Google One: Reasons To Use Google One In 2022

You have already known about Google offered storage for Gmail and Google Photos, which is too limiting. Out of the free 15GB storage, how much is left for collaborating on large documents or storing all emails? So, here are some of the reasons to use Google One. Now, you will find respite with Google One. Let’s explore Google One and the reasons to use Google One.

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What Is Google One?

Before the launch of Google One, Google provided storage subscription options to consumers via its Google Drive platform. Google Drive storage plans might be synchronized with and utilized across all Google platforms.

However, in May 2018, Google unveiled Google One as its new official storage buying platform, reinstating Google Drive to its previous role as a storage service.

Google One is just a rebranded version of Google Drive, with new price tiers and a few other exciting new features. Consider it an improved version of Google Drive with a few extra bells and whistles.

Reasons To Use Google One In 2022

What makes Google One a good choice? Here are four reasons you might want to become a Google One member.

Back-Up Drive for Android

Google One makes transitioning from one Android device to another easier. Android users may use the Google One app to back up their whole phone data to the cloud, including multimedia messages, photographs, videos, and device data.

Users may restore backed-up data to their new smartphone by selecting the Restore option during the Android setup process, or by installing the Google One app once the device has been activated and selecting the Restore from Your Backup option under Settings.

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The Restore from Backup option will restore the backed-up data to the new device, eliminating the need for you to manually download your information.

Access to “Google Experts”

Consider them premium tech support personnel. Google Experts are individuals who have been educated by Google to assist customers in answering inquiries regarding Google goods and services. These “Experts” are inaccessible to the average Google user.

reasons to use Google One

Google One customers get 24/7 access to Google experts if they encounter any issues while using the app or any Google-owned service. The lone exception is Google Business products such as Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), which have their support staff.

Family Storage

Users of Google One may create a family group or share a plan with an existing group to share their storage with up to five more family members (six total, including the sharer).

Additionally, as a Google One customer, you may provide your family access to Google Experts and Google One’s private VPN (more on this later).

Another benefit of family storage is that users can’t access your files in the cloud although the storage space is shared by several people.

Access to VPN by Google One

Google One subscribers with 2TB or higher plans have access to Google One’s private VPN, which “encrypts all of your online activities for an extra layer of safety wherever you’re connected,” according to Google.

There’s no need to download another VPN software because the VPN in the Google One app may be started with a single press.

If you often use public Wi-Fi networks and want a large amount of cloud storage, this is a good deal.

Note: Currently, only Android users in the US have access to the VPN (through the Google One app). Google claims that the iOS, Windows, and Mac versions will be available shortly.

How to Sign up/Upgrade to Google One

Register with your individual Google account. Those who don’t already have one can make one here. Follow the instructions below by going to

reasons to use Google One
  • Click on the “Upgrade” button.
  • Select a plan as per your budget from the Subscription page, and click “Continue.”
  • Pick a payment method, pay the charges, and click “Subscribe.”

You can also sign up using your phone by downloading the mobile app. Install the Google One app from the Play Store or the App Store. The procedure for upgrading to a Google One membership from within the app is comparable.

Log in with your Google account. Tap the Become a member button, then choose your chosen plan, payment method, and subscription.

Reasons To Use Google One: Users Can Enjoy

Do you still feel it’s not worth it? See what benefits Google One subscribers get. Remember that if the service gains traction, Google may decide to cease giving these incentives or change their nature.

Google Play Credits

Google One subscribers in various regions reported receiving a $5.00 credit to spend on the Google Store, with a note from Google saying, “To thank you for becoming a Google One member, we’re offering you a $5.00 credit on Google Play. Enjoy movies, games, and other media across devices.”

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Hotel Deals

When available, Google One members receive up to 40% off specific hotels when they search for accommodations while logged into their Google account.

The size of the discount on hotel accommodations obtained through Google One is based on the day, the hour, and other elements. The advantages differ by nation and are always changing.

Free Nest Mini (Up to 2 TB plan Upgradation)

Users who upgraded their Google One membership to the 2TB plan received a free Nest Mini gadget.

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Shopping Offers

Google One users on the 200GB plan receive 3% cashback (in Google Store credit) on all Google Store purchases, while users on the 2TB plan and higher receive 10% cashback (in Google Store credit). The cashback advantage is only offered to customers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

Is Google One the best cloud storage platform?

Maybe or maybe not as per your needs, preference, and user experience. Google One is most likely the only sensible choice for those who have already made significant investments in the Google ecosystem. However, it might not be the case for everyone else.

Let’s end up here. We hope you will gain some knowledge about Google One from here. Share your thoughts in the comments, and please share this article with others. Stay tuned for such interesting topics, and thanks for reading.!!

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