What is Facebook Gaming and How Does It Work?

Facebook Gaming, launched in 2018, was started by Facebook as a dedicated game streaming, and independent hub is known as FB.gg to move into the competition with the World of video gaming. In today’s article, you will get to know all about Facebook Gaming and its work. So, stick to the end.

This gaming hub from Facebook offers streamers to stream their gameplay on Facebook. In 2019, the firm added a Facebook Gaming tab to the main Facebook app on your phone. The business then released a dedicated mobile app to make Facebook Gaming even more accessible. But, do you know what exactly is Facebook Gaming? How does it work?

What is Facebook Gaming Hub?

Facebook has a gaming video centre to help you locate and follow gaming content more easily. It may be found inside the app, nestled inside the main website, and is reachable through the shortened URL FB.gg. Facebook’s game video area compiles both live and recorded content for the social media site.

Remember that Facebook already allows live streaming with its Facebook Live feature; this hub is only an expansion of that service with an emphasis on gaming streams. The “experimental phase” of Facebook’s game streaming hub has been ongoing for some time, but it has just begun to grow quickly.

Facebook Gaming

This section of Facebook includes a feed where fans can explore relevant gaming content; improvements to recommendations; an expanded gaming video inventory in more languages; and the integration of an Instant Games tab on the mobile version of the gaming hub, allowing people to switch between watching and playing games.

How does Facebook Gaming Hub Work?

A persistent navigation bar featuring links to the Home, Browse Games, Browse Streamers, watch clips, and other areas can be found on the hub’s left side. This is how those parts function.


This is the hub’s home page. There is a featured live stream at the top, followed by a category for curated live streams and another for finding streams by game, such as Fortnite. And then there’s a category for suggested streamers, which you can then follow individually. Other categories include someone you’ve followed, recent live broadcasts, streams that your friends have viewed, and so on.

Browse all Games

You may locate a location to find additional games to follow by visiting the hub’s Browse All Games section.

Browse Streamers

This section contains specialised broadcasters as well as those who are already prominent on Facebook Gaming. You’ll also notice “recommended” streams on the left side, which helps you to locate live broadcasters.


Players can compete against one another on set dates by organising tournaments and games here.

Play Games

You may also access additional informal Facebook games to play with your pals from here, as you might anticipate. Words with Friends, Uno, Bubble Shooter, and other games may be found here. You may search for games or browse them by category.

How to follow a streamer on Facebook Gaming Hub

Go to the Suggested Streamers category from Home, choose a streamer you like, and then click follow to subscribe to their streams. This will put a link under the “Following” area on the hub’s left side, where you can go to view all of that person’s accessible streams.

Facebook Gaming

How to follow a game on Facebook Gaming Hub

To follow streams for a game, browse to the Streams by Games category from Home, then choose a game you enjoy and add it to your games by clicking the Add to Games button. This will add a link to the left of the hub’s Your Games section. Click the link to view all of the streams for that game.

How to stream your gaming on Facebook Gaming

You could be interested in Facebook Gaming because you want to start broadcasting yourself as well as watch other players do it. The good news is that it’s an easy process.

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You may register and join the Facebook Gaming Creators Community through a special page on Facebook. This walks you through the procedure for getting started, which includes:

  • Joining the Facebook Gaming Creators Community (to get early access to new features)
  • Making a creator page for video games (or editing it to include “Gaming Video Creator” as a category under page info)
  • Configuring the programme with Stream-labs OBS, OBS Studio Classic, or Split
  • Creating a scenario with that software and fine-tuning all of the settings
  • Accessing your stream key and preparing the stream from the creator dashboard
  • Here you’re going live!

How to Make Money with Facebook Gaming

You might be interested in starting a Facebook stream to earn money in addition to enjoying gaming as a pastime. Gamers may monetize their gameplay streams in a variety of ways, similar to Twitch. While Facebook has its Level Up Program, Twitch has its affiliate programme with subs, bits, and more.

Streamers must satisfy the following requirements to be eligible for this programme:

  • Having at least 100 followers on your Facebook page 
  • Streaming for at least four hours in 14 days
  • Streaming for at least four hours in 14 days Being physically active for at least 14 days
  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Once you’ve satisfied those requirements, go to your Creator Dashboard and apply for the Level Up Program.

It’s worth mentioning that the Level Up Program isn’t available everywhere, so check the current list of permitted regions before you get started.

Gaming App on Android

You can monetize your stream once you’ve been authorised for the Level Up Program. Viewers will be able to send you Facebook Stars. Facebook will give you USD 0.01 for every Star you send. To get rewarded, you must earn at least USD 100 or 10,000 Stars. You’ll also need to configure your payment parameters ahead of time.

In addition to Stars, viewers of your broadcast can offer you animated, virtual presents with varying Star values. Still, don’t start your Facebook Gaming job expecting to become wealthy in a matter of weeks.

Facebook Gaming on Mobile

The recent release of the Facebook Gaming app is another change made by Facebook. With the aid of this software, gamers will be able to interact with others, find content, and play casual games more quickly. Download the Facebook Gaming from here.

With a few clicks, you may begin streaming from within the app to broadcast mobile games. This might be a stream of your Call of Duty mobile games, PUBG mobile gameplay, or something more casual. You have an option. The app is similar to the Twitch App, however, it is exclusively accessible on Android. However, it is likely to arrive on iOS as well shortly.

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