How to Increase Google Cloud Storage for Gmail, Drive, and Photos

Are you running out of cloud storage on your Google account? Don’t worry as we bring a guide that helps you to increase Google cloud storage.

Google offers 15GB of cloud storage for its Gmail, Drive, and Photos which fills before you know it. To get extra storage you have to pay charges that are not possible for everyone. So, here are some tricks for you to increase Google cloud storage. Check them out.

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Tips & Tricks to Increase Google Cloud Storage

If your 15GB Google cloud storage is full, don’t need to panic. In today’s article, we will tell you some simple methods to increase Google cloud storage for Photos, Drive, and Gmail.

Use Your Free Google Account Storage

Every Google account user gets 15GB of free cloud storage in terms of Google Drive, Photos, and Gmail. And, it’s simple to fill up your limit if you often use the Google ecosystem.

Recent modifications to Google’s cloud storage policies make it much simpler to consume your account capacity. To get the most out of your storage allowance, you should regularly clear away your Google Gmail, Drive, and Photos. However, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already attempted to save your Google storage using many accessible alternatives.

Increase Google Cloud Storage for Gmail, Drive, and Photos

Unfortunately, there is no trick to increasing your Google Drive storage for free. Right now, the only way to enhance your Google storage is to purchase a Google One membership plan.

You must first check Google’s support website to see if One is offered in your area. If your nation is supported, take the following actions:

Increase Google Cloud Storage
  • Go to “
  • Tap “Upgrade”
  • Select your preferred package based on the price.
  • Click “Agree” to the Terms of Agreement of Google One.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

Additionally, you may subscribe via the free Google One app from the Google Play Store. Tap the floating Upgrade button on the Google One app, or go to the Settings page, choose Upgrade to membership, and then choose your plan.

Storage Extension Plan

You may also utilize Google Photos. Tap the account switcher in the upper right corner, then go to Photo options > Backup and sync, and then choose Buy 100GB for $0.99/month. It will then direct you to a website where you may select an appropriate package. If Google Drive is already installed, hit the hamburger menu and choose “Buy storage”.

Is Google One Worth It?

Google One is a Google-provided premium cloud storage service. Depending on the bundle, it offers a big storage boost ranging from 15GB to 2TB. The Google One delivers benefits like access to Google Experts (Google’s support staff), additional editing options in Google Photos, and a free Google Android VPN (available in select markets).

Family support is another fascinating component. You may share your Google One storage with up to five other people. Google Drive might also unlock unique hotel prices, depending on your region.

Is Google One worth your money with all of these perks? Yes, it is. Even better, if you’re already a part of Google’s ecosystem, you’ll benefit more from paying for Google One. Of course, there are low-cost Google Drive competitors, but you’ll sacrifice certain features in return for greater capacity.

Does Google Ever Increase Free Storage?

It’s less probable that the business will contemplate expanding its free bundle given the recent adjustments to what Google considers toward your free 15GB storage allowance. Naturally, that will undermine the business’s efforts to persuade you to purchase Google One.

Final Words

Google’s 15GB of free storage might seem plenty at first, but after you’re integrated into the ecosystem, it gradually becomes insufficient. By purchasing a Google One membership, you may upgrade your Google account’s storage.

Overall, you won’t increase Google cloud storage for free. Either you have to manage multiple Google accounts or pay a subscription amount. We hope you will be helpful with this article. Please share it with others, and share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, feel free to post your queries in the comment section.

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