9 Best Resume Making Apps on Android

Making a resume can be stressful work to do when you’re a fresher. It’s mainly because of the so many resources and opinions on how to get it right. To know the best guide to follow and the best approach in terms of format, content, use of color, and adding a photo or not, all thanks to resume making apps out there. It’s never been easier to create a sterling CV or resume with the click of a button. But, with so many fantastic apps and software available, you must make your decision wisely.

In today’s topic, I am going to tell about the best resume making apps. Your app of choice must be up to date with the latest recruitment trends to avoid creating an outdated resume. Lucky for you, I’ve put together a list of the best resume making apps out there to create the perfect resume.

MS Word – the resume making apps

Microsoft Word is one of the best resume making apps. The app can generate neat stuff with its templates and word processing capabilities. You can save the file in different formats like Doc, Docx, and PDF. The mobile version doesn’t have templates, but it provides a basic option. On desktop, you will get all the access to MS Word.

MS Word - Best Resume Making Apps
MS Office – Word

Microsoft Word is an extremely powerful tool. If you have a Microsoft Office subscription, then take advantage of it. Microsoft Word helps you to create a unique resume and take notice of HR. Take a blank template, and make it in your way. It’s a long but satisfying way for making a resume.


✅ Nice UI

✅ Various layout tools

✅ It combines of various elements like words, tables, images, and shapes.


It is available for free. If you purchase the subscription pack, then you have to pay $6.99 to $9.99 USD monthly. And, you can buy it at $149.99 USD for a lifetime.

CV Engineer – the resume making apps

CV Engineer is one of the best resume making apps on this list. It features a bunch of resume formates with simple controls, and you can export in PDF format when you’re done. It is easy to use for anyone as it offers to fill out each field until the whole thing is finished.

Matthew Callery designed the app, so the templates are decent and most appropriate. You can make resumes for free in the CV Engineer app. It will ask you one by one during fill-up the format.

Another best resume making app - CV Engineer
CV Engineer App

It will guide you with suggestions and tips to make a good resume, including skills, interests, education, etc. You can save your resume after completing all the filling-up procedures. You can save the file to your Google Drive or send it directly via email. The app is free to use. 


✅ CV Engineer works fast.

✅ It delivers tips and suggestion.

✅ Simple layout to assemble all required information.


It is free to use. But, you can donate up to $5.99 USD to the developer.

Resume Builder – the resume making apps

Resume Builder is another best resume making apps that can quickly build a good resume. Various templates help you to make your resume with ease. The tips, guides to creating an informative and strong resume.

Resume builder app for making your resume
Resume Builder App

Resume Builder is an Intelligent and one of the best-rated resume making apps available in the Play Store. With a great-looking UI and easy user interface, this app delivers a ton of templates. You can change the text format, color, and page size of the templates.

This app will guide you to make a resume with formatting options. You can download the resume in PDF format once you’ve done it. Also, you can share directly or print from the app.


✅ Great looking UI.

✅ Easy user interface.

✅ It provides tons of templates that can be customized.


This is free to use resume making app.

Aristos Resume Builder – the resume making apps

Ariosto Resume Builder is the fairly best resume making apps on my list. The app provides more than 75 customizable templates of resumes for various types of jobs. You can either download the final one in PDF format or share it with your cloud storage via email.

It is resume making software
Aristos Resume Builder

Some users complain that their resume was deleted due to leave the app working and come back.


✅ It provides more than 75 customized templates.

✅ Provides an option to direct sare via email.


It is a free to use resume making app but contains ads.

Pocket Resume – the resume making apps

Pocket Resume is one of the best resume making app as it helps create a great resume on your mobile. You can also send it to anyone who asks for your resume at any time. A slick interface helps create, maintain, update, and email your resume from the phone easily.

Resume making apps on android
Pocket Resume App


✅ Delivers a slick user interface.

✅ You can create, maintain, and update your work.

✅ It also allows you to share directly via email.


It is available for free in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Resume Builder Pro – the resume making apps

Resume Builder Pro is one of the top-rated apps. You can create your resume by filling up all the information’s in few minutes. The resume app is necessary to make a resume in your career to get a job or change the job. You can save the resume in DOCX, PDF format that can be directly printed out from the app.

This award-winning app allows you to create a professional resume in three-step. It works even in offline mode and delivers more than 100 professionally designed templates. Resume Builder Pro has millions of users in the whole world.

