How to Lock Incognito Tabs in Chrome for Android?

You can lock incognito tabs in chrome, did you know it? Here’s a quick guide on how to lock incognito tabs in chrome for android. Google Chrome’s Incognito tabs provide secure and private surfing, and a new feature for Chrome for Android adds to the security. The functionality will offer an extra degree of protection to the Incognito tabs by placing them behind fingerprint scanning.

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How to Lock Incognito Tabs in Chrome

Before you start, you should be aware that this helpful Chrome feature isn’t generally accessible to Android users. If you want it, you’ll need to enable the Chrome flag “chrome:/flags/#incognito-reauthentication-for-android” on your Android phone by typing the flag name in the search bar. When the flag is active, restart Google Chrome and then follow these instructions.

  • On Google Chrome, go to the hamburger menu.
Click to the three dots
  • Select the Settings option.
click on settings
  • Now select the Privacy and Security option.
go to privacy section
  • Then activate the “Lock Incognito tabs while leaving Chrome” option.
Lock Incognito Tabs in Chrome
  • After that, verify your fingerprint when you’ve done.

Unlock Incognito Tabs in Chrome via Fingerprint

Now that Incognito tabs may be locked and unlocked using biometric verification in Google Chrome for Android, this feature has been added. Especially in cases where your phone is with someone else, this seems to be quite beneficial.

This will work if you are surfing in Incognito mode and closing the tabs. When you close an Incognito tab and then reopen it, a grey box will show with the option to “Unlock Incognito.” Tapping on this will need fingerprint unlocking before you can continue. There is also the option to see additional tabs.

If you don’t want that, a PIN will suffice. For those who are unaware, this feature is already accessible on Chrome for iOS. And, you can also be able to use it on Android soon.

Final Word

The new feature to lock incognito tabs in chrome is expected to start reaching a larger number of individuals soon. So be patient. Please share your thoughts on the new Chrome feature in the comments section. Also, share this article with others to let them know about this new chrome feature.