TATA NEU APP: Know All About TATA NEU & Its 7 Features

You heard the name “TATA NEU APP” but don’t know about it, then this article is for you. Designed by TATA Group, it is launched on April 7, 2022. Although the beta version was available in November 2021 for the employees only. After passing through several tests finally, it comes in 2022’s IPL season.

I will tell you all about TATA NEU APP in today’s article and Techvaio helps you to learn everything regarding this app. So, read till the end to know about it, its features, NEU coins & NEU pass, and the upcoming plan of TATA NEU.


TATA NEU APP is designed to provide an extensive and highly personalized shopping experience to customers. The research, development, and testing over two years, brings a great shopping experience to the customers and can be called a ‘Super App.’ The most trusted brand Tata group integrates a degree of versatility and truly unmatched choice options into a single convenient platform. It covers all the categories starting from electronics and groceries, to a range of products and services, to travel and more.

Benefits of TATA NEU APP

Starting from compelling offers and an integrated loyalty program to diverse payment options and exclusive benefits, TATA NEU has a lot of offers for its users. Providing a truly cross-category shopping experience, this app empowers customers to the following.

  • Offers the users to style up their wardrobe with TATA Westside and TATA CLiQ
  • Allows you to purchase the latest gadgets from Croma
  • You can order groceries easily from BigBasket
  • Offers you to book a flight on Air Asia
  • Check your health up through 1mg
  • Offers to book a luxurious room at an IHCL hotel
  • Allows to order a 5-star meal on Qmin

What are NEU Coins?

TATA NEU brings a “powerful yet simplified” rewards program, called NEU Pass. Every member who shops, dines, and travels via TATA NEU APP, can earn 5% NEU Coins or more every time. One NEU coin equals One rupee. However, the membership fee hasn’t been disclosed yet. But, it will be revealed soon.

NEU Coins are the rewards earned by a customer while doing transactions via TATA NEU APP at any website, brand store, or hotel. These NEU coins can be redeemed later in future purchases. You can earn an unlimited number of coins and use them.

neu coins & neu pass

What is NEU Pass?

NEU Pass is an exclusive membership service, yet to come by TATA NEU. It offers the subscribers a lot of unique privileges with TATA brands. Moreover, the subscribers will get up to 5% additional NEU Coins on their purchase via the app. Other additional benefits will be revealed soon.

Features of TATA NEU APP

As you know all apps provide some services that we called as features. Similarly, TATA NEU provides certain services that make its identity as a Super App. Let’s take a look at the features offered by this app.

Interactive Social Platform

It’s one type of social platform where you can interact with people, chat, and share pictures & videos. This feature may be built a strong community.

E-Commerce Services

Online shopping becomes common in this digital age. So, TATA NEU features an online platform either for shopping or selling their preferred items via this app. Such an E-Commerce platform makes it a Super App.


Traveling is an essential part of our life and to fulfill it, this app offers a nice service of providing bike and car rides. Considered a super app, this feature will increase its vitality.

Food Delivery

A food delivery service is also one of the most important in today’s human life especially when you are alone. Thus, an app having a food delivery option will be a super app.

tata neu app features

Bill Payment

Everything is gonna online nowadays, so an app can pay electricity, water, or any other kind of bill, it will solve your problem. If such a feature gets included in this app, nothing can stop it to be a Super App and feeling like a savior.

Financial Services

To be a Super App, it should be able to make transactions. Even it’s one of the most important features to make transactions anywhere.

Health and Insurance Service

If an app can provide you with both healthcare and insurance-related services, it would be a nice option to be a Super App.


TATA Group is the title sponsor in 2022’s IPL. There’s a chance for TATA NEU users to watch free live IPL matches. They just need to answer the Neu Quiz posted on the Instagram page of Tata Neu and win the match tickets.

Future Plans for TATA NEU APP

According to the revealed data from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the transactions have crossed 81 lakh crore INR for FY2022 that’s the highest ever. The launch of TATA NEU – The Super App is only a step forward towards the further expansion of its consumer business shares to the portfolios, majorly dependent on B2B sectors.

According to Noel Tata, the TATA NEU Super App has enough potential to grow consumer traffic manifold through the apparels business and Westside fashion. The areas where Tata Group hasn’t been present since its foundation in 1868, now they are slowly spreading their tentacles towards that. Surpassing with yearly revenue of $100 billion, i.e., over Rs 760,000 crore, the Tata Group become the fast-growing sector in online pharmacy and online grocery.

Before the launch, TATA NEU was tested and available for its employees. Planned to be launched during IPL 2022 with the features like grocery, lifestyle, fashion, healthcare, bill payments, and financial services – finally happened on April 7, 2022. Many exclusive deals and lucrative offers are bound to rise for the Super App.

The TATA NEU APP provides deals and offers to make it an all-rounder. TATA NEU provides a Referral code that helps you to get a reward by referring the TATA NEU APP to your family and friend. Even the people will get a reward by using the referral code to download and sign in to the app. Moreover, TATA NEU is set to offer a loyalty program through different brands on the app. The customers can earn points via that program which they can use in further shopping on the app.

Concluding Words

With such Super App, you can do everything starting from payments to shopping. One app will provide so many features that make our work convenient and easy. In the almost completely digital World, Super Apps are the future. TATA NEU introduced by Tata Group will bring a revolutionary change in the market of the technology industry in India.

I hope you have found this overview of the TATA NEU APP helpful. Are you excited to see the beginning of a new era in front of our eyes? Feel free to ask any queries in the comment section. Also, share your thoughts regarding TATA NEU in the comment. Share this article to inform others about TATA NEU. That’s all for now, Stay Tuned With Techvaio. Thank you for reading.


1) What is the TATA NEU APP?

TATA NEU APP is designed by TATA Group to provide a variety of services starting from payments to shopping under the single brand of Tata apps.

2) How much is Tata planning to invest in TATA NEU?

Tata Sons and Ltd. are planning to invest over two billion dollars in TATA NEU.

3) What is the TATA NEU launch date?

The TATA Super App – TATA NEU has been launched on the occasion of IPL on April 7, 2022, for Android and iOS users.

4) How many super apps will India see in the coming days?

There are numerous super apps yet to come for the citizens of India. Some of the super apps are Google super app, Jio super app, WhatsApp super app, SBI super app, Paytm super app, Flipkart super app, Amazon super app, and Zee5 super app that will be launched soon.