Make Cartoon Pictures of Yourself – Top 6 Apps and Websites

Do you want to make cartoon pictures of yourself? Nowadays cartoon faces are trending in social media. Everyone wants to take their photo as a cartoon character. And they also try to know how peoples can make cartoon pictures of themselves from the person who already has done this. You may getting bore by using the original image regularly. But, you can try cartoon’s faces on your display to make some difference. You will find it impressive as a unique idea. And very fewer people do that because of their lack of knowledge about how to make it.

We, Techvaio, finds several apps and sites which can make your work easy in making cartoon pictures of yourself. You just have to upload your picture in it and the site will do the rest thing. You need not any skills to create cartoon pictures of yourself. After creating your cartoon pictures, you can upload it in various social media. So, quickly check out the sites and apps so that you can start creating cartoon pictures of yourself.

Websites for making of cartoon pictures of yourself

There are several sites from where you can make cartoon picture of yourself. You have to upload your original photo and the rest conversion will be done by the site itself. You will get a cartoon picture at the last. Let’s check out the sites that help you in creating cartoon pictures of yourself.

1. Avatar Maker

cartoon avatar maker

Avatar Maker website is a very popular site to make a cartoon picture of yourself. This Avatar Maker Website provides a simple and friendly interface for the best interaction. Besides this, this site consists of several features that helps you in making cartoon picture of yourself quickly. Avatar Face Maker will also allow to customize the face and body parts of user.

Visit Avatar Maker from here


Including the cartooning of users face, website provides various features like image manipulation and so on. The best thing about this site is that it can work on both portrait and landscape image. You can choose image from Facebook as well as from local storage that is a pretty cool feature for users.

Visit from here

3. Snapstouch

Snapstouch is a type of all-rounder site where you can do various things such as sketching of your image along with cartooning. You can make pencil sketching, painting, and various colour effects on your pictures. You have to upload the image and select what you want to do with the image, then site will handle the rest and provide an excellent result itself.

Visit Snapstouch from here

4. Picjoke

Picjoke com website is a complicated site that offers lots of features. You can either upload an image or use the stock images in this site to make cartoon picture of yourself. You may face lots of problems at the first use but after habituating you will get this site work-friendly.

Visit Picjoke from here

5. is a well-known site to make cartoon pictures of yourself. It turns your picture into a cartoonish look quickly and easily. You just have to upload your picture and select any of the available effects. Further process will be done by this site automatically. It gives the perfect cartoonish look. offers more than 250 cartoon effect. All you need to upload a picture either from Disk or from URL.

Visit from here

6. is a Japanese photo editing site. You can edit your photos and make a completely different look. This site offers up to 170 different editing tools with a free service. It allows to adjust pictures by giving it several editing parameters to make it perfect. The plus point is that, you can upload a pictures up to 50MB size. Also it supports multiple formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and BMP.

Visit from here.

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Apps for making of cartoon pictures of yourself

There are several Apps from where you can make cartoon picture of yourself. You have to upload your original photo and the rest conversion will be done by the Apps itself. Let’s check out the sites that help you in creating cartoon pictures of yourself.

1. Cartoon Yourself

cartoon yourself

Cartoon yourself app is one of the most popular cartoon maker app for both android and iOS users. User can easily make cartoon of their any photo with the help of this photo cartoon apps. Also you can turn your photo into a cartoon sketch, cartoon drawing and black and white cartoon. Internet connection on your device is very important to use this app. You can select photos from your gallery or you can click it by camera. The only minus thing is that free effects and filters are very limited. For the ultimate version you have to purchase this app. But you can use this app with limited facilities for free.

Visit Cartoon Yourself from android and iOS.

2. Cartoon Sketch

Cartoon sketch is one of the best cartoon making app for both android and iOS users. There is more than 100 amazing filters available. You can use any of them to make a cartoon of your image. You can edit sketch, pencil, cartoon and many other effect on your photo by using this app. It makes a realistic sketch of your photo. You can make your picture up to high resolution image.

Visit Cartoon Sketch from android.

3. Painnt – Art & Cartoon Filters

More than thousand filters and effects, Painnt is an art & cartoon filters app. It is developed by Moon-lighting for both android and iOS users. You can create a good avatar by turning your photos into an awesome cartoon picture on your phone. You can easily edit the photo in terms of the latest fashion, hair, make-up, and more to get the better look. We must say, it has a vast collection of free tools for creating an amazing avatar. The only minus point is that you will face some loading problem during Wi-Fi connection. Also, the app creates a watermark that you cannot remove. To remove it, you have to invest additional funds to purchase this App.

Visit Painnt-Art & Cartoon Filters from android.

4. Cartoon Face

Cartoon Face is a good cartoon yourself apps for both android and iOS users. User can easily make cartoon picture of their any photo. It also has a vast collection of effects and emotions that can be easily used. It can also create a cartoon video of images. Emotions that vary from smiley face to a sad face, you can easily use any of these expression to make a cartoon pictures of yourself and your friends.

Visit Cartoon Face from android.

5. Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Picture – Cartoon Photo Editor is an app for making a photo as a cartoon. You can make a cartoon by taking selfie. Selfie mode can make your photo directly to a cartoon photo. It only takes a few seconds for the conversion. Cartoon animation filters are available to enhance the editing. The only minus point is that it contains too many ads. It is available for free to use with in-app product.

Visit Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon photo editor from android.

6. Befunky

Befunky cartoon app

BeFunky is an amazing app to convert photo into cartoon. You can easily crop, straight, rotate, and edit more than 30 effect on your photo and make cartoon pictures of yourself. Also it will allow to create a cartoon as the comic character of yourself. It is a fully customize photo cartoon app for both android and iOS users.

Visit Befunky from android and iOS.


These are some of the best sites amd apps to make cartoon picture of yourself.. It is an interesting fact for the new generation. May everyone doesn’t know it but we, techvaio, try to give you knowledge up to a certain value that helps you to make cartoon picture of yourself. So this is all we have today. Hope you like our content.

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