Laptop Buying Guide: 12 Essential Pro Tips

Laptop Buying Guide

Getting your first laptop is very memorable and heart touching for everyone. The main thing why we are writing this article is that we, even I was confused about buying my first laptop. There was a lot of confusion and specification which we had faced while buying my first laptop. So in this article, We are going to write about a buying guide for your first laptop.

The following topics We are going to cover before selecting any laptop

  • What is the Important part of a Laptop
  • Which laptop brand should you prefer
  • What is the main purpose of buying a laptop
  • Which Operating System do you want to choose
  • What is the specification of a good laptop
  • Check the budget for buying a laptop
  • Where to buy and how to buy a laptop at an affordable price.

Important Part of any Laptop

The laptop is a common term we all know. Basically a laptop is a portable computer that helps with your work or education. Like desktop, the laptop comes with their built-in parts like Processor, Hard Drives, Graphics card, Monitor, RAM, Keyboard and a lot of stuff.

So here we are going to discuss the basic things about the Processor, RAM, HDD, Graphics Card, Monitor etc. If you already know all the thing you can proceed the next part of this topic – Jump to next content

Processor: Processor is the main heartbeat of your laptop and it is known as CPU (Central Processing Unit). Everything that you run in your laptop can be managed and powered by this processor. So Selecting the best processor is the most difficult and important task for your laptop selection process.

Laptop Processor

There are many manufacturers like AMD, INTEL, ARM, IBM built these kinds of processors. This processor can help to run programs smoothly into your laptop.

RAM: RAM is known for Random Access Memory. RAM can manage your entire workload on your laptop. RAM can temporarily store your data of the running programs in your system. So RAM plays another important vital role for your laptop selection. Higher RAM is preferred for managing software’s workload.

Laptop RAM

Generally, RAM comes with 2GB, 4GB, 8GB variants for any kind of laptop.

HDD: HDD referred to as a HARD DISK DRIVE. This HDD takes another important role in storing your important data. Everything from files to movies everything is stored into this HDD. Hard disks can save your data even after your laptop is turned off. The largest number in terms of GB declares the more data you can store.

Operating System: Operating system is one kind of user interface where it can allow collaboration with hardware and software. This operating system allows maintaining what program will be installed or what program can be controlled by this operating system.

Operating System

Windows, MAC OS, Linus, Ubuntu, Chrome OS these are the most used operating systems.

Monitor: Monitor is an essential part of viewing your content on your laptop. The monitor comes with different resolutions like 1366×728, 1280×720, 1920×1080 and this resolution is depending upon your screen size like 13.6 inches, 14 inches, 15.6 inches. 

The display is completely dependent upon the resolution, the high resolution feels cool and vibrant colour of viewing the content in your laptop display.

SSD: SSD is known as Solid State Drive. This SSD helps to boost your memory optimization speed at a zombie level. This SSD works as an HDD like always storage device. But SSD stores data near about 3X faster than HDD. 

Laptop SSD

Graphics Card: Graphics Card is another not so important part of your laptop. Graphics cards help to provide better resolution and performance of your laptop. Basically, if you want to play any game on your laptop you have to buy a graphics card. Because in gaming time, there are required more quality performance and better resolution.

Graphics Card

CD-ROM: CD-ROM is basically used to insert CD or DVD into your laptop for storing any data or sharing any data from CD to Laptop. In 2020, Most of the laptop comes without a CD-ROM reader. So don’t worry about CD-ROM because now everything is available on the internet so you can download what you want.

This is the basic and important part which is used in Laptop. Beside this Keyboard, Mouse pad, USB sockets, Battery, Charger, Ethernet port are available on any laptop.

Choose your Purpose of Buying Laptop

As this will be your first time buying a laptop, you are quite nervous about selecting what laptop is suitable for you. So well, ask yourself and select why you are going to buy a laptop. Like you want to buy a laptop for education, either you want to buy a laptop for gaming or you want to buy a laptop for your business.

Now once you can select your purpose it will easy to identify your specific laptop. 

Let’s take an example:  when I was at college student, I want to buy a laptop for my education so that I can get a laptop where I can easily do some educational stuff and programming, But later on, I wanted to play some games with my friends but due to this educational laptop, it does not sustain my laptop for gaming last long. After a few months, my laptop crashed and I went to the servicing centre to repair my laptop. 

So select your purpose before buying your laptop.

Select the Operating System for your Laptop

The operating system can handle all the handshake between software and hardware as we have covered it from the beginning of the topic. So you have to think about the operating system and what OS you preferred. Mostly used OS is Windows but if you want to your personal option, go for Ubuntu, Linux or even MAC OS.

Benefits of using Windows:

  • Simple user interface and easy to use.
  • Most of the software is built with windows.
  • Easy to manage the software and files easily.
  • Secured Operating system.
  • Best for Gamers and Every individual.

Benefits of using Mac OS:

  • Cool user interface.
  • Highly secured.
  • Best optimized performance.
  • Best for Business purpose and Programming

Benefits of using Linux/Ubuntu:

  • Open Source operating system
  • It can be customized at yourself
  • Free to use and automatic updates are available.
  • Large Community Support.
  • Best for programming.

