Latest WhatsApp Features For Groups On Testing Procedure

Focusing on groups and communities, WhatsApp has been adding several new WhatsApp features for groups since late last year. We saw the support of 32 users for WhatsApp group calls from Meta earlier this year along with a new UI.

Also, the company tested a new group poll WhatsApp feature which allows leaving a group silently. And now, Meta is developing some more WhatsApp features for groups to enhance the user experience groups. Here are all the leaked details about the new WhatsApp features for groups.

WhatsApp Features For Groups

We have already covered some WhatsApp features in our previous article. Now, we have got some leaks from the reputable WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo about new WhatsApp features for groups and communities. Let’s check them out.

WhatsApp Group Membership Approval Feature

According to a report from WABetaInfo, a new WhatsApp feature for group admins to approve membership feature was spotted in the latest beta version of the WhatsApp. With this update, WhatsApp offers new gender-neutral emojis and prevents anyone from direct joining the WhatsApp Group via an invite link until the admin approves it.

WhatsApp Features for Groups - Approval Feature

The admins will get the option of enabling or disabling this feature in the group settings of their WhatsApp. If they enabled the feature, group members will be notified that the admin has turned on “admin approval” for joining the group. After that, users need admin approval to join the WhatsApp group via an invite link.

Moreover, admins will get a new dedicated section to manage the joining requests from users. As the new admin approval, the WhatsApp feature is currently under development, stay tuned with us for future updates. And, share your thoughts on the new WhatsApp feature of Group Membership Approval in the comments below.

WhatsApp Now Lets You Mute Others in a Group Voice Call

Meta has added three new WhatsApp features for groups to improve the group voice call experience. This feature includes the ability to mute others in a group voice call, individually message a specific user, and can see a new banner whenever anyone joins on call.

With the mute feature, group members can mute participants in a voice call. You need to long-press on the tile to get the mute and messaging option. As soon as the host or admin mutes you, a notification at the bottom notifying that you have been muted in the call by someone. And, you can unmute yourself at any time. So, this feature is unrestricted.

WhatsApp Features for Groups - Group call feature

 Moreover, you will also get a messaging option besides the mute option after a long press on the user’s tile. Thus, you can text individually to anyone during an ongoing group call. Also, joining an ongoing call will notify that a new user has joined the call. So that, the admin or host will get to know. As these new WhatsApp features for groups are rolling out on Android and iOS users, stay tuned to get the latest updates as soon it arrives.

Last Words

That’s all for now. As both the features are under development, wait until Meta officially rolls out these WhatsApp features. Till then, stay tuned with us. And, lets us know in the comments what you fill, whether are excited or not. Follow our Tech News, and thanks for reading.!