Instant Loan App Racket: Beware Of These 23 Suspected Instant Loan Apps.!!

Instant Loan App Racket: The study by Special Cell Delhi states that among the instant loan apps are Raise Cash, PP Money, Rupees Master, Cash Ray, Mobipocket, Papa Money, Infinity Cash, and more. Here is the entire list.

Instant Loan App Racket: List of the Suspected Instant Loan Apps

On Saturday, the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) debunked a loan fraud involving Rs 500 crore. According to the Delhi Police Special Cell, the fraud featured multiple modules of fast loan applications with Chinese ties.

In the past two months, 22 people working for Chinese nationals have been detained by the police. A government official said on Saturday that they are accused of diverting 500 crore rupees to China via the hawala system or through cryptocurrency investments.

Instant loan app racket

According to a special cell Delhi report, rapid lending apps include the Raise cash app, PP money app, Rupees master app, Cash ray app, Mobipocket app, Papa money app, Infinity cash app, and others. Here is the whole list of applications recognized by authorities.

  • Raise cash app
  • PP money app
  • Rupees master app
  • Cash ray app
  • Mobipocket app
  • Papa money app
  • Infinity cash app
  • Kredit mango app
  • Kredit marvel app
  • CB loan app
  • Cash advance app
  • HDB loan app
  • Cash tree app
  • RAw loan app
  • Under Process
  • Minute cash app
  • Cash light app
  • Cash fish app
  • HD credit app
  • Rupees land app
  • Cash room app
  • Rupee loan app
  • Well Kredit app
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  • Cash Port
  • Rupee Way
  • Loan Cube
  • Wow Rupee
  • Smart Wallet
  • Giant Wallet
  • Hi Rupee
  • Swift Rupee
  • Walletwin
  • Fishclub
  • Yeahcash
  • ImLoan
  • Growtree
  • Magic Balance
  • Yocash
  • Fortune Tree
  • Supercoin
  • Red Magic

Hundreds of complaints regarding Instant loan applications that disburse loans at higher rates and extort money using modified nude images have been made to Delhi Police, according to deputy commissioner of police KPS Malhotra.

Over 100 of these applications are participating in the loan and extortion racket, according to Malhotra. “The IFSO took note of the same and started studying the complaints,” he added.

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