The more smartphone brands are removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from their upcoming models, there would be more demand for Bluetooth and USB Type-C earphones.

Samsung EO-IC100BBEGUS  

-- 2-way speakers to offer rich and clear sound.  --  Fabric cable to prevent the tangle. – Lightweight and comfortable earbuds to fit in the ear. – A noise cancellation microphone is available.

- It delivers an excellent sound quality with 24-bit audio. – Mind-blowing features like read out notifications and answer them, in-ear translation communication, in-built noise isolation mic, and more.

Google Pixel Type-C Earphones

OnePlus Bullets Type-C Earphone

-  It offers excellent sound quality. – It comes with the great build quality. – Value for money as it costs Rs. 1,500/- that’s awesome.

WeCool Mr Bass W010

– It is extremely comfortable while wearing in the ear. – The earbuds fit very snugly. – It can block most of the external sound and offers a noise isolation feature. – It provides a pouch for storage.

Xiaomi Active Noise Canceling Headphone

- It feels premium with a ceramic build. – It delivers a great sound quality. – It provides a braided cable. – It offers Active noise cancellation.