4 Latest WhatsApp Features Releases Soon – Are You Excited?

WhatsApp becomes the most important messaging application and the latest WhatsApp features are going to release soon. With time WhatsApp has made a lot of changes to it. You can react to the messages in your chats similar to the messenger. The Meta-owned messaging platform is continuously working on the WhatsApp features. Here’s a look at the latest WhatsApp features.

Latest WhatsApp Features Coming Soon!

The Meta is working on WhatsApp to make it more interesting and better for the users. It brings a lot of features with every update. And, some more features are on the way. Let’s take a quick look.

WhatsApp’s Edit Messages Feature

WABetaInfo, known for tracking WhatsApp features, has recently revealed the latest WhatsApp edit message feature in his report. Meta is working on the ability to edit sent text messages on WhatsApp. So that, you can rectify types and even change the sent message if needed.

The information on the message editing feature was rumored to be five years ago. Finally, it turns out in 2022 to reach the users. The report also showcases how you can use this feature. Simply click and hold the message you want to edit, the pop-up menu added the “Edit” option including “Info” and “Copy” options. All you need to do is click on the “Edit” option, type the new message, and sent it again.

latest WhatsApp features - edit messages
WhatsApp Features: Edit Option

However, there won’t be any edit history of the message in the earlier version. But it might be included in the final version. Even it’s still unknown if there will be a time limit or not on this “Edit” feature like the “Delete Message” option. As it’s currently under development, it will take some time to be available for beta users and general users.

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WhatsApp Feature of Undo Deleted Messages

WABetaInfo has also revealed another latest WhatsApp features where Meta is working on an “Undo” option for the WhatsApp messages you have deleted. If you delete a message and select the “Delete for me” option, you will get a few seconds to change it by using the “Undo” option.

In the given image, you can see an “Undo” option appeared at the bottom of the screen if a message is deleted. The similar option you will get on Gmail. Tap on that to restore the message. This is similar to the undo option for various actions on Gmail. With this, you can either keep the message in either a group chat or an individual one.

latest WhatsApp features - Undo message
WhatsApp Features: Undo Option

However, it’s not clarified that the “Undo” functionality will be applicable for all deleted messages or only for the messages deleted for you. As it’s still under process, there’s no word until it will be available for the Beta users and general users. But enabling this feature for all the deleted messages makes more sense.

WhatsApp’s New Status Indication Reply Feature

Meta is recently testing a new form of status reply indicator icon which helps the users to know the reply messages of their status updates. This feature, tracked by WABetaInfo, will allow the users to spot the sent messages as replies to their stories with a single glance. Even people can easily differentiate between a status and a reaction to a message.

You can check this upcoming WhatsApp feature in the below-given image (Screenshot taken from the WhatsApp beta for desktops). It showcases a circular status reply indicator that appeared next to replies and normal messages haven’t been included in it. This “Status-reply Indicator” feature will eventually release for its Android and iOS platforms as well.

Latest WhatsApp Features - status-reply indicator
WhatsApp Features: Status-reply Indicator

However, the “status-reply indicator” feature is under development. It’s not available for Beta testers also. But this WhatsApp feature helps you to send emoji reactions to a Status update soon shortly. Techvaio will keep an eye on it and keep you updated.

WhatsApp’s Double Verification Code Feature

WABetaInfo has shared that WhatsApp has developed the “Double Verification Code” feature, which will send a verification code while logging in to your WhatsApp account on another smartphone. It will be added to the existing one-step verification process.

After successfully entering the first verification code, a second 6-digit code will be sent to your mobile number via WhatsApp that you need to enter again. It verifies that you are trying to log in rather than any cybercriminal. Both Android and iOS users are expecting such a privacy feature.

latest WhatsApp features - double verification code
WhatsApp Features: Double Code Verification

Due to the rise of the WhatsApp scam, Meta has thinking to develop this double verification feature. So, the addition of this security layer aims to put an end to such WhatsApp scams. It’s still under development and may take some time to reach beta users and general users.

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp is expected to introduce more new features including the “Edit” option to edit a sent message, and an “Undo” option for deleted messages for the users. Meta has recently offered message reactions, the Communities section, a 2GB limit for media, and the ability to add up to 32 people on a voice call on WhatsApp.

I hope these testing features will become official by this year. So, stay tuned to get timely updates. If you find this article helpful and interesting, share it with your friends and family. And, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.