Google Play Music Shut Down: Transfer Music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

In an article in July, Google has mentioned about the shutdown of Google Play Music. Instead of that, YouTube Music is going to be introduced by Google with new and impressive features.

In today’s article, we, Techvaio, will inform you about replacing Google Play Music by YouTube Music. Besides, we also tell you about how you can transfer your collection of Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

Replacement of Google Play music by YouTube Music

Google made efforts to migrate Google Play Music users over to YouTube Music. Google has been updating YouTube Music with new features over the past few months. It has also added the ability to migrate music, playlists from Google Play Music.

YouTube Music will become entirely Play Music by December 2020. The peoples of South Africa and New Zealand won’t be able to stream music from September through the Google Play Music app. From October, all other global markets faced this change. Subscriptions will automatically cancel.

Youtube Music Process

Users will get the last chance to migrate their Google playlists, libraries, and content to YouTube Music. Contents won’t erase until December. Users cannot purchase more tunes on the old app later this month. YouTube Music provides new features like a new Explore tab, a newly redesigned Player page, and some new updates over existing Google services.

How can you transfer your files from Google play music to YouTube music

Google Play Music is going to be replaced by YouTube Music as Google’s only music streaming app. Before that user gets the chance to transfer their recommendations, music library, purchased songs, and personal uploads to YouTube Music in a few steps, you won’t lose any of your content during the eventual shutdown of Google Play Music.

google play music

You can transfer your collections from Google Play Music to YouTube using an Android device, iPhone, or from the website. User can choose any of the methods, that doesn’t matter. All of your stuff will move, and you’ll be able to listen to your collected music on YouTube Music.

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Transfer music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music in Mobile Phone

The transfer process is the same for mobile devices, either you’re an Android user or an iOS user. Follow the stated steps to move your stuff from Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

  1. At first, you have to be sure that you have installed the latest version of YouTube Music either from App Store or Google Play.
  2. As you open YouTube Music, you might see pop-up advertising about YouTube Music Premium. Just ignore that and go to the main home screen.
  3. On the main home screen, a banner of “Transfer your Play Music library” should be visible to you. If you head to the settings, a new option of “Transfer from Google Play Music” is also there for initiating the process. It is a second way for a user to do the transfer process.
  4. As you tap on the “Let’s Go” option, YouTube Music will display your songs, albums, playlists, and recommendations, uploads, purchases, and even liked and disliked songs that you can transfer from Google Play Music.
  5. As you hit the “Start Transfer” option at the bottom, the transferring process will begin. If you select the “Not Now” option, then you’ll return to the main home screen of YouTube Music. And the banner of “Transfer your Play Music library” will still be there.
  6. As soon as the process starts, you’ll see a notification about “Transferring your Google Play Music library” at the top of the status bar in YouTube Music. The transfer process could be done in minutes or lasts long for a few days, totally depending on the size of your library. Whether things like playlists and recommendations will transfer instantly, but the purchased and uploaded items will take a long time as Google is copying those files directly.
  7. As soon the transfer is complete, you’ll receive a notification both in the app and an email making a confirmation. After it’s all done, you will take a look around and make sure either everything successfully transferred or not. Now, you should also see a “continue listening from Google Play Music” option on the home screen to continue your collection with the YouTube Music app.
  8. If you cannot find any of the methods yet, then it might have happened that Google has not started the transfer feature for your account. So, keep wait and check back later.

Transfer YouTube Music From a Web browser

You can also transfer your content from the web-page of YouTube Music both from mobile and desktop. The below-given steps help you to move your content with a short process.

  • Open a web browser and go to URL:
  • You will see a “transfer” option there. Click on it.
  • As you click “transfer,” your content will start being transferred over.


Google Play Music remains available so that you can transfer your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music. Despite copying entire music library, Google only moves new and un-matched contents. After the transferring process, if you make changes again to playlists or other parts of your library on Google Play Music, then you have to do another transfer process.

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