Top 8 Best SHAREit Alternatives-File Sharing Apps, Alternatives

Best SHAREit Alternatives

Do you search for alternative apps for popular Chinese app SHAREit? or do you want safe file sharing apps? If yes, then this article is in your favour.


SHAREit is a popular Chinese app for transferring or sharing files and documents. This App is mostly used for sharing purpose. It is available for both Android and iOS. This app provides good experience but due to the ban of 59 Chinese apps along with SHAREit alternatives forced the user to stop the use of this app. Also, this app is removed from Google Play Store and App Store after the ban. And, Indian Government strictly asked to block access to app servers so that active users can’t use these apps anymore.


  • Because of the increasing tension in India-China border, the Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps along with the popular document sharing app SHAREit.
  • Also, under the Information Technology Act, the emergent nature of threats has forced 59 apps to be blocked as they are engaged in information transfer activities. According to section 69A, it is prejudicial to India’s sovereignty and integrity, defence of India, the security of the state, and public order.
  • In this scenario, besides having Bluetooth in smartphones, we have to know about the  SHAREit Alternatives for sharing our files and documents from one device to another device without using the internet.

List of  Top 8 Shareit Alternatives:

Files Go by Google

Best alternative of Shareit - files by google

As the best alternative app of SHAREit, you can use Files Go App only for Android. It is developed by Google and, provides the same features as SHAREit. So user don’t have to worry about the functions and use. It is best alternative app for popular Chinese app SHAREit. It takes the place of SHAREit and helps to share as well as receive files and documents in different devices.

It is available on Android.

Share All

Share all Alternative of Shareit

Share All is one of the best alternative apps of SHAREit. It helps to share all type files between two devices without compromising privacy. There is no a size or quantity limit for sharing files. Similar to SHAREit alternatives, this app also needs Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access to share files and no internet connectivity required. It provides maximum up to 20MBps sharing speed. It is not the fastest but provides a good service. It is completely free to use and best Indian alternative app of SHAREit.

It is available on Android.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

As per the name, it can allow the user to share any type of file to anywhere. Send Anywhere is the best alternative to file-sharing apps. In the beginning, the user has to enter a one-time 6 digit key to transfer files. You need no Wi-Fi or internet connection to share files. At one-time multiple users can receive the file via the sharing link.

For maintaining user data privacy, this app is protected by 256-bit file encryption protocol. Also the free version of the app contains many ads. To get rid of these ads user have to buy the premium version. It increases the size, stability and file transfer speed.


Super beam best alternative of Shareit

Superbeam is the oldest alternative app of SHAREit and best app for File sharing app. It helps to share all types of files and documents in both Android and iOS. It also helps to transfer files from android phone to PC or Mac. Superbeam is a cross-platform files transfer app with an intuitive interface and quite fast.


Jio Switch best alternative of Shareit

JioSwitch is also a SHAREit Alternatives. Jioswitch is the best alternative to file-sharing apps. It helps to share and receive files and documents irrespective of its size and types. It supports file transfer for both Android and iOS. Also, the app is ad-free. So, it is one of the best SHAREit alternatives.

Z Share

Z share Best alternative of Shareit

Z share app is made by Shravan Hegde. Z Share is the best alternative of file sharing apps. He is a BCA student who developed this app in support of Boycott Chinese app SHAREit and Xender. With a peer-to-peer connection, the user can share audio, videos, documents and apps. It provides a dark mode and supports the fast transfer. It is available in Google Play Store for free of cost.


Zapya file sharing Apps

Zapya is a strong contender as a SHAREit alternative. Zapya is the best alternative of file sharing apps. It helps to share and receive all types of files like apps, audio, video, document etc. Also, it has a clean user interface and almost similar features like SHAREit. It shows lots of ads and freaks out permissions again and again. It is the only negative point with this app.

Treble Shot

Trable Shot Sharing Apps

Open source file transferring app Treble Shot works only in android system. With a simple interface, this app can transfer files under the same network. It can receive files from other devices by making a hotspot. If any error occurs during transferring, you can able to resume the task. With lots of improvements, this app works free.


So, this is all for today. We, Techvaio, now make sure that you have no longer to worry about to choose best alternative app for popular Chinese app SHAREit by providing this comprehensive information. There are many other sharing apps presents in the Google Play Store as well as App Store, but these apps provide the best working experience.

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