How to Remove Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome?

Does the Blinking Text Cursor disturb you? Don’t worry, this article will help you to remove Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome. So, read till the end.

Before moving towards removing the Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome, you should know about Blinking Text Cursor. And, the reason behind removing the Blinking Text Cursor. In today’s article you will get to know about this feature, the reason to remove Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome and how to remove Blinking Text in Chrome.

What is a Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome?

When inputting text into an input, blinking text cursors should show. The flickering text cursor frequently appears when we enter or mark text in editing mode. However, Google Chrome has the option to activate the blinking text in normal mode.

The option is part of the accessibility function for navigating inside the text. In Chrome, we may activate or disable the text cursor blink. When working with word processors, notepads, spreadsheets, and other text-based documents, the Caret Navigation or flashing I-shaped cursor appears.

It denotes that you may add or update content in certain areas. In other words, it would appear everywhere there is an editable element. Chrome shows this issue everywhere. There is no irritating bug here, unlike what many people may believe. But it’s not a problem; rather, it is a feature for accessibility called “Navigate websites using a text cursor.”

How to Remove Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome?

There is no virus or third-party add-on responsible for the blinking cursor. You may quickly enable or disable this accessibility feature that Chrome introduced as required.

However, there is a reasonably interesting problem with this that has startled many Chrome users. They claim that the flashing cursor began to show even in areas that were not editable. To remove Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome, follow the below-given steps.

  • Go to “Google Chrome”
  • Click on the “Three Dots” at the top right corner of the Google Home Screen to open “Menu”.
Remove Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome
  • Click on “Settings” from that drop-down menu.
Remove Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome
  • You will get a list of options on the left side, select “Accessibility” from there.
  • Turn off the toggle “Navigate pages with a text cursor” to remove Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome.
Remove Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome
  • The Chrome browser’s caret browsing and flashing text cursor features will be instantly disabled. The text may now be selected by clicking as usual.
  • To activate or disable caret browsing, you may also use the Chrome keyboard shortcut. Toggle off the function by pressing the “F7 key” on your keyboard.
  • You must press the “Fn Key” in addition to the “F7 key” if that key has been given any extra functionality, such as going to the previous or next track, adjusting the volume, etc.

Remove Chrome Caret Browsing

This completes the guide on how to remove Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome. Using accessibility settings and keyboard shortcuts are two of the approaches we’ve discussed. Why Google chose to enable caret browsing in non-editable components is still a mystery.

Final Thoughts

The customers now have complete control to enable or disable it, which is the least expected. So, what do you think about the caret browsing function being useful or annoying, let us know in the comments. Please think about forwarding this post to your network if you find it useful. And, feel free to leave a comment if you have any thoughts about how to remove Blinking Text Cursor in Chrome.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the text cursor indicator?

While typing in any text-based software, such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, and Notepad, you will notice a flashing cursor, which is known as a text cursor indication.

2) Why does my screen have a flickering cursor?

Wireless mice and keyboards may have USB issues, causing your cursor to flicker. Even a flickering cursor indicates a low battery.

3) How do I get rid of the blinking cursor?

Either select Windows or click the Start button. Then, search “Change cursor blink rate” and drag the “Cursor blink rate” slider to the left.