Micro-USB is a mini version of the Universal Serial Bus (USB). It is used to charge the devices such as smartphones, Bluetooth headphones, and transfer files, documents, pictures from your mobile to PC/Laptop and vice-versa.

Amazon Basics Micro-USB cord 

Metal connectors to fit snugly. Slim, rubber-encased body and inexpensive. Available in wide range of lengths i.e. 6-inches to 6-feet.  One-year warranty and price starts from 230INR

Most used and popular one 120 cm long Support 2A fast charging Transfer files at 480 Mbps. Works excellent with MI devices and  works good with other devices also.

MI Micro-USB cable

Ambrane Unbreakable Micro-USB cord

Mostly used and trustable cables for charging. Special braided outer binding with rugged interior . 1.5meter long, supporting with 3A fast charging. Transfer files at 480Mbps.

WeCool Micro-USB cord

Rugged build quality with a multi-layered shield cored with thick copper. WeCool Micro-USB cables speed 3A power supply. Stress-resistant, rough and tough for daily usage.

Anker Power Line Micro-USB

Slim, flexible body, and is covered with sturdy plastic.  Available in 4-different lengths i.e. 4-inch, 1-foot, 6-foot, and 10-foot.  Offers 18-month warranty with responsive and helpful customer service.