Resume Builder Pro is a successor of the Resume Builder App available in Google Play Store
Resume Builder Pro

This app has improved with regular updates and acquire new features. It offers a seamless resume making procedure and adds unique elements to make a shiny resume. This app provides suggestions on the job description and writing tips to create an ideal resume.


✅ It upgrade it features with regular updates.

✅ It provides unique elements to make shine your resume.

✅ It gives job description and tips to make resume.


It offers all the features to make your resume for free.

CV Maker – the resume making apps

CV Maker is another compelling option created by Mobotechnology Inc. to create resumes. This app delivers more than 100 templates for making a resume, covers letters over 250 and 30 languages. You can customize the colors, font, style, and signature.

CV Maker is one of the best resume making apps available for free as well as paid.
CV Maker App on Android

Single as well as multipage resumes are available to take into use. With a nice and modern UI, the app offers the necessary tools to make your resume a vast majority of the time. You can purchase an app that doesn’t contain ads, but you can also use it free.


✅ Comes with modern and nice UI.

✅ Offers necessary tools in free version.

✅ Provides more than 100 templates and 250 cover letters along with 30 different languages.


It is available for free as well as paid version.

Free Resume Builder – the resume making apps

Magnetic Lab’s creation ‘Free Resume Builder is a better free resume making app. It provides a bunch of customizable sections for making any resume. The advanced option allows you to reformat the chosen template. It supports creating a duplicate resume, saving in PDF format, and adding a photo if wanted.

Make a professional resume using resume making apps on android.
Free Resume Builder App

Quite liked UI and information input makes it a super easy and good-looking resume making app. The free version shows ads that can be removed by paying $1.49 USD if you want to.


✅ Simple UI with easy to use interface.

✅ Delivers bunch of customization features to reformate the templates.

✅ Free version contain adds that can be removed by taking paid version.


You can use it for free. Also, you can purchase the app for $1.49 USD to remove ads.

Resumaker – the resume making apps

Resumaker covers all the basic requirements to make resumes. Multiple templates are easy enough to fill up. You can customize the colors, fonts of every letter in your resume. The completed file can be export in PDF format. The templates look clean and entirely free with ads.

There are some complaints of minor bugs, but nothing major. The design of this app is nice, along with various templates. Select a resume template where information will appear, and you can tweak it a little bit. Once you’ve done, you can download your resume in PDF format and print it out or share it.

Resumaker is another resume making app available on Play store.

This app provides some extra tools that make your resume unique. You can change the accent color and other things when a resume is imported into the resume template. Also, discover several other features by yourself.


✅ Offers to customize the selected template with colors and fonts.

✅ Provide an option to print out from the app or direct share through email.

✅ Discover several features by using and get extra tools to build your resume unique.


The free app works great. But it contains to add. You can also buy the upgrades model.


That’s all for now. All the above-given apps have been picked out for their user-friendly functionality. It allows you to create a professionally designed resume using a vast choice of colours, fonts and more. Hope you have gained knowledge about some of the best resume making apps through this article.

All of the listed resume making apps are efficient, user-friendly and help to create an amazing resume. So, using a resume making app wisely to create your resume can obtain a chance of employment in today’s competitive labour market. Share it among the people who are looking for guidance to make their resumes. These resume making apps will help them.

Have you ever used any of these resume making apps to create a resume? How’s your experience? You can share your experiences in the comment section. Also, let us know if you are using some other resume making app that delivers a nice working experience in the comment.

FAQs on Best Resume Making Apps on Android

1) Can a resume be 2 pages?

A resume should typically be only one page in length. However, there are certain circumstances under which a two-page resume is acceptable. As long as all the information that is included is important and relevant to the employer, resume length is secondary.

2) Is it better to have a 1 page or 2-page resume?

Allowing your resume to run longer than the standard one-page length may actually help you get further in the job hunting process, research suggests. A 2018 study found that employers preferred two-page resumes over one-page resumes, regardless of a candidate’s job level.

3) Can your resume be 1.5 pages?

No, your resume can’t be 1.5 pages. 1.5 pages will leave too much empty space, and make your application look unprofessional. If you have under ten years of relevant work experience, you should only write a one-page resume. If you have more than ten years, however, a two-page resume is acceptable.