Easiest method to Remove Unwanted Apps from Android in 2020

When you buy a new smartphone, you may see there are lots of unwanted apps are preinstalled. If you want to remove unwanted apps from Android, then this article will help you to remove unwanted apps. Some apps can be uninstalled very easily, but there are some apps which cannot be easily uninstalled. So, in today’s article, we, Techvaio, will tell how to remove unwanted apps from rooted and non-rooted smartphones.

Reason to Remove Unwanted Apps:

First of all, it’s necessary to know why we will remove the unwanted apps and what we will get by doing this. The reasons for removing unwanted apps are as follows.

  • Preinstalled apps are considered as bloatware.
  • With the unwanted apps, you’re wasting storage.
  • These unwanted apps are eating into your data allowance.
  • The battery drainage of your smartphone will be faster than normal.
  • Preinstalled apps might be malware – that may record and/or upload your personal information.

Different Methods of Removing Unwanted Apps

Depending upon the smartphone, the methods are decided to remove the third-party apps from your Android. If your smartphone is non-rooted, then there is a simple way to remove unwanted apps. But, if your smartphone is rooted, then you should use some bloatware removal tool such as Titanium Backup, No Bloat Free, and System App Remover to remove unwanted apps. Apart from this, you can also install a custom ROM to remove unwanted apps.

For Non-Rooted Smartphones

Sometimes it’s impossible to delete preinstalled apps, but you can disable them. To disable unwanted apps, go to “Settings > Apps & notifications > All apps.” From here, you can select the unused and unwanted apps, then tap the “Disable” option. It will revert the app to its initial version and block it so that you cannot see this app on your smartphones. These apps will not run though they stay installed and takes up space.

 Remove Unwanted Apps from Android

However, all apps cannot be disabled. By opening the app drawer, you can hide apps very easily in older Android versions. But it’s getting a lot tougher nowadays. You can tidy up your smartphones home screen by pressing the app icon for a long time and drag it to remove preinstalled bloatware apps and games. Android version can make a change into it.

force stop apps


For hiding the apps, you can use a launcher app that makes it easier than rooting your phone. But, the apps will still available on your smartphone, keep in mind.

For Rooted Smartphones, Bloatware Removal Tools

You are adding a standard Linux function by rooting your Android that was removed. It placed a small file called “su” in the system that allows another user to run the system. It allows to Switch User, and it also switches credentials and permissions to the super-user from a normal user if the file is running without any other parameters. You will get complete control and can add, remove, and access any functions of your Android device that you couldn’t do before.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is the first app that might deal with unwanted apps on your Android device. It can easily handle any downloaded app from Play Store or preinstalled app. The free version of Titanium Backup comes with the feature tools to backup and uninstall the unwanted apps. At the same time, the paid version of this bloatware removal tool delivers dozens of additional features along with the feature of uninstalling the unwanted apps. With so many features, Titanium Backup it didn’t seem easy to use at first, but it will be habituated over time.

Give the root permission after launching and tap the device storage area. Select the apps from the list of apps that you want to remove. Then, tap Uninstall and delete the bloatware, freezing apps. Titanic Backup is so powerful with the pro version to do more.

NoBloat Free

Besides offering the disable and enable an option for the system apps, NoBloat Free tool also allows you to delete an unwanted app. This tool can create backups and restore system apps. It means NoBloat Free tool is the best option for User to root the device and get rid of bloatware. With the endless additional features, the free version of NoBloat allows you to do the work. The premium version delivers enhanced features like batch operations, blacklisting system apps, and export settings.

System App Remover

The System App remover app offers an easy way to remove unwanted system apps. It provides a useful classification system to identify the apps quickly that you want to remove. System App Remover supports quick removal process, and it also shows ads. Including this key feature, the tool supports moving the apps to and from the SD card. User can also manage APKs and track down their older versions.

Installation of Custom ROM


A custom ROM contains a new build of the Android operating system. Installation of a Custom ROM is another solution for removing unwanted apps from your Android. Most of the people don’t need a custom ROM, but User needs to research the Custom ROM that will fulfil their needs. Looking for a custom ROM with the performance and privacy features, Copperhead and Omnirom are two good options for User’s rooted Android device. User can choose any one of them and then install it.


We, Techvaio, have tried several ways to remove unwanted Android apps, but it depends on whether you root your phone or not. Please take a look at the set of options we provide in the above context.

  • Delete or disable unwanted apps.
  • Use root-enabled apps to delete system apps.
  • Install a current ROM instead of a system ROM.

If you like our article, share it with your friends and help them to remove unwanted apps from your Android. And you can also suggest some other ways in the comments as we, Techvaio, are always looking forward to doing something new.