Select Best Specification for Buying any Laptop

Now when you choose your purpose of buying your laptop, you have to select a specification for your laptop. As we have covered this section in the beginning, what is the most important part of any laptop? 

Best Laptop Buying Guide

Processor for your laptop

Intel i10 Processor: Intel i10 Processor is a very remarkable processor for its performance and rendering. It can handle 5.3 GHz, thunderbolt processor, 4K rendering in video editing and game streaming easily. This processor is not so much available in the market.

Intel i9 Processor: Intel i9 Processor high-end processor for gaming and performing devices. Top high-end laptop Intel Core i9-8950HK processor is inbuilt. As per performance, it is 10% to 15% faster than Intel i7 processor. The budget of this laptop is greater than 100K INR.

Intel i7 Processor: Intel i7 processor is the best performance processor in 2020. Most of the laptop comes with Intel i7 Processor. Intel Core i7-10700K processor is the most useful and best processor for your laptop performance. The budget of Intel Core i7 processor is greater than 76K INR.

Intel i5 Processor: Intel i5 processor is the most popular and mostly used processor for your laptop. It will provide 2.4 GHz speed which can handle multiprocessing for your device. The budget laptop which is coming under Intel i5 Processor is roaming around 40K – 50K INR

AMD processor: AMD processor laptop is also good for gaming and performance. This AMD processor is the best alternative for Intel processors for your budget laptop. Now, most of the budget laptop comes with an AMD processor. AMD Processor becomes the booming processor for laptops.

Choose Perfect Laptop Screen

Laptop screen is the most important factor for displaying the best resolution and best picture quality when you are watching some movie or clips. There are few laptop sizes available in the market.

11 inch – 12 inch: This Laptop is basically known as notepad and the weight is very less and it is easy to carry. The RAM and specification are less than other laptop devices. This notepad cum laptop is easy to carry and easily managed by anyone.

13 inch – 14 inch: This laptop size is now trending size. Most MACOS or laptop brands are developing these sizes of laptops. The weight of these laptops are near about 1.5KG to 1.9KG and it is suitable for business class and easy to carry and manage that laptop in a handy way.

15 inch – 16 inch: 15.6-inch laptop is the most popular and mostly used laptop in this 2020. The weight of the laptops is between 2.2Kgs to 2.8Kgs. These laptops are suitable for students, gamers and Most of the people.

17 inch -18 inch: If you want to keep your laptop on the desk all the time, this size of laptops are suitable and these kinds of the laptop can easily handle high-end performance.

Graphics Card

Before buying any laptop, check whether any graphics cards are available on your laptop. If you find any graphics card, that graphics card can help to boost your laptop performance. Graphics cards can handle gaming, high performance easily. If you have an option, you must go with the graphics card option.

SSD – Solid State Drive

SSD is another most important for your device. SSD can boost your device performance and you can imagine that an SSD storage can boost 1.5X of  HDD writing and reading speed.

Using an SSD, the price of the laptop might be higher.


Laptop Keyboard

Before buying any laptop you can check out the keyboard of Laptop. Sometimes a backlit keyboard can provide you with some useful experience.


Touchscreen laptops can easily access and reduce the work time. Most of the budget laptops come with touch screens. Check if you want to go with a touch screen, you can go for it.


USB Ports are the most useful and essential for any laptop. Most of the laptop comes with a USB 3.0 port and USB 2.0 Port. USB 3.0 ports can have faster data transfer capabilities than USB 2.0. The USB 3.0 ports are more recommendable.

Check other ports like Ethernet port, Type-C port, Audio Jack port are available or not.

Laptop Brand Selection and How it matters

Brand matters! We and you also hear about laptop brands like DELL, HP, LENOVO, APPLE. Yes, these are brands. Before buying anything worthy you should go with popular brands.

The following tips you can consider before select any laptop brand:

  1. At your budget range which laptops are available as per your choice brands.
  2. Now google them about that brand and read some reviews of that laptop
  3. Know their customer support system and their availability services.

Though brands are a temporary selection for your best laptop at your budget. But you can try to get that brand which can provide the best services in your locality.

Check the budget for buying a laptop

After reading the entire article, you can find what laptop you should buy now you have to select your budget for buying this laptop. 

Where to buy and how to buy a laptop at an affordable price.

Now the big question comes in your mind: where you can buy your favourite laptop. Now everything in e-commerce you can buy your favourite laptop on your mobile phone. Just one recommendation is that before buying any laptop visit your local shop with that model number. They have better suggestions along with them to compromise with your budget.

Pro tips before buying a laptop – Wrap up

Hello readers! Here we have enlisted a few topics for your best laptop buying guide

  • Select 15.6 Inch Laptop for better display and performance. Even if you are a student or businessmen, you can easily handle and maintain that laptop
  • If you have a budget more than 50K INR, go with a graphics card and minimum i5 configuration laptop.
  • Select the best brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo before buying any laptop.
  • Check whether it comes with which Operating System (Now Windows OS comes with most of the Laptop.)
  • If you are buying from a local store, never take any laptop cover or keyboard cover. Rather than try to deduct that money in your price tag.
  • Never install any third-party software in your laptop after starting up your device. 

We think you will get an overview of buying your first laptop. And if you won’t to share your experience after buying your first laptop, comment down below or use #MyFirstLaptop hashtag in your different social media handle.