How to Setup Sleep Timer in Windows for Turning of Apps

Sometimes happens while watching TV, I used to fall asleep. So, I used to set the Sleep Timer on TV to shut it down after the fixed period automatically.

If you use laptops or desktops more than TV to access entertainment, then a sleep timer option could be more beneficial. In today’s article, we, Techvaio, will tell you how you set a sleep timer using the Windows built-in shutdown feature.

How to Set a Sleep Timer in Windows for Shutdown

Users can easily set a Windows sleep timer for shutting down their computers through the Command Prompt and Windows shutdown command.

First of all, users have to type “command” into the Start Menu search box. And you will find “Command Prompt” where the user needs to write the following command: Shutdown -s -t 3600

The parameter “-s” indicates the shutdown of the computer, and the “-t 3600” parameter indicates the delay time of 3600 seconds, after which the computer or laptop will automatically shut down. By typing this command, the user can quickly set a schedule for sleep timer to shut down the computer. The sleep timer operates only in seconds.

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Create a Sleep Timer Desktop Shortcut

If user want to use the sleep timer regularly, then they should create a sleep timer shortcut. From there, users can set sleep timers without opening the Command Prompt.

First, create a new shortcut in the Desktop by a right-click and selecting New > Shortcut. Copy and paste the command – “Shutdown -s -t 3600.”

Put a name to the shortcut and click Finish. Finally, users have a custom shutdown sleep timer. After that, right-click on sleep timer shortcut and select Properties, then Change the Icon for sleep timer through the warning custom.

Create a Sleep Timer Cancellation Shortcut

If you want to use the computer for more than one hour, This way you can stop the timer countdown

The plus point is that users can also create a shortcut to cancel the sleep timer. Right-click on Desktop and select New > Shortcut. Copy and paste the command – “Shutdown –a.”

Give a name to the shortcut and click Finish. Finally, users have a custom sleep timer cancellation. After that, right-click on sleep timer cancellation shortcut and select Properties. Then Change the Icon for sleep timer cancellation to providing it specific look.

Top 3 Collection of Sleep Timer Shutdown App for Windows 10

If users don’t want to use a graphical shortcut user interface, they may use several sleep-timers to shut down apps for this shutdown purpose.

1. Sleep-Timer Ultimate

Sleeptimer ultimate

With a lot of functionality, Sleep-Timer Ultimate is a free sleep timer App. Sleep-Timer Ultimate is used to set a wide range of sleep timers by the users. For example, a user could set a specific date and time for their computer to shut down.

Sleep-Timer Ultimate is the timed program launcher to launch a specific amount of time elapses that is a cool feature. Also, customizable sleep timer overlays can add to the Desktop for tracking the timer.

2. Sleep Timer

Sleep Timer fulfills the basic approach compared to Sleep-Timer Ultimate with extensive functionality. Sleep Timer can do – the setting of the timer, shutting down the computer at the appropriate time by leaving it open.

The app developer has developed Sleep Timer as the perfect tool for them, who fall asleep by listening to music. So, the computer will not be running all night. Users can also set the shutdown sequence for restart or hibernation after a set duration and even a period of inactivity.

3. Adios

Adios Shutdown timer

The aptly named “Adios,” with an easy user interface, is also a free sleep timer for Windows. There are options for restarts, user logoff, timed shutdown, and to switch off a monitor. By using up and down arrows, the user can set the time. It can run into days if the user wants.

Users will get a voice notification option to enable shutdown timer. Like Sleep Timer Ultimate, Adios can also access by running a program on a timer. Furthermore, Adios can be used to set a download to start at a fixed time.

Changing the Sleep Timer on Your Laptop

Windows 10 has an in-build sleep timer. When a computer, laptop, or tablet is kept unused for a certain amount of time, it will automatically enter sleep mode. Users can also edit the amount of sleep time. Users can select the sleep timers from the settings and also by searching from the start menu. There are two things to know, i.e.

Screen – Configure when the screen goes to sleep – it just turn off the screen instead of putting the computer “sleep mode.”

Sleep – Configure when the computer hibernates – its use to power down into “hibernation mode” during the unused power on the computer.

In the case of a portable device, you will find extra options from where you can know the device runs on battery back-up or connected to the main power supply. There are many other options like using the power button of a laptop as a sleep control.

You Can Set Windows Sleep Timers Easily

Now, you have come to know about multiple options to set a sleep timer on Windows. The shortcut option provides a primary shutdown timer, whether the dedicated Windows 10 sleep timer apps delivers extensive shutdown timer functionality.


That’s it for now. We, Techvaio, are now sure that you have to know how to set up a sleep timer in windows for shutdown by this comprehensive information. Finally, if you like our article, please share it with your lovable persons and help them set up a sleep timer in windows for a shutdown. For further queries, comment below.