Easiest way to Mirror an android screen on Laptop

Do you want to mirror an Android screen in your windows in an easy way? This article will help you out that you can easily mirror any android screen on the Windows desktop. If you want to share your mobile screen to your laptop or desktop for watching Netflix, youtube movies and any other things, you can easily mirror your screen for viewing mobile content into the Windows desktop.

How Screen Mirroring works

Screen mirroring technology works to display content of the smaller device to a wider display. It works when both displays are connected on the same Network. You might have heard about screencasting and that screencasting or screen mirroring helps to mirror screen easily. 

If your device supports screencasting, it will be extra beneficial for sharing android display without using any kind of third-party software.

Where Screen mirroring works

Screencasting or screen mirroring is very much essential during virtual meeting, education meeting or many other product sales demo creation. That time screen mirroring allows you to share your screen even if you have content on your mobile phone.

We have already covered the List of 15+ screen sharing software which will provide an extra advantage while you are using screencasting your device.

Steps for Mirroring android screen in the Windows 10 Laptop without using any third-party software

Windows 10 has come out with this screen mirror functionality in its built-in features. For starting the screen mirroring on the windows app, Just launch the Connect app in Windows 10. If you don’t get any update yet, kindly update your operating system and you will receive that update.

To mirror android screen on PC wirelessly using Windows 10, follow these steps:

  • Search “Connect” app in the taskbar Cortana search panel.
  • Open the connect app in your laptop and you are ready to go

Alternatively, you can search the same in Computer settings

  • Go to system settings.
  • Now click over “Launch the Connect App to project to this PC” If you can’t find this option clickable kindly read this guide to activate this option.
  • Now using Mobile cast feature search for laptop name showing on the screen and connect to cast the Android mobile Screen
  • If any PIN is displaying on the connect app type the same pin when prompted on connecting mobile to Laptop.

Projecting to This PC

available everywhere on secure network

How to show wireless display features

Now open your mobile which is already supported screencast and click on the wireless screen and tap on the Connect button. Now your screen is visible to your wider screen easily.

screen projecting pc

[Important Note: If your device does not support the screencast, you can’t able to connect through wireless display]

How to Fix “Launch the connect app to the project to this PC” Not selected or greyed out:

If this option is greyed out or not selected in your Laptop, which also happened to me while I was to figure out the screen mirror for the first time. Follow these steps for removing greyed out.

  • Open settings and search for apps and features
  • Now click over “optional feature
  • Click on + button to add a feature
  • Now search and select wireless display and install.


Now you can easily select the option Launch the connect app to the project to this PC.

Few things you have to remember for using this process for screencasting the android with the Windows 10.

  1. Mobile devices should support the screencasting option. Otherwise mobile will not allow for connecting with the wireless display.
  2. Both devices should be available on the same network or WiFi.
  3. Protected applications can’t be visible through this screen mirroring application like banking applications.
  4. It is typically difficult to control or access the mobile directly through this screen casting. It works like a screen sharing or screen projection application.

But frankly speaking, this is the free and easy to configure function where you can easily projection your mobile screen to a wider screen device.

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List of Apps to Mirror screen of android using USB Debugging mode.

In the previous method, there is an in-built application feature that comes with Windows 10 which allows mirroring the android screen. But as per the report, there are only 45% of users who are using Windows 10 on their laptop operating system. For them, it is very uncomfortable to mirror the screen in the easiest way.

So, here are a few lists of applications which are helping you out for mirroring your screen with your computer. 

Before starting about the following steps kindly keep on a note that your device has already Turned ON the USB Debugging. If you don’t know how to enable USB Debugging in your device, here is a step by step guide to enable USB Debugging mode of your Android.

  • Open Settings of your phone.
  • Go to About phone section and Tap seven (7) times over the Build Number.
  • Now you have access to the Developer Mode on your device.
  • Now go to the Developer Mode > USB Debugging and change the toggle box to ON.

How to enable USB Debugging

Now, You can safely use those applications which are recommended below.

 #1: Airdroid screen mirror android apps

Airdroid is Free to use platform where users can easily share their screen from android to windows. Airdroid is a very popular and trusted platform for screen mirroring from android to windows.

Airdroid Screen mirroring software
Image source: https://www.airdroid.com/

Functionality of Airdroid Application

Airdroid application is not only used for screencasting application but also it has wide range of functionality which are:

  • Accessing all files of your Android mobile
  • Accessing of Messages, Call history, contacts
  • Remote control of mobile using laptop or desktop
  • Remotely access phone camera over laptop.
  • Use a computer keyboard for typing anything on the smartphone.

Setting up Airdroid Application for mirroring android apps over a laptop

Follow these steps for setting up airdroid application for mirroring android apps over the windows Laptops or Macbooks

  • Download Airdrop for both the device, Mobile and Windows/MAC.
  • Signup from the one device using your Gmail id.
  • Now login into the laptop using your existing credentials.
  • Use a screen mirror and screen control option form your laptop.

Yes! After that, you can easily share your screen and control your screen from your laptop. One thing you have to remember that while you have installed it on your mobile, that application asks to Allow all the permission or Change the permission from the settings menu if you want to prevent such an important activity like contact, phone details etc. and you can’t even access it from your laptop.

#2 Vysor Google Chrome Extension to mirror an android screen

Vysor application is completely free and a google chrome extension which allows to share or project mobile screens on the laptop or desktops. For a developer perspective, vysor is very easy to use and it doesn’t take too much space for installing the application.

Vysor Google chrome extension

Functionality of Vysor:

As I have already shared about the Vysor google chrome extension, there are few interesting functions available on Vysor which you might like.

  • Vysor is completely free and available on Google Chrome extension.
  • It does not require any internet connectivity.
  • A mobile device is accessible using USB cable along with USB Debugging ON Mode.

Setting up Vysor application for sharing mobile screen on laptop:

Setting up a vysor application is very easy and simple. These following step by step guides help you out for setting up a vysor application.

  • Download Vysor google Chrome extension from Google web store and Vysor Mobile app on your mobile device.
  • Open Vysor google chrome extension.
  • Connect USB with your mobile phone to laptop.
  • Turned on USB Debugging as earlier said.

Now after all the setting up, your mobile screen will be visible on the vysor app on the laptop. After that you can control the laptop keypad to control the mobile phone.

Final Words:

Now, after reading this article, anyone can easily set up screen mirroring functionality and start casting their screen. There are few more applications available on the playstore and as well as desktop version but we don’t have tested all the applications. 

We have shared all the information in this article and are completely tested and we tried out all those methods. 

For the final solution, if you are a windows 10 user, you can easily tried out this functionality without even using third party software or application installed on the mobile phone. 

If you have a few more applications that you have used for your mirroring screen, comment down below and let everyone know about that application.