23 Interesting Messenger Tips And Tricks You Should Try In 2022

You might use Messenger, and today I will tell you some of the Messenger tips and tricks to make it more fun. As more than a billion people are using Messenger monthly, Meta is rounding up some of the most interesting tips and tricks you can do with the messaging app. So, stick till the end.

List of Messenger Tips and Tricks

We won’t go over fundamentals like how to send a message, photo, video, sticker, or emoji, nor will we talk about how to make a voice or video call. Everybody is familiar with using those functions. Rather than that, we bring some interesting Messenger tips and tricks that you should try.

1) Share your location

Open a chat window with a buddy, then pick Location by tapping the More button (four dots in a square) on the toolbar above the text field. You might need to provide others access to your property. Send your present location after that. Your friend will get a map with your precise position as soon as possible.

2) Give your friend a nickname

On iOS – Open a conversation with a buddy, then tap his or her name at the top of the conversation and choose Nicknames. Then, hit your friend’s name again to begin customizing a nickname. In the chatbox, the buddy will see his or her new moniker.

On Android – Open a chat window with a buddy, then pick Nicknames by tapping the I button at the conversation’s top. To start setting a nickname, tap your friend’s name. The friend’s new moniker will appear in the chat box.

3) Change the name of group chats

On iOS – Start a group chat, tap the names at the top, and then choose the top names. The group chat’s name may then be changed to whatever you choose. Your new name will be visible to everyone in the chat room.

On Android – Open a group conversation, then hit the I icon at the top of the chat and scroll down to choose the names at the top. The group chat may then be renamed whatever you like. Everyone in the conversation will see your new name.

4) Change the photo of group chats

On iOS – Open a group conversation, then tap the names at the top of the chat, and then press the names again. You may then modify the group chat’s photo by taking a new photo or selecting one from your camera roll. The updated photo will be shown to all of your chat pals.

On Android – To access extra settings, open a group chat, press the I icon at the top of the conversation, and then choose the Extra Settings button (three vertical dots). After that, you can choose any image as the group chat’s profile picture. The updated picture will be shown to all of your chatroom buddies.

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5) Customize your chat theme

On iOS – You can add a nickname, choose a color or emoji for the discussion, and add more individuals by opening a chat with a friend or group, tapping the name at the top of the chat, and then selecting an option from the list. To change the username, color, or emoji options, tap the chat’s theme or appearance.

On Android – Open a chat with a friend or group, then press the I button at the top of the chat to access choices such as muting notifications for a specified amount of time, adding a moniker, choosing a color, or emoji for the conversation, and adding more participants. To change the appearance and feel of the conversation, select a nickname, color, or emoji.

Messenger tips and tricks

6) Send a voice message

Sometimes it’s just simpler to speak something than it is to type it out. Simply tap and hold the microphone to the left of the text box on your conversation to send a voice message. Once you start a message, it will send when you let go of the microphone, but you may remove it by dragging it away. Anyway, say what you’re too lazy to type, then lift your finger to convey it to the conversation.

7) Play basketball with a friend

Find a basketball emoji on your keyboard, then select a buddy to start a discussion with. To access a new screen where you may shoot hoops, long-press the emoji from there. A note requesting participation will be sent to your buddy.

8) Send a bigger thumb-up

Open a conversation with a buddy, then click the thumbs-up button in the toolbar above the text box. If you hit that button, you’ll send a brief thumbs-up to your buddy, but if you hold down on it before releasing, the thumbs-up will increase and you may send that instead. This works with whatever emoji you’ve chosen for the discussion.

9) Change the color on your thumbs-up emoji

On iOS – Click your photo in the upper left corner, above the search box, on the Messenger main page, which lists all of your chats. Emoji can be chosen from the selections by scrolling down. There, in addition to the pre-selected yellow thumbs up, are other possibilities for you to select from.

On Android – Go to the Messenger main menu, which displays all of your chats, and click your photo, which is shown in the upper left above the search box. Scroll down to Photos and Media. Apart from the basic yellow thumbs-up, you’ll be able to choose an emoji from the options provided.

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10) Open an app

Select the More button (four dots) on the toolbar to the left of the text field when a chat is open. This will bring up two rows, the bottom row of which has applications you may launch to quickly share with the chat partner. For instance, sharing music across Apple Music, Wall Street Journal news articles, your favorite Pinterest pins, and a tonne more are simple.

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11) Send or request money

Open a conversation with a buddy, then hit the More button (four dots) in the toolbar to the left of the text field, and then pick Payments. You may then select pay or request to send or request money. Simply input the money, add a remark, and click next/request to send. You may also change the theme in this area by swiping left (to, like, a Christmas theme, for instance).

However, you must have a payment card set up. Open Messenger, press the Me/profile icon in the navigation bar, and select Payments. You’ll then see choices to add a new debit card. You’ll also see your transaction history and the option to cancel issued requests.

12) Play a game

In the toolbar to the left of the text box, open a chat and touch the More button (four dots). You ought should see a game option with a controller symbol there. When you click it, a vast selection of games will appear from which you can choose. The person you’re conversing with will be notified immediately to join you, or you may choose to play alone.

