YouTube announces 'Go Live Together' co-streaming feature to eligible creators

YouTube has introduced a new tool called "Go Live Together," which allows qualifying producers to invite a visitor to live stream with them.

This functionality is being made available to a small number of creators.

Creators will be able to co-stream solely through their phones, as the capability will not be available on YouTube's desktop edition.

Some creators will be able to access the new "Go Live Together" option on their accounts in the coming weeks.

Creators can choose a guest to invite to their livestream after selecting the "Invite a co-streamer" option.

Advertisements can run on YouTube's guest broadcasts, but all revenue goes to the host.

On Go Live Together streaming, YouTube will also allow pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll commercials, which will be attributed to the broadcast's host channel.

YouTube claims that starting next week, all channels with at least 50 followers will be allowed to host Live Together streaming.

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