TSMC 5nm Chipset Production has been started

TSMC 5nm Chipset Production

It is officially announced by TSMC that they started to produce 5nm chips. It will arrive with the upcoming Snapdragon 875 SoC along with the SD X60 modem. Besides Qualcomm and Apple, AMD has also ordered to produce more than 20,000 high-end 5nm chips.

TSMC 5nm Production and launch date

TSMC has started to produce 5nm in three variants that are 5nm, 5nm+, and enhanced 5nm. Chinese site states that Qualcomm’s upcoming flagship SoC Snapdragon 875 and SD X60 5G modem comes with TSMC’s Nanke 18 plant 5nm chipset. It has confirmed that TSMC will launch the 5nm chipset in the mid-2020.

In a single month, TSMC Nanke 18 plant receives 6,000 to 10,000 orders for 5nm chipset. Qualcomm wants TSMC’s 5nm chip in his upcoming flagship SoC SD 875 and SD X60 modem which is expected to apply in Apple iPhone 12.

Snapdragon 875 SoC came with TSMC’s 5nm chipset along with SD X60 5G modem and expected to launch in December 2020 at the SD summit. Phones with Snapdragon 875 SoC will be available in 2021. This year we will get SD 865+ with higher CPU and GPU clock speed.

TSMC 5nm Chipset Productions

About TSMC 5nm Technology

TSMC’s 5nm chip is produced in Fin Field-Effect Transistor (FinFET) process. It is optimized for high performance on mobile as well as on a computer. Also, TSMC’s 5nm Technology is the second EUV process technology that promised to provide better capability with good wafer yield. The production started in 2019, but with the risk, it targets 2020 for max production.

Talking about the benefits of the smaller chipset with increased transistor density and reduced power consumption enhances the overall performance. It is going to be used in PC as well as in smartphone hardware. TSMC 5nm continuously work on and try to improve the chipset. They try to provide a better product. And also they want to make chipset widely available in mid-range smartphones.

TSMC increased transistor density up to 84% with the new “N5” node. It gives 15% enhanced performance. Power consumption decreases by up to 30% for maintained performance. It provides 1.84x improvement over 7nm chip by enhancing.

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Fully booked order list

As per the news, the order list of TSMC’s for manufacturing 5nm chip is full. There is no capacity to take more orders. For production, TSMC has invested 2.5 billion dollars behind the 5nm chips in this year.

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