Best Online games for youth – You must play

With a fast internet connection and affordable smartphones, the youth of today is no stranger to online gaming. When used in moderation, it is an effective way to kill time and also learn a few crucial life skills.

However, online gaming is not just for youth. Several games are equally suitable and at times, even beneficial, for children.

It is a misconception that animated games are not desirable for children. When played in a controlled and supervised environment, it can allow them to connect with their friends and have fun during their study breaks.

Such alternate ways of entertainment have become all the more essential in today’s time – when the children are staying indoors due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

8 online games

Here is a list of some popular online games that are easy to play and are equally fun for children.

List of online games for youth

Candy Crush

If your child is above five years, candy crush is one of the most appropriate games that you can let your child play. It is a puzzle game but with vibrant colours and cool candies. Both of these are enough to attract the attention of any child.

In this game, the player will have to match three or more coloured candy pieces, while also managing the speed. It is a game where the child needs to plan to collect points and play the game within the maximum number of moves allowed.

The best part is that the game comes with five lives, and the child will have to wait for thirty minutes after losing one life. This way, the child won’t get addicted and will learn patience in the process.


Children love playing Uno and for a good reason. They enjoy the prospect of winning and beating their friends in friendly matches. When children get together to play with this deck of cards, they can lose track of time and go on for hours and hours.

In the current times, they can’t step out of their house; you can download the game on your smartphones and give them a chance to play their favourite game. They can either play with their friends or with other players from across the globe.


If there is a game that is enjoyed by both adults and children, it is Ludo. A single game can keep your child occupied for an hour and also let them have fun with their friends when they can’t go out.

It is an enjoyable game that also involves strategy and planning. As your child and their friends try to enter all their pegs into their houses first, they will also have fun. You can fix a time with other parents, ludo download and let your children play the game. This way, you can also enjoy some downtime.


Would you like your children to enhance their vocabulary while playing a game that keeps them occupied for a good time? If yes, Scrabble is the perfect solution.

The good old game of scrabble is now available in the online format. All you need to do is download the game and let your child play away.

The best part is that you can also play with your child from another phone and challenge their thinking abilities. The game reinforces the new words that your child learns in different matches. Thus, it becomes easier to recollect the words as they speak in the language.

Moreover, the game allows the players to play against other players from around the world. It will introduce your children to new words that are more common in their terminology.

Fruits and Vegetables Slicer

The slicing game has been everyone’s favourite at some time or the other. It is a fun game that can occupy your children and also help them in improving their hand-eye coordination. The game requires a quick player at cutting the objects that appear on the screen.

Also, if your children are young, you can use the game to teach them the names of fruits and vegetables. They will also learn the colour and shapes of each of these objects, which is an essential lesson for them.

Sports games

Children love playing outdoors, but a lot depends on their schedules and outdoor conditions. With online games such as cricket, snooker, tennis etc., you can let them play their favourite games when they can’t go out.

As they play the online versions of these games, they will also learn the rules of the sport. Moreover, it allows them to make a winning strategy. They can then replicate these strategies on the field and get better at their favourite sport.

Name Place Animal Thing

For decades, it has been a popular game amongst the Indians. In most probability, every parent has fond memories associated with the game. With the online version, you can give an alternate entertainment option to your children and their friends.

To make it all the more fun, ask them not to repeat the words that they used in the previous day’s match. This way, they will learn new words and even challenge their brains.


If parents had to choose one game, chess would win the race hands down. The game stimulates one’s thinking and processing abilities like no other match or sport. It also teaches your child to strategise and plan as the current move can have implications on the match.

Introduce it to your child from a young age to reap the most benefits. The brains in children are still developing, and it is the reason why they also learn faster.

In the current online versions of chess, your child can play against AI and pick up some great moves.



These are challenging times, and children are at the worst receiving end. With their schools shut and restrictions on free movement, they need activities to stay busy. These online games, like ludo wala game, are a fun way to connect with their friends, and also learn a few skills along the way.

These games are easy to play and will be an effective way to connect with their friends.