What is MOD APK and what is the risk for using MOD APKs?

You have already heard about these terms about MOD APK our Cracked android apps or even you have searched these types of application. Those applications which are already paid and some reason most of the people don’t want to purchase that application. So, they just searched for their MODDED version or the cracked version of that software. So, in this article, I will cover the complete details about how this MODDED application works and is it safe or not for your device.


MOD APK is basically known for ‘Modified Original Application’. Every time when any software released in any platform either on the play store, windows store, owner of that software releases the ‘Signed’ version of any software. This signed software has its own term and condition and privacy policy checksum which is allowed to publish that app on the respective stores.

But what happened some other developer can modify their original application to prevent some securities or do some modification of that application. That application becomes the MOD application.

What changes are made in MOD APK or Cracked APK?

There is no such answer to provide the information about what changes are made in MOD apk or MODDED APK files. But in a common overview, suppose as per an Example, NETFLIX is a commonly used Entertainment and Broadcasting Application which is available in Google Play store and Apple play store. This NETFLIX comes with a subscription that means for watching any videos or web series, you have to pay a certain amount of money as a subscription charge. But if you want to use NETFLIX MODDED APK or NETFLIX CRACKED APK, you might able to watch web series in terms of free.

That’s pretty much interesting, right? Yes! All we want to use anything which gives us in terms of free… so some developer who modify that application and change some line of code or insert some line of code which turns your paid application into free!

All these types of application are not published in the trusted application store. To avail that application, you have to install that application with your own risk form the local websites.

Interesting facts about MODDED APK or MOD APK

There are so many interesting facts about MODDED APK which will surprise you.

  • MOD APK does not available in the local play store, Apple Store or even any trusted platform.
  • MOD Application allows you to use the paid application in Free.
  • They are not security checked application and you have to install that Modded application at your own risk.
  • MODDED Application can harm your device as well as it will take revenue impact of the original developer of that application.
  • No Automatic update is allowed for these kinds of application.

Risk of using MOD APK: is it safe to use?

At the beginning of the article, I have told about what is modded apk. MOD application is not safe for our device. Let’s say a trusted software development company build their application to provide some kind of solution for us and they are paid for what they have done. But these MOD application developers modified that application and give you a free to use of that application.

Just think! Why a paid software is providing you in Free…?

Sometimes we forget all of the above situations. We just a need those applications in free. So we just download that software from a local internet source. We even don’t verify that is it safe?

Play stores Security Checking:

I will inform you one thing that whenever an application is published in the play store, that application has to pass some security checking through that platform. If all the checking is safe and clear, the application is published through the play store.

MODD APK Security Checking:

As per the previous discussion, we have read about MODD APK, those MOD APK installed via 3rd party source. Which might track your device and they can hack your device easily.

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So, as per my concern beware of using these MODDED APK and try to use the Original APK for yourself. That will not only help to provide actual value to the owner but also it can help to safe your device from the hacking.

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