13) Adjust notification preferences

On iOS – If you’ve ever been in an active group chat, you’ve probably been bombarded with alerts for every message received. To resolve the issue, mute the entire group conversation or individual chat. Simply begin a chat with a friend or group, tap the name at the top of the chat, and then hit the mute button to the left. You may mute notifications for 15 minutes, one hour, eight hours, or twenty-four hours, or until you turn them back on.

You may also customize the sound and vibration settings. Open Messenger, then pick Notifications from the menu bar by tapping the Me/profile icon. A Notifications in Messenger option will appear. Tap it to enable or disable sound and vibrations from this area.

On Android – Go into a conversation with a friend or group, hit the I button at the top, and choose Notifications. Options for notification muting include 15 minutes, an hour, eight hours, 24 hours, or till you turn them back on.

Settings for vibration and sound may also be changed. To access Notifications and Sound, open Messenger, then press the Me/profile icon in the navigation bar. The choices to modify your preferences for sound and vibration will then appear.

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14) Remove notification previews

On iOS – Launch Messenger to prevent alerts from appearing on your lock screen, hit the Me/profile icon in the menu bar, and then pick Notifications. The Reveal Previews option will then appear, allowing you to show or conceal message previews in alerts and banners.

On Android – Open Messenger and choose Notifications and Sound from the menu that appears after tapping the Me/profile icon. The Notifications Previews option will then appear, allowing you to reveal or conceal message previews.

15) Draw on your photos

On iOS – Open a conversation with a buddy, then press the Camera button in the toolbar to the left of the text box to browse through your camera roll. Select a photo, then long-press it and select Edit. At the bottom of the photo preview, you’ll notice choices for adding text or doodling.

On Android – Open a conversation with a buddy, select the Gallery option from the toolbar to the left of the text area, and then browse your camera roll. To edit a photo, select it and press the button. You may add text or doodles using the settings in the top right of the photo preview.

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16) Set a reminder

Open a conversation and click the four-dot menu to the left of the text box. There are two rows of alternatives there, with the reminder indicated by a bell in the top row. When you click it, you may give the reminder a name, a time, and a place. Anyone in your conversation will see the reminder.

17) Search in conversation

On iOS – You may search for a particular message in a conversation. Simply click the organization or person’s name at the top of the page to begin communicating with them. Then, choose “Search in Conversation” from the pop-up menu, and a text box will appear. So, for example, if you’re looking for the Netflix username you know you already have from a previous discussion, try putting “Netflix” into the search bar and then clicking search. Any mention of it will appear in the chat’s history for you to view.

On Android – In the top left corner of a chat, click the I button. Then, from the menu, choose “Search in Conversation,” and a text field will appear. Enter your search term into the search bar, click search, and you’ll see any mention of it in the history of that particular discussion.

18) Turn on dark mode

Go to the Messenger home page, where all of your chats are listed, and click your picture, which is visible in the upper left corner above the search box. The first menu item will allow you to change the dark mode for all of your chats on or off.

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19) Save photos in the Messenger camera

On iOS – Navigate to the Messenger main menu, which displays all of your chats, and click your photo, which is shown in the upper left corner above the search bar. Scroll down to the Data & Storage section. There, you may choose whether or not to store images taken in the app on your device.

On Android – Go to the Messenger main page, where all of your chats are listed, and click your photo to the right of the search box. To choose Photos and Media, scroll down. To automatically store any images you take in the app to your gallery, turn on Save on capture there.

20) Add filters to a photo

Only On Android – This one currently only works on Android. Access a photo in Messenger by clicking the gallery button to open your camera roll, then hit the edit button. On the top right side of the screen, a menu will appear. Select the magic wand-shaped icon at the bottom of the screen to access any of the numerous Snapchat-like filters.

Messenger tips and tricks

21) Create a shortcut

Only On Android – Again, this is an Android-only app. You may add a quick-access shortcut to your home screen for any Messenger conversations you need to get to fast. Simply long-press any discussion under the “Home” tab to bring up a pop-up menu and the Create shortcut option. Choose that to add a shortcut on the home screen of your phone. That Messenger discussion is now just a touch away.

22) Interact with a bot

When you’re on the main Messenger screen on your iPhone or Android smartphone, select the compass icon in the bottom right corner to enter the Discover menu. There, you may select chatbots that will engage with you. Check out Pocket-step-by-step lint’s introduction to Messenger bots to learn more about what they are and where to locate them.

23) Use the standalone Messenger site

On Desktop – You can utilize Messenger without visiting the Facebook home page if you spend most of your day in front of a computer. Simply visit Messenger.com. Unfortunately, this online app lacks some of the mobile app’s functions.

Wrapping Up

All of these Messenger tips and techniques should be tried at least once, and your user experience should be shared in the comments. I hope this post has helped you learn some Messenger tips and techniques. Please spread the word about this article and don’t forget to like it. Share any other Messenger tips and techniques in the comments. Thank you for reading, and please remain tuned.