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements recommended for Windows 11 – What is the minimum requirements for getting Windows 11 update?

If your device meets all the requirements, then take a backup of all important media, documents of your PC before continuing further. Taking backup ensures that if anything goes wrong during updating to an early version of Windows 11, then your files, documents, and media will be safe. Because it’s a riskier operation for updating to a new operating system.

Join the Windows Insider Program

At first, open the ‘Settings’ then go to ‘Privacy’ and click on the ‘ Diagnostic & feedback’ to choose ‘Optional diagnostic data’ to make the ‘Windows Insider Program’ visible. After that, open up the ‘Setting’ again and go to ‘Update & Security, then click on ‘Windows Insider Program. There click on ‘Get started’ to join the Windows Insider Program. Then a window appears where you have to click ‘Link an account and enter your Microsoft Account and click ‘Continue’. You have to follow the method step by step to download Windows 11 ISO file.

Join the Dev Channel

Windows 11 Insider build is only available to the user through the Dev Channel. For app developers, it gives early access to Windows 11 to the people. Moreover, you should be happy with the installation of the new version of the software including various issues.

choose Dev Channel among the list to download Windows 11 ISO file
Available build file to download Windows 11 ISO file

In case you want your PC working normally then avoid Windows 11 for now. If you are really interested to try out Windows 11, then select ‘Dev Channel’ from the appeared option ‘Pick your Insider settings’ and click ‘Confirm‘. After that, a new window will appear which explained the expectation of this early build. Click ‘Confirm’ to proceed happily.

Select and confirm Dev Channel
Select the ‘Dev Channel’ to download Windows 11 ISO file

Then make sure every important file and document are saved securely and click ‘Restart Now. All you need to wait for restarting the PC.

Install the Windows 11 Insider Preview build

To install the Windows 11 insider, open the ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Update & Security, then click ‘Windows Update’ and click on ‘Check for updates’ where you will get the Windows 11 Insider Preview to build. As per the regular Windows 10 updates, you can download Windows 11 ISO file and install it.

Perform a clean install of Windows 11

If you want a clean installation of Windows 11, then download Windows 11 ISO file. Before downloading the ISO, sign up to the Dev Channel in the Windows Insider Program. Then scroll down to the bottom and pick Windows 11 from the ‘Select edition’ option. You’ll need a bootable USB or DVD once the ISO file is downloaded. After that install Windows 11 just the same as Windows 10 installation.

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Download Windows 11 ISO file 32-bit

You can download Windows 11 ISO file 32-bit to make your PC or laptop better. After releasing Windows 11, the users of Windows 7 to Windows 10 are trying to download the new OS. The people are eagerly waiting for the launch of Windows 11 from Microsoft. So far, Microsoft hasn’t given any fixed date for releasing the Windows 11 Download ISO File. But, it will be expected to be released soon. Before that, know about the changes, features, and requirements for the update, and other details related to the download Windows 11 ISO file 32-Bit upgradation.

Choose Language

Download Windows 11 ISO file 64-bit

As per sources, the Windows 11 ISO file hasn’t come from Microsoft. So that, you are downloading the leaked file at your own risk. Because it might be loaded with viruses and unseen bugs. This leaked file may not contain all the new features, failing to download, encrypt the files or completely shut your machine down. So, it’s a riskier process. First of all, you need to download the ISO file. Then take a USD Drive having at least 16GB of storage and convert it into a bootable one using Rufus.

download windows 11 ISO file 64-bit

After that launch the ‘Rufus’ and select the downloaded Windows 11 ISO file 64-bit. Avoid online alterations in other fields. Then scroll down and click on the ‘Start button. The Windows 11 will be flashed on USD Drive and it’s required to intend directly to the system where Windows 11 will be installed. After that restart the system and click the ‘Boot’ key. Then go to ‘Boot Device’ Options and select USB Drive as the primary option. Next, click enter to start the installation process of Windows 11. Thereafter enter time, language, and press the ‘Install Now’ option. Tick on the required options and choose the ‘Windows 11 Edition’ to install. Select the partition for installing Windows 11 and press the ‘Next button. Then wait for Windows 11 ISO file installation in your system.

Do as per instruction.

Quick Overview on downloading and installing Windows 11

  • Visit the Microsoft website first, then download the ISO 32 Bit or 64 Bit file as per your device.
  • Next take a USB Drive having minimum 16 GB Storage and make it Bootable with RUFUS.
  • After that launch the RUFUS and choose the ‘Download ISO File’ with default fields and click the ‘Start’ button.
Enter the 'PRODUCT KEY' if available
  • Windows 11 will flashed in the USB drive and plug it to the device.
  • Start your device by pressing the ‘Boot’ key. Select the USB as a primary installation from the Boot device option.
Accept the terms and conditions to download Windows 11 ISO file
  • Now click the ‘Start’ Button, then choose Language, Time to start the installation of Windows 11 ISO file.
  • After that select the windows 11 Edition and make partition for installation of windows 11.
  • Click ‘Next’ to start the installation process of window 11 ISO file.
Select the custom as you are downloading earlier than official release.

Final Words on Downloading Windows 11 ISO file

That’s all for now regarding how to download Windows 11 ISO files. I have described the installation process of the Windows 11 ISO file. Do as stated above, I am sure that you can install Windows 11 on your device. If you find interest and being helpful, then share it and help someone who is interested to try out new OS windows 11 ISO file. Let us know how it works, and anything informational regarding Windows 11 ISO file download in the comment section.

What is the size of the Windows 11 ISO file?

The size of the leaked version of the Windows 11 ISO file is 4.54 GB.

Does installing Windows 11 delete everything?

No, it doesn’t delete your files, documents, and other things. But, keep a backup of all your documents and files before installing Windows 11. In case any file has been lost, it’s not harming you as you take a